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  • Will The Last Person To Leave...

    Dear All,

    Something pretty unpleasant has kicked off this morning and for reasons I don't wish to discuss here, I have made the choice - for now at least - to bow out until I can get my head around things and get everything sorted out.

    I will be around every now and again, but I will not be posting and I will not be replying either. A personal choice, but albeit I feel a necessary one.

    The reason for this is because in the frame of mind that I am in at the moment, I don't feel that anything that I can say or do will be constructive, possibly quite the reverse in so far as it could be unconstructive.

    So, I am buzzing off now, I will be back and I will tell you all about it, as soon as I can get to grips with everything.

    I have e-mailed Beth and she is aware of my reasons for doing so and I hope that you will also too. It is nothing personal but it is just something I have to do. So please understand my reasons for coming to the decision that I have.

    Keep up the good work folks.

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    Hi Scooby

    Sorry to hear you won't be around for a while, but hope everything pans out more smoothly for you, it will, sooner or later. Keep yourself safe and look after yourself - that is more important than any NFH, you and your family.

    Come and post when you can and when you feel you want to, there's never any pressure on anyone that way, but let us know from time to time if you want to and can, how you are ok.



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      I've just had an e-mail from one of you asking if I was okay and a bit concerned that I might have got myself locked up in a police cell.

      Just to set the record straight. I am okay, but the fact of the matter is that the inept attitude of any authority to act is driving me to dispair.

      I was told by the police that unless he actually physically assults me, there is now nothing they can or are prepared to do !

      So I have to stand there while he propells a knife into me and then they might, just might act.

      I have gone from anger to dispair and my body has just shaken badly, all day. The skin on my face has broken out now and it is taking a terrible toll on my whole state of mind and well being.

      So I have decided to go away for a few days down to friends to get some R&R.

      Hopefully when I come back I shall be on fighting form again and plotting my next move.

      Thanks once again for your thoughts and support


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        Good idea Scooby, I'm glad you can get away for some peace and rest. It will do you the world of good-even just to re-charge your batteries ready to stand up for the next bout of dealings with this NFH.

        All I can say, is please stay with it, we are all behind you here


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          Protection from Harassment Act 1997 some relevant bits (extracts available on NFH Legislation) Protection from Harassment Act 1997

          England and Wales

          Prohibition of harassment

          1. - (1) A person must not pursue a course of conduct-

          {a} which amounts to harassment of another, and

          {b} which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other.

          Civil remedy

          3. - (1) An actual or apprehended breach of section 1 may be the subject of a claim in civil proceedings by the person who is or may be the victim of the course of conduct in question.

          (2) On such a claim, damages may be awarded for (among other things) any anxiety caused by the harassment and any financial loss resulting from the harassment.

          Putting people in fear of violence

          4. - (1) A person whose course of conduct causes another to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against him is guilty of an offence if he knows or ought to know that his course of conduct will cause the other so to fear on each of those occasions.

          (2) For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it will cause another to fear that violence will be used against him on any occasion if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct would cause the other so to fear on that occasion.[/b]

          Scooby - have you explored or going to a possible Civil Action?


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            We have discussed it yes, but we were led right up the garden path with this latest lot, with the police originally telling us that they would do something with Madhatter, only for them now to turn round and say something completely different to the effect that if he commits a Section 39 or an even better (yes they did say "An even better") Section 47 they can charge him.

            It's something we are going to have to really do and get to grips with. But like everyone else, I don't go to work, pay my taxes and then the Council Tax (of which a proportion of that goes to the police's budget) to have to hire a lawyer (which we will have to pay for) just to get a standard of justice. Two friends of ours who are magistrates are extremely exasperated as to what the police are doing with this. One who knows this situation very well said "The case is clear cut as it can get what the hell are police playing around at. Get this guy into court and finish it"

            I hate to rant on like this, but everyone should have the right to have justice. Every week our local newspaper is getting letters from local people who like me are thoroughly fed up with the what appears to be the inability of the police to act. Here is an extract of a letter that was printed in our local paper on 27 February 2003 :-

            I sympathise with your correspondents letter of February 13 regarding the ineffectiveness of the police despite their much publicised increased presence on the ******** estate.

            My own experience of the police being unwilling to take action when I was the victim of a road rage incident clearly demonstrates where their priorities are.

            If catching drug dealers, murderers and other violent criminals who blight this town were as easy and as financially gainfull as setting speed traps for motorists, they would no doubt have a rethink.

            The police severely underestimate the resentment that ordinary working people such as myself feel towards their apparent inability to protect them

            We will no doubt be receiving demands for increased Council Tax soon in order to further fund the police. I personally wish I could opt out of their part of the Council Tax on the basis that they are of no use to me.

            I wish your corespondent good luck in his request for an explanation from Chief Inspector ***** ********. My own letter to the Chief Constable nearly a year ago remains unanswered by him.

            This chappy echos what probably the large proportion of the country actually feels about the police.

            I don't think we have much choice here - we have to bring a civil action to end this nightmare. I think even if Madhatter has a Restraining Order on him which is what our solicitor thinks might be best - Madhatter would test it out and break it.

            The fact of the matter being that Madhatter should have had been banged up in prison by now. But how he has got away with so much just defies my brain power at this moment in time. It is the inability of the police to act. An awful lot of people are going barmy in this town as to why the police cannot get their backsides into gear to deal with even the most basic of crimes. The local papers bear testatment to this.

