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  • Nothings Being Done

    It's just got a whole lot worse, I feel sick to my stomach and I am typing this with tears.

    The Police released him without charge citing insuficient evidence. Our Community Beat Officer has told me "This beggards belief" she is going to investigate and have charges brought for theft. In the meantime I am on to Police HQ for our area and asking for a full enquiry to take place.

    How can this be. How ?

    It's just so hard.............

    He admitted it for gods sake, he admitted it, whats the problem.

    His mental disoredr I don;t know he's on drugs of some kind. He has a family his young son tried to hang himself at school with his tie and the headteacher found him. Social Services got involved, again no further action taken.

    This guy is a madman.. When he starts if he hasn't taken his medication, his eyes nearly pop out of his head and he throws his arms around wildly. The police say that when he is like this he does not know what he is doing. But that is no excuse.

    We own our own home. The neighbours are sympathetic and one did say if they were not there that we would have a nice little set up here.

    I'm just...........................I just can't describe this, it's beyond belief.


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    Lorraine, I can feel the despair coming from your posting and I feel very angry that nothing is being done to help you.

    You say your are on to your Police HQ. I would suggest you send a recorded delivery letter to your Chief Constable as well. I don't know how you feel about publicity but you may consider contacting the press as well.

    As Aquarius says, and you don't need to be told, this man is a menace. What does it take for the authorities to take action? A death? Because the picture you paint indicates that this might happen and that is a terrifying thought.

    My only other advice at this time is that at the slightest hint of him causing any more trouble you dial 999 immediately and DEMAND they send somebody and don't forget to tell them he is mentally unstable.

    The only bright (or less dark) spot is that your Community Beat officer is taking this seriously. At the very least he should be charged with criminal damage. It is extremely sad that his son has tried to commit suicide and I find it beyond belief that social services haven't done anything. But then we read quite frequently of young children dying because of social services inaction.

    I wish there was something practical I could do to help. Reading your post makes me feel so useless. But I shall be thinking of you and come back here anytime you need to vent your feelings, you'll find only sympathy and good wishes.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Lorraine,

      I'm sorry to read that, I hope you're keeping safe, and please stay with it ok. Keep pestering the Police and demand your rights. I agree with Misty absolutely - ring 999 at any hint whatsoever of any trouble. You have to for your own safety.

      The evidence thing seems bizarre. The gentleman in question obviously has some severe mental health problems but he sounds extremely dangerous and liable to severe mood swings (an understatement). How much more evidence than a sawn up fence can they need?!

      I think the Police response to you generally with everything so far has been appalling. Does this guy have a 'professional' working with him do you know? (e.g. Community Psychiatric Nurse, Social Worker, Support Worker, etc) - if you don't know, see if you can find out. They probably won't tell you much because of his confidentiality, but it's worth knowing so at least you can inform them of the situation, it may help a little.

      Above all, you must stay safe. However tempting it is, don't take the law into your own hands (my opinion anyway) you will probably make things worse and get yourself into trouble to boot.

      Please let us know when you can how things and you are.


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        sorry to hear about your experiance but may i give you some advice i got fed up with the police ect saying not enough evedence ect ect i wrote to the home secraty then Jack Sraw and the wrote to police HQ and i must say that the cheif of police doesnt like getting letters of this kind ........worth a try you may get the results your looking for

        best wishes for the future


        let us know how you get on


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          great idea..go straight to the top!!

          you have to keep complaining in this world to get any thing done, as HFs would say

          be like a dog with a burst ball!

          sorry HFs, couldn't get the accents in!!


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            Hi Lorraine,

            It sounds like a terrible situation and so frustrating for you.

            In our Council, we have Social Services Information Points - if you were in this area, I would strongly advise you to contact them (in writing - keep copies) outlining your fears (for your safety, this persons children's safety - and their own).

            You could maybe suggest that you feel that Social Services need to carry out an assessment of this persons needs under section 47 NHS and Community Care Act 1990 - that might attract their attention. At the end of the day, they (the authority) are responsible and they need to know they are. Send copies to the Police.

