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  • Our dream home

    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I were delighted when we found this website, here is our story so far :-

    Aproximately two years ago we decided to plan building a house in the local area as houses for sale were scarcer than hens teeth, anyway, we live in a rural area , so we approached a few of the local crofters seeking a plot to build a house. Some were asking too much money, others simply wouldn't entertain us. We eventually got offered a small field only about a quarter of a mile away from where we were living, we jumped at the chance. We drafted a small agreement to buy the field pending various details e.g. shared access to the plot, decrofted status etc. All points on the agreement were accepted and we got well aquainted with the sellers of the plot. The siting of the plot has another croft next door owned by another family who bought their croft about 5 years previous and built their own house.

    It turned out that these other neighbours had wanted to buy the field that we were buying and had approached the sellers not long after they had built there house. These neighbours fell out with the sellers but still assumed that they would get first refusal on the field if was put up for sale. to say that they took umbridge at my wife and I for buying the field would be an understatement. They objected against the decrofting, they are legally entitled to do so, but their case for objection was laughable if anything, we actually saw their letter of objection and it looked like their 5 year old child had written it. They had the chance of objecting against the planning permission but, in their own words " We're not happy about what's going on, but we won't stand in your way", the planning permission sailed through with no objectors, only a couple of small amendments to the plans. The purchase of the land went ahead and then the 'fun' started.

    The husband of these nfh works for the local electric company, it was inevitable that we would have to take our electricity and water supplies from their land, they refused point blank, to the point of chasing a water board employee off their property. The price for the electric supply had already been agreed, but we now had to get the supply from nearly five times the distance than from the nfh land, we fought tooth and nail to have the supply at the same price. It turns out that the nfh husband has mental problems which has nothing to do with us, but we are aware that they apportion some of the blame on us for his problems.

    Our house is now built and we are living in it but we will never speak to them again. They have tried numerous ways of forcing us into physical retaliation, which we have ignored. The nfh wife appears to be a bit of a megalomaniac and is the dominant force, the nfh husband does all of the dirty work.

    As an example of what they have done, we had contracted the installing of the electric cable, all 276 metres, to a local gentleman who had done a lot of other work for us, the cable had to be installed underground so a long trench had to be dug, he had turned up on the monday morning with all of his machinery ready to start only to find the nfh's JCB digger conveniently parked at the transformer pole where the man was going to start digging. All the way-leaves for property access had been granted, unfortunately the owner of the land where the pole is was off on holiday, so we couldn't get her to force the nfh to move his digger. As this was an electric supplier job and the nfh is an employee we decided to approach the area manager, he informed us that he has been told the digger has broken down and cannot be shifted, it eventually took us a fortnight and a phone call from the region manager of the electric company to force the nfh to move his digger. They have also lit numerous bonfires when the wind is going in the right direction for the smoke to blow on to our house, we have film footage of them pumping what we suspect is the contents of their septic tank onto our property, the local environmental agency can't take action as we cannot prove that it isn' just water. The nfh even managed to flood our foundations after they were dug which held us back for some time until we got all the water removed. We have reported them to the police and made statements detailing what they have done but they always seem to be just a fraction above the law. Unfortunately the nfh wife works for the local CAB so when my wife went to them for advice she got the shock of her life when the nfh walked out in the offices and asked " who's next".

    The worm is slowly turning however, the nfh husband was recently charged with breach of the peace for an incident totally seperate from us. It was some time before we stopped laughing, we're going to frame and mount the local paper in which the incident is recorded !

    My wife is hopfule that she will be able to come off the anti-depressants soon !

    That's briefly our story so far, hopefully we won't have to update the story but it's guaranteed that htey will try something silly in the near future.

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    Hi Atkinskani,

    Welcome to the site. I'm new here myself having only joined on Tuesday, so we seem to be a growing band. Can I say that I have received so much help and support from all the folks on this site and the advice varies from sympathetic to downright good advice. So if you are looking for a bit of both you will certainly get it.

    Firstly, this sounds like a very big case of sour grapes with your NFH. It is quite clear that they held a strong belief that they would have first refusal on this land. But at the end of the day it is down to the owner of the property who they decide to sell to ! They do NOT have any GOD given right to expect first refusal unless there is a written agreement laid down and even then this can be called into question. Unfortunately NFH cannot now take it out on the seller so you appear to be No. 1 target.

    As for the electrical company - shame on them. On the top of your electricity bill or even on the back there is a Head Office telephone number. Phone them up and tell them that an employee of theirs has wasted the company serious amounts of money by doing as much as they can to stall work in connecting the supply. Make sure you speak to either a Director or at the very least a Senior Manager. Tell them that you want a written explanation as to how a serving member of staff can go about doing this. Remind them continually about the waste of company money in doing this. No company hates having to do return trips and no company stands for obnoxious and flagrant breaches of money wasting. Tell them that if you do not get a satisfactory answer you will get into contact with the Electricity Regulators Offelec (I think) that too will be on the back of your electricity bill also. Bring them to account and let the very highest know what the lowest employee is actually gtting up to.

    The smoke issue - we had this and it was brought to one rapid halt. We got onto the Environmental Health Officer and during the day we when it was happening she used to come out. He only got away with that three times and an enforcement notice was served on him. Further more he was burning cut down trees. You cannot burn trees unless they are infected. So get on and do that. The maxim of the EHO is if it causes a nuisance they will deal with it. One othe thing I told them, I suffer from asthma (I do actually) and they sorted it out PDQ. So I would use that even if you don't - I send you one of my inhalers should you need it. We are all entitled to clean air and more so if you have a breathing condition.

