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  • What's your story?

    My story goes back years to childhood because my disability is inextricably tied up in how I ended up in such a terrible dump - has a great deal to do with how I ended up here; how the complications of ending up here where the treatment I have received from both the local authority controlled services like Housing and Social Services, and medical services (or lack of them) here have contributed to the deterioration of my already bad physical condition, break up of my family, damage to my yohger son's education etc - it is all so compicated that I am putting it together - with documentary and picture proof - a website where, basically I can shove it all bit by bit and people can visit the site - I'll post urls to new bits - rather than trying to squeeze it all in here.

    I am working on setting it all out with a view to at least trying to stop those who have been merrily wrecking my life doing it to others who may be less articulate and able to defend themselves - because it strikes me if the 'authorities' are treating me like this - then what is so special about me?? Why should I be picked out for extra-nasty treatment? Nothing at all. Oh, apart from asking for that which I am entitled to, of course. In my 'posh voice' of course! Which means that it is almost certain that in a city of this size several other people must be getting the same treatment. this local authority makes a habit of ignoring inconvenient rules like ensurimg accommodation is fit - not full of vermin like the flat of the lady my son heard in the Citizens's Advice Bureau the other day -m this is 7 years after they did the same to us so obviously their ideas of what is fit for human occupation haven 't changed.

    So - my story will gradually appear on my website - I'll post the url as soon as there's something to see.