            Yesterday I spotted a brand new police car - wait for it - a £25,000.00 Jaguar X type. Today I saw that they have taken delivery of a fleet of brand new Mercedes 4X4 vehicles. Guess where all the police's budget is going - yes it's on the flash cars. I don't know why they don't go the whole hog and get a fleet of TVR Tuscan S's to cruise round in.

            But I personally feel that when we need the police they are not there and appear to ineffective in the face of obvious acts of crime.

            So if the police can afford to buy all these new vehicles to put on display - why can they not get out there arrest, charge and put before the courts all these criminals ? There is no excuse they appear to have plenty of money to splash around and it appears, they have all the evidence they can possibly hope for. One lady had to turn detective a few months back when her house was burgled. She tracked down and found the criminal and went to the police with the evidence (this was reported in the paper too by the way), then the police decided to act. So if Joe public has to do the work what exactly is PC plod and co doing all day then ?

            Badger no- its not right - but I am coming to the conclusion that it's all down to the police force that covers where you live. Some are good some are rubbish - we obviously have the rubbish variety.

            Sorry Mark & Caroline no offence but I am being brought to the brink of dispair by one officer contradicting the other by stating that he will be charged, then he won't, then he will, now today he won't. It is not fair to put someone through that rollercoaster of emotions. The police have the evidence, they can charge him. They should make a clear decision as to what they are going to do and stick to it and not to keep changing their minds.


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              Scooby, this is a completely unacceptable situation. I have to agree with you - what the heck are we paying the police for? Your NFH has threatened you on a number of occasions, I gather. Therefore he has committed a crime and I am furious that the police will not do anything! I hate to sound like a consipiracy theorist but has this got anything to do with men who use funny handshakes??

              Something is not right with your local police force (oops, sorry service, must be pc with pc's ) when they allow you to be terrorised by this mentally deranged man!!

              Does David Blunkett know about this? Does David Blunkett care? This is terrorism, pure and simple. Have you made formal complaint to the Police Complaints Commission ( or whatever it's called now)? There was a horrible case in Liverpool when a mentally ill man ran out of his house with a sword. To be honest, after reading a bit about the case I think he was more of a danger to himself than others. But the police SHOT HIM DEAD!!

              Next time you have to call the police, quote the legislation that Matthew has posted and tell them if they do nothing you will raise cain! Sorry, I think I'm preaching to the converted, aren't I?

              I hope you get some rest and relaxation in Surrey. I'll be thinking about you.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                I too hope you have a good break away from your problems.

                We have just spent a weekend away and it was good as we were able to see the kids laugh again.

                Just being able to get up and go outside and play was heaven for them, it was that good they are still tired from it.

                If you have read my stories you will see my kids can not play in our garden at home and haven't done now for 5 years.

                Just wish someone would wave a magic wand and my NFH would disappear as quick as they arrived and we can finally go back to normality in our daily lives.


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                  Re: your point about funny handshakes.

                  This theory now pops up in SO MANY cases of injustice where the authorities have vast amounts of evidence against wrongdoers, but stubbornly refuse to act and seemingly fall over themselves to protect the perpetrators. In these situations, hiring a solicitor can prove an expensive waste of money as they may end up "accidentally-on-purpose" sabotaging your case. Check this, for example:


                  There does appear to be so many cases of very evil people being apparently immune from prosecution for some reason. This problem appears to be rife, but will rarely (if ever) be reported in our pravda-esque media


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                    There does appear to be so many cases of very evil people being apparently immune from prosecution for some reason. This problem appears to be rife, but will rarely (if ever) be reported in our pravda-esque media[/b]

                    There does seem to be some agenda going on in some instances. I was only half joking about the 'funny handshakes'. On the grander scale there is currently something very strange going on concerning the Dunblane Massacre and the present government and D notices. I really do think that nothing happens in isolation and certain people will be allowed to carry on with their nefarious practices because they are in some way connected to the powers that be.

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      Well, just in case you haven't already noticed I got back today from my little break. It was particulary nice driving back with the sun shining - it really lifted me up.

                      Anyway, in my absence, my mum has been having a wander around on the internet and has had a look at this site which she thinks is very good.

                      Madhatter has been a hive of activity this week. He has been painting, cleaning, banging about, mowing lawns, tiding up the garden, cleaning the cars and dare I say, he was spotted cleaning the windows. Nothing unusual you might think, except that his property resembles something from Steptoes yard. He has three sheds in the back garden, one infested with rats. That has now been pulled down and burnt ! They never clean windows - ever. The cars are generally held together by the dirt, so that is unusual also. The lawns get cut - well when they feel like it. So all in all I think that a visit from an estate agent could be in order. I blummin well hope so. It would be the answer to all my prayers.

                      Apart from the odd look across which is more of a stare, thats the lot. Oh this afternoon he set the car alarm off deliberately, very, very childish but he is a bit like a child with a drum that bangs as loud as he can, he wants to be heard and needs attention because that is what he feeds off.

                      So all in all not a bad end to the week. Feeling loads better too.

                      Our neighbour next door but two popped in to see mum this morning and said that everyone around here will be glad to be shot of them, so we have got everyone's backing around here about Madhatter.

                      We will see what next week brings. A for sale sign hopefully !!!!!!!!

                      Thanks for all your e-mails really cheered me up no end.


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                        Welcome back Scooby Good to hear you're feeling chirpier

                        Well, your NFH does seem to be busy, is he a manic depressive in a high state? Maybe he is thinking of selling up which would be great for you and the other neighbours. It's also good to hear that the other neighbours are feeling the same as you.

                        Good luck, let's hope you see the for sale sign soon


                        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi