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    I found this site after having had another day from hell with our neighbour. He suffers from an on going mental disorder and is being treated for this. On Saturday 1 March 03 he took a circular chain saw and cut our fence in two (our fence on our land). He ripped it out with such force and anger that the soil was still clearly visable on his driveway. I contacted the Police and they said that they would get him arrested, but 9pm came and went and then NFH went to the pub. At 11.10 he came back and started shouting "Yeah my F***ing b**tard neighbours I've finally got one over on them now". I called the Police again and pleaded with them to send someone out. They did. He was arrested and taken to the Police station and kept there until Sunday morning when he was questioned. When he came home, he got in his car and drove his car along to the bottom of our driveway and glared at us with such venom, that I thought he was going to kick off yet again. We don't know what the Police have done with him - yet.

    This has been going on for ten years. In the past he has come round with knives and screwdrivers threatening to kill us and put my mum up against the side of her car. The Police are now suggesting that an Anti Social Behaviour Order might be appropriate.

    I'm essentially a peaceful person but sometimes it makes you fell like you want to take the law into your own hands. But having worked in the Prison Service I can tell you that crime does not pay. Prison is not a cushy number.

    Liberty means everything, freedom is priceless, going to prison takes those things away. All you are left with is regrets. But I know that this will soon end (I hope) and that we can get on with the rest of our lives in peace.

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    oh Gawd!!

    what a nightmare,

    It is dreadful that the police took so long to even turn up,that is disgusting.

    I think you are entittled to know what is going on with police as it is your property that was damaged and that you may be at risk here.

    I think you should ask for a officer to come and visit you and explain it to them,tell them you feel unsafe and may be ringing them again and will need immediate help,

    start if not already doing so , logging everything this man is doing or said to you.

    also victim support should contact you, also you need to get a crime number from the police for this need these things if it goes any further.

    you need to make a stand and get as much support as possible from all available sources....if a bloke is going around with a saw I see that as being at risk and the police and others need to see that to.

    does he own his own home or rent?

    have you contacted EHO about his anti socail behaviour yet?.....they will want logs of harrassement.

    sorry for all the questions, just helps to get a better picture.

    hope you have a quiet night


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      Hi Lorraine,

      Your problem sounds awful, and very frightening at times. Hope you can vent your feelings here by sharing. Plenty of willing listeners. I bet that if you did take the law into your own hands then the police would be round straight away to help out your 'good neighbour'. Its sad and predictable the way these things work out. Hope you can get this loony nut put away. There will be more concrete advice from others on this site but for now....... take care.


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        I also meant to ask you about your NFH,

        you say he has a "mental health condition" do you know if he is receiving help from a mental health service/Nurse or out reach worker?

        are you able to find this out? and are the police aware of this?

        I know it is putting a lot on you but this guy is obviously in need of help, as he is putting himself and others at risk, he really does need help if not sectioning for a while to help him with meds or whatever.

        stay safe



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          Hi Lorraine,

          Ex-mental health nurse's opinions:

          Assuming he has a mental health condition (rather than learning difficulty or simply a personality disorder) and has been receiving treatment, even from a GP, but especially from specialists eg CPNs, psychiatrists etc., then he probably knows how to work the 'system'. Like prison, mental health services are not what most people consider ideal, but for some they are comfortable and familiar. Unlike prison, detention is usually short term, while dangerous symptoms last.

          In my experience the justice system is likely to be lenient, even when psychiatric reports recommend the normal consequences of the law (i.e. prison). One of my former patients (genuinely psychotic, but not totally deluded!) was let off a minor misdemeanour because he was in hospital receiving treatment (after he realised he was in trouble). He later went on to kill a therapist, and I wonder if he'd been sent to prison that first time if he'd have changed his ways. He wasn't at all stupid, in fact quite the reverse.

          I think my point is that it IS good to feel some sympathy for the afflicted, but that 1) this should not detract from your own needs for a safe & secure home, and 2) that just because someone's 'ill' (or disabled or whatever) doesn't guarantee they're nice people - in fact they can be right b*****s!! So you shouldn't feel guilty about being upset by them.

