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Madhatters Tea Party

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  • Madhatters Tea Party

    As some of you are well aware by now that my nickname for my NFH is called Madhatter. It is propbably by no coincidence that when he ripped out part of our fence it was March 1st !

    Well, 1 week on and a trip out of our backdoor to take the dog for his walk and the mother of all rows is going on. So, do I stay to listen or do I go. Well, I kind of hung around for about a minute and I have to say that I was keeping my fingers crossed that Madhatter might just try and strangle his wife, get himself arrested again and hopefully get looked up in Rampton Mental Hospital into the process, giving us all a well earned rest from his vile activites.

    However when I get back all is earily quiet and apart from the odd "You want to calm yourself down or you'll make yourself ill again" and disappointingly enough - that was it.

    So, it looks like Madhatter is not having a tea party after all and with a little luck the men in white coats could be arriving any time now.

    Trouble is it's when he is like this that experience tells me that you have to batten down the hatches.

    So, all being well and provided we haven't taken refuge in the loft in the intervening period, I shall be in the chat room tomorrow night at 8pm.

    I'm off for a couple of to chill. Have a quiet weekend.


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    I mean locked up in Rampton Mental Hospital - not looked, mind you I could couldn't I there would be a big thick piece of glass between Madhatter and I and I could sit there pointing and laughing at him.

    Maybe I'll put on hold the purchase of the upturned U boat in the Outer Hebridies for a while longer ! Pity really I quite fancy for seals as next door neighbours but I would prefer the non performing type !


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      Hi Lorraine

      His time will come, thats for sure....he's a slow fuse. Just keep you and your family safe, that's the most important thing.

      It reminds me of that Stranglers Song - Mad Hatter. I've got it somewhere, I'll see if I can put a clip up here in the thread


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        Here it is, "Mad Hatter" by The Stranglers, funky!

        It's the first minute only (1mb in size), if anyone wants the full copy, just let me know and I can e-mail it to you (around 3mb long).


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          You were absolutely determined to get this on here weren't you. I bet you ave trawled through your CD collection just to try and find it.

          Still that good it all goes nicley together with Madhatter.

          I might slam it on tomorrow morning if he is out in the garage and play it at him. That should give him something to think about !



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            Hic Hic

            Sorry about the spelling mistakes just finishing off another glass of vino


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              Originally posted by Lorraine@Mar 8 2003, 11:18 PM


              You were absolutely determined to get this on here weren't you.* I bet you ave trawled through your CD collection just to try and find it.
              Yep, you're totally right!!