            Just think about some point in the future...... an article in the paper about an incident this person has caused, the Police and Social Services claiming they knew nothing about it.....if they did they may have been able to do something to prevent it..... (well, that's what they'll say!). Make sure they know.

            If I can be of anymore help, please let me know.


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              Hi Lorraine,

              Sadly your story about the police is nothing new to those of us around here. Exactly what do they do for their (or rather OUR money)?

              The mental health thing is neither here nor there. Its just a way of describing their behaviour which they know to be wrong.

              Your case is similar to one I know about from someone else. In his case the NFH and family were yelling abuse at him and his wife and family. It got to the state where his wife and daughter were terrified at going outside.

              And his car ended up being mysteriously damaged and his garden vandalised.

              His solution?

              He installed video cameras front and back of his house to monitor the NFHs behaviour. In the end he was caught red handed on video tape. The police, who knew about the problems but were powerless, were actually grateful that they had hard evidence to use.

              The NFH ended up being prosecuted and an exclusion order placed on him which meant he had to move away. It was also reported in the press so the other neighbours knew about the NFH.

              Your case is probably one of the most extreme I've seen on this board and from what you say, the installation of cameras may prove to be beneficial. I don't know how easy this is for you to do but perhaps worth considering.

              Sadly it will also mean that you will be harassed again in order to provide evidence but if you know its being recorded at least you have the evidence to back it up.

              Stay strong. All of us are with you.
              Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

              We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

              So what's the plan?

              Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                This latest story on NFH may interest you too, about a couple fixing a video camera on the front of their house (by the way - they are often very tiny thesedays). See the News Item here.


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                  Lorraine - I would say you would definitely benefit from the local media getting involved, as the local authorities never like to be seen in a bad light or thought of as ignoring a major problem, even though... (we all know the answer to that one)

                  I suspect they will act in a more positive way if the spotlight is put on them.

                  You obviously want to stay in your house so complaining won't be detrimental to any moving situation.

                  Here's a few tips on how to do it;

                  Contact your local newspaper, ask to speak to a reporter, (that isn't meant to sound patronising, but many people ring up nervously or upset, talk to someone on the switchboard, get put through to someone else, have to repeat it all again and then give up) alternatively e mail them. I'm pretty sure they will come round and do a story.

                  At the end of your local tv news programme at 6.30 pm, they will sometimes ask to be contacted for local interest stories and will give a contact phone number and e mail. If they're not doing this, get their details off the internet. The BBC website has links to all it's local news teams. Independant television likewise. All contact details will be on their website.

                  Independant television areas (e.g. Granada, Central) have their own teams and are actively looking for stories such as yours.

                  The other one is local radio. Most local radio stations have a programme that deals in 'consumer issues' and like to be seen as fighting someone's corner for them. These tend to be independant stations - but the bigger ones have clout!!!

                  What will happen is, they will visit your home, interview you and possibly try and speak to the neighbour, the local police and the local authority - and when local reporters ask these questions about local issues - the people in authority need to have good answers - otherwise they look like bl**dy fools and incompetents. They don't want that - they may very well be bl**dy fools and incompetents - but they don't want to appear to be...

                  You could say 'things are so bad you are thinking of drawing money out of the bank and hiring a security guard, as you are that frightened for your own safety in your home'. Lets face it - if you could afford one I bet you would hire a security guard.

                  It's a matter of finding a good reporter who takes an interest in the case and will follow up, who will put the questions to the right people

                  If you need any more help with handling the press, just ask.

                  We're all here for you, and because of the **** we're all going through or have been through with neighbours, we can understand.

                  Would love to speak to you in the chat room.

                  All my good wishes



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                    Yes get the media on the story especially your local paper, they can photograph the damage to you fence, we all know normal nice people just dont behave like that, my NFHs kids thought they could kick my fencing in to get their ball back, well i do have horrible thorny climbing roses all over it so they cant climb in my garden, i soon put her right and i told her a few home trues especially about keeping her legs closed in future for the sake of us all.