    You may have read my entries I live next door to a mental case too - mines called Madhatter actually. Unfortunately it is caled Care In The Community now, so log everything they get up to I was advised recently by a Detective Chief Inspector to get a hard backed book and log everything down - I advise you to do the same.

    CAB - is a voluntary organisation and no organisation that relies heavily on external funding and is a registered charity likes to be brought into disrepute - find out where their head office is also and ask them for guidance as to how a perpertrator can work in that environment advising the community at large when the family has a questionable background.

    It all helps and I agree that making waves is not nice, but being a victim is a whole lot worse. You have to make the changes right now to get some peace for later on.

    Good luck and keep in touch as to your progress



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      Sorry folks about the spelling mistakes, it's just that I am so keen to get everything down from my brian to the keyboard that even when I re-read it I miss the obvious - but I guess you all know where I'm coming from.



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        Originally posted by Lorraine@Mar 9 2003, 12:23 PM

        it's just that I am so keen to get everything down from my brian to the keyboard that even when I re-read it I miss the obvious
        Your 'brian'?!!

        Is that some kind of secret weapon Lorraine?!

        I'm still trying to get a spell checker add-on to the board, I'm keeping my eye out for a working one, it'd be really useful for most of us


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          Hi atkinskani

          Welcome to you both, glad you found us here.

          Firstly, congratulations on getting the plot of land in the first place, I must admit it sounded quite difficult to find a suitable bit of land and then purchase it

          I agree with Lorraine, your neighbours definitely have a mega case of jealousy mixed with sour grapes! They are obviously doing everything they possibly can to obstruct you (both mentally and physically) from developing and enjoying your property. I always think people that do this end up shooting themselves in the foot - it's an ultimately self-destructive process and only helps to feed their already deeply-rooted and probable paranoia and feelings of insecurity/jealousy.

          I'm glad things seem to be panning out a bit now, and it certainly seems your NFH have other things to worry about on their plate, so hopefully this will draw their attention away from you both.

          Good luck with it, and let us know how you are often!


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            Just another thought,

            You say that NFH now has a breach of the peace conviction against him. Is there anyway you can find out more on this and if possible approach the person/s with regard to this offence ?

            You may well find out alot more information than you could possibly imagine and furthermore it could add a bit more weight to your case if anything further was to crack off with the police, LA etc.

            Its only a thought but you'll be surprised how prepared people are to talk - you just have to ask the right questions in the right way.

            Worth a try I think ! See how you get on.


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              Hi Atkinskani, welcome to the board.

              What a pair of idiots your NFH are (I know, understatement). It must be horrible for you to find what you want and then have two nutters ruin it for you.

              There's not a lot I can say, I think Lorraine has given you some very good advice. And I think Matthew is right, idiots like your NFH will eventually shoot themselves in the foot.

              Hopefully things will get better when they realise they're not only hurting you but themselves as well. Althought NFH seem to have problems with intellect so it might take a while.

              Good luck, let us know how things turn out

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                welcome to you both!

                sorry to hear that your dream wasnt perfect, if it wasnt for your NFH your house sounds just wonderful!

                Badger has given some good advice about the samples....where thick gloves though!!!

                Are you recording all the incidents? every threat or action, stick it down, on the main site there are some printable forms which work.

                they are obviously upset with you as you got the land and they didnt, you have rained on their parade and they are trying to rain back at you.

                As long as you stay on the right side of the law and dont get in their face I think like others here they will make the final fatal error and *bang to rights* you got them!

                I hope it happens sooner than later for your sanity,

                Many of us here have been on medication due to NFH and we used to be ashamed of it but now we know it isnt our fault but the NFH and we have held our heads up higher!

                proud to be on prozac!!

                Hope things get better for you


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                  Hi folks,

                  Thanks to all for the advice and support.

                  To Scooby,

                  I only wish that CAB was that easy, my wife went to our local CAB office for advice during one of the 'silly' periods, only to discover that the NFH wife works there ! Unfortunately for such a small and close knit community in Caithness, she wouldn't have to dig far to find out what the visit to CAB was about, maybe I'm getting paranoid.

                  Further to my initial posting, the NFH husband decided to park his (loud) dumper truck at the back of our house, albeit, on his own land, but only 8 meters from our house, and left it running there for 1hour 30minutes, we telephoned the police, they arrive after the truck had been removed but they still payed the NFH a visit and gave him a warning. Also, after the police had gotten into there car and were heading down the NFH driveway, the NFH decided to get into his JCB and drive it really close to the back of the police car, revving his engine. It just shows what contempt the NFH has for anyone. The police were very understanding and gave us an incident number so that we can log all further complaints easier.


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                    Hi Atkinskani,

                    The inital idea I believe I was trying to imply was to get hold of CAB's Head Office. If you were able to speak with them independently and put your situation over then perhaps it may go some way.

                    If you feel that this is a fruitless option, then you can only decide. But I would give it some thought.

                    You have just as much right to have advice and information as they do and the fact of the matter is that NFH is dishing out advice when clearly her background is of a somewhat questionable nature.

                    I would persue it though. Like I say you don't get anywhere unless you get to talk to the powers that be at Head Office.

                    Good luck.