          Anyway, your neighbour... It sounds like a long-standing situation with occasional crises, and it sounds like it's wearing you down. But you don't sound vengeful, despite everything: well done.

          You need to find out how the law and health/social services can control his behaviour, not just for your sake - which would be enough on its own - but also for his.

          I'm a bit out of touch with these services now, so can't give you the best advice on who to ask, and previous posts have mnade good suggestions. The fact that you're not vengeful will make people more willing to help you.

          Good luck,
          "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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            Just to say hi and we're all with you. This sounds like one of the more extreme cases though I can see my own NFH deteriorating eventually to this sort of level.

            As others have said, record everything and report all incidents to the police and the Council and your councillor.

            You don't say in your post, but are any other neighbours affected by this?
            Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

            We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

            So what's the plan?

            Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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              Echoing everyone else's comments. You have really had to endure some horrible incidents by the sound of things.

              Keep strong and you know where we all are.


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                Hi Lorraine,

                I can only echo everybody else's reponses to your situation. It is truly horrendous. I also think it is totally unacceptable that you should have to put up with this type of behaviour for ten years!!

                Is your NFH a house owner or a tenant? He certainly sounds dangerous and I think the police response was disgusting. Have you contacted your council, councillor, MP?

                This has been going on for ten years. In the past he has come round with knives and screwdrivers threatening to kill us and put my mum up against the side of her car.[/b]

                There are laws against this. If he is threatening you and has come at you with screwdrivers and knives he is putting you in fear of your life and that is illegal and he should be arrested. I despair of the authorities in this country who allow such things to pass without any action taken

                I do hope you can get someone to listen to you very soon as this man is a danger to you, to others and to himself.

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Who the hell lets this man drive a car with the illness he has got, he must be on drugs, does he work it does amaze me that they can afford to have a car, still i am so sorry for you but i am afraid i would have done something to him if he even touched my fence or my family, but you see stupid people look at you and think its a lady old lady she cant do any harm i will frighten her until they realise tht i am very placid but if i lose my temper i am really mad, and will a court actually jail an 58 year old woman who has never been in trouble in her life, no i dont think so they will wonder why?


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                    if he has a mental illness he must be on some kind of medication which may affect his driving also i would get in touch with social sevices and ask for a approved social worker in your area to contact you they may not be aware of this mans behaviour and they can do the right things to put him in the right place these people deal with the mental health in your area they can put sections on people to detaine them ....


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                      It makes my problems seem small compared to what you've been put through, you have my every sympathy.

                      I could be wrong but if you make a complaint to the police you can demand to know of any follow up action e.g. charges made etc. If you don't get any joy demand to speak to the chief superintendant, or go straight to your MP. Find out the nfh employers and bring the matter to their attention. There are always ways of non-physical ways to take action , as Bruce Lee said " the art of fighting without fighting".

                      Good luck


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                        im sorry to read your story, what a nut case, i do feel for you, i hope something will be done for you very soon.

                        good luck



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                          What a sad situation and one i can sympathize with as i have actually put with a similar situation back in 1991 where we lived next door to a maniac, he was a mental health patient from somewhere and he done so may things like smash his house up and threw everything in the street, banging around his house and making unspeakable noise, at the time my children were babies, after he threw everything in the street he decided to scratch on the wall after he heard me shouting as if to annoy me, that was it!!! after days of intimidation i lost it, i threw my clothes on as it was 6 in the morning and kicked his door in and got him against the wall in his house, he was a big man, threatened him and he was dithering, i left it at that, anyway a few days later he was waiting outside our house one night when i came home, he said to me that i am sorry and then went on to say there was a bomb going from this little paint shed facing our house going to Anfield football ground thats when i knew he was mad, things went quiet after that until one day i saw him with two puppies and two little girls going in his back gate i phoned the police and i went into his house but there was no one there?

                          The police came and knocked on my door and to my horror they said do not approach this man as he is a danger to the public!!!! there was a squadron of police in the street for him, it just shows that these landlords would make money from anyone, i am sick of saying that more vetting should be enforced, so i fully understand your plight Scooby.