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  • Update from Phil

    Hello to you all again.

    I have not posted for a while as the problem seemed to go away. I had a confrontation with my NFH after they came home from the pub and started the music.

    I am not proud of what I did but at 2am I went into the middle of the street and shouted. 'Would the incosiderate w*****s at number xx turn their music down as it is really beginning to p**s me off!'

    I have a loud voice and it seemed to wake half the street, but I had been pushed just a little to far. About 15 minutes after doing this I heard a knock at the door, yep you guessed it, the male of the house from next door. I opened the door and he just stood there looking at me for about 30 seconds. Thinking he was going to throw a punch I had my fist clenched ready to return one which he could visibly see.

    Instead he just held up his hands and apologised! But he did go on to tell me how unreasonable I had been in writing to him with a complaint and to finally get an EHO involved (pointless that was, they never did a thing! and as some of you will know, I work in the same building as them). I replied simply with the fact that he was being unreasonable to wake us at the early hours/ After several minutes the conversation ended with him agreeing to be more reasonable with noise.

    For a few weeks now it has been bliss and the house came off the market as we really did not want to move. That is until last night!!!

    Now I has known they had gone out as I could see no lights were on after being out at 9pm. I did not take any notice of this and we went to bed as normal. About 1.30am we were woken up by the unhinged female of the house banging a door in their bedroom and shouting 'CAN YOU HEAR THAT IN THERE! TIME TO WAKE UP!' She did this 3 times. The door was obviously a cupboard door as it was right on the dividing wall between us and them. This woke both my wife and I and we could then hear them laughing about it. We both just lay there and listened to this comotion. I was surprisingly calm and looked at my wife and said 'I really think there is something wrong with her!'. With our sleep broken we made a drink and sat in the lounge chatting. We decided that living next door to these people really isn't such a good idea and I reallt do think they are sad. I have resinged myself to the fact I feel sorry for them because they think at 40+ years old they be all and end all of life is to go out at the weekend and get plastered and then make a nuisance of themselves. How sad is that?

    We are going to put the house back on the market and hopefuly move. It is a shame because the house is nice and our other neighbours are dreams to live by, but, we really need to live where people, or at least who we live next to are normal working people.

    We are going to take no more risks with a semi and go for a detached place if we can afford it.


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    Phil, get yourself down to the police station and make an allegation of harrasment. Get that done and don`t be fobbed off. The police have to record every allegation whether or not any further action is taken.

    Record on your own equipment what is going on, play this to the EHO when they arrive. They won`t be there when it kicks off.

    Your problems sounds just like ours. I could go on and go on but the main advice is MOVE MOVE MOVE. These people are not going to change. They will at some point in the future be the cause of more grief.

    I have come to the conclusion that if your way of life is similar to these people then life is fine. But if it is not then get out you will have to become them or constantly fight them.

    We are fortunate to be abale to decide our own living standards unl;ike some on victims on this board.

    But until the law and court process change it is look after No1.

    Take it from people who know. Start again matey.


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      Originally posted by Phil@Mar 9 2003, 9:22 AM

      Hello to you all again.

      I have not posted for a while as the problem seemed to go away. I had a confrontation with my NFH after they came home from the pub and started the music.

      I am not proud of what I did but at 2am I went into the middle of the street and shouted. 'Would the incosiderate w*****s at number xx turn their music down as it is really beginning to p**s me off!'
      Hi Phil,

      Good to hear back from you I'm glad you've had some peace and quiet anyway, and no one would blame you for what you did, you're only human and can only take so much after all! Hopefully you'd have at least been able to re-charge your batteries for a while anway.

      Typical spiteful NFH behaviour in deliberately waking you and 'gloating' over the fact. Beth and I experienced similar shoutings and gloatings coming through our wall and one night outside our front door (via the screaming female half of the NFH, shouting "I hope you're f***ing recording this you w****rs"). So, know how you feel, it's sickening.

      Great advice from Mark and Caroline there too

      PS: I've moved your post to a new topic in NFH: What's your Story called "Update from Phil" - hope you don't mind, but I almost missed your post and it's easier for people to see and reply to also.


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        Hi Phil,

        Sorry to hear what you had to endure. Sounds pretty similar to what we had to endure a month or so ago. Check the fifth paragraph from the end of my first post on the "Stupid Neighbours" thread.

        I'm not sure if I had done the same it would have had the desired effect. These people feed(like maggots) off the misery they cause. They want to cause a disturbance AND they want to see that you get riled by it.

        I'm tempted to say that your NFH sounds like they can be categorised in the same bracket as mine. Probably a case of borderline personality disorder like my NFH and that of Aquarius.

        I'm not surprised that EHO don't do anything much. The police? Only useful for logging complaints. And if you want to know how great our public organisations are, our NFHs are allowed to foster children!

        It may not be what you want to hear but rising to the provocation of the NFH was probably exactly what they wanted and the subsequent banging of the cupboard door would seem to back this up. With my NFH we've taken a policy of non-response. Over the years this has had the result of the NFH having to tread very carefully however when we did call the police over the recent disturbance, it resulted in even more noise.

        I know its hard not to give a reaction back but in your case, try to ignore the provocation especially if you're looking to move. You're lucky that you can afford to do so. Many of us around here can't.

        Rest assured though that these people end up destroying themselves. Our NFH now has no friends in the area, in fact most have openly spoken out to say that they hate him. This is more difficult for him in this case as he has been desperate over the years to create a "front" to everyone tho show that all is hunky dory in his house.

        Equally he spent a great deal of time sl*gging us off to the neighbours, all of whom can now see the NFH for what he truly is.


        However had we responded in kind then its possible the other neighbours would have thought us both as bad as each other.

        Our situation is still playing through but I do strongly believe that our NFH will eventually destroy himself.
        Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

        We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

        So what's the plan?

        Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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          Hi rockbank and hi again everyone.

          Thanks to everyone for their posts and words of support, it is so much appreciated.

          I have just read your story, and i must say you are one very cool person. We have not retaliated after the door slamming incident on sunday morning. We endured two hours of their stereo yesterday morning from 9 until 11am, but if they thought they had woken us up they will be sadly mistaken, a 1 year old does not want to lie in on a Sunday morning!

          Unless like you, their stupidity affects our little boy we are doing and saying nothing. We will have the last laugh. They never notice things like people moving. When we bought this place it was in the paper for 2 months and he never noticed! He commented to me how surprised he was when one morning a removal van turned up and they went (more fools us for moving in!)

          We will have no for sale sign, and all viewings are going to be done by the agent during the day, they do work so they will never see. I just need to get the rest of the decorating done and then its on the market.

          He has never threatened violence, but if anytime he tries it or does hit me, I will rub my hands with glee. I will take him for everything he has got!

          I, like you have now learnt that they feed off retaliation, but they won't beat us.

          I was talking to my parents yesterday about it and blamed them for me hating NFH's This was meant in jest, you see I was brought up and lived in a detached property where neighbour noise was not a problem. By hook or by crook the next place will be detached even if it means a large mortgage.