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  • Half term

    Been half term this week, and my NFH teenagers and other riff raff are no longer making any noise or taking drugs around this vacinity now, what a difference, it seems as though the HA had a lot of complaints about them over the last year and they must have been warned, i am so glad for the decent HA neighbours who have to stay there, as i will be moving over Easter now. Dont worry will keep on coming to the website and praying that maybe someone in authority will listen to all your complaints, its staying lighter now so i can go in my garden for a short while and as you all know last year i just dreaded it.

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    glad you have had a better week!

    hope it remains quiet for you


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      Nice one! You'd have thought with it being half term, it would have been noisier - but I'm glad it's been quiet and peaceful for you sombrueil!

      Good luck with the forthcoming move over Easter - hope to see you soon back on the board - remember, plug your PC in and on before anything else, the kettle, the TV, etc...!


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        Our half term begins this week and i am dreading it!

        Mainly cos of my two younger children and the fact that i will not allow them to use our garden to play in cos i am afraid of the NFH children and what they will do to them if they see them out playing!

        Sad as it seems it is the Norm for my kids now!

        Am i over protective or paranoid?

        I say over protective.



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          I totally understand you wanting to protect your children Tracy,

          In time you might "lengthen the riens" as all parents do,

          my mum still has hold of the end of mine and every now and then I try to wriggle free!!!

          with the NFH risk around it will make you protective, as being paranoid...we have all got a little of that thanks to our NFH!!

          but dont worry about are obviously a mum who loves her my eyes thats the best sort to have!!


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            Badger, why not get a football and start playing on their driveway and garden, it might then get through to the idiots.


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              Oo-er, April, I'd hate to work at the same place as my NFH, can't be much fun for you.

              I know I'm going to regret saying this but half term has been relatively quiet around here. You watch, next thing I know it will all start up again!! Fingers crossed it doesn't

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                You can't bring yr kids up in that sort of environment. They should be able to play in the garden free from fear.

                We had a problem with a psychotic 'same sex' nfh couple that hated to see happy families, and terrorising infants was about their level.

                We are much happier nowadays. You ccan guess what steps we took by my handle!

                Take care. Hope it gets sorted.



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                  I wish i was in a position to move.

                  My NFH have started again only it seems with a vengance.

                  Yesterday i had a glass beer bottle thrown at my car by the kids while the parents were present and then the kid climbed over the joining fence and strategically placed all broken glass so that when i reversed off my driveway i would have it in my tyres.

                  Luckily as we have cameras we found it before i did that.

                  Am now waiting for police to contact me, probably to be told as it was getting dark they can't identify who did it.

                  And then the photos that we took of it could have been us placing it there!

                  I guess again i am in a no win situation.

                  I was thinking of writing to the council and asking could they please change my garden into a private one as it seems to be communial at the moment, their tenants are able to come on it whenever they want and they have even managed to make some huge hammock thing by tying all rope and wire around my fence which is my responsibility, and to do this once again they have had to come on to my garden.

                  Now they have a dog that seems to be tied up all day and likes to cry all day and night.

                  Am now in the motions of getting depressed at the thought of a whole week of the kids next door.



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                    Cheers Aquarius.

                    I have contacted the Housing Officer this morning and am still waiting for him to get back to me, How long till Xmas!

                    They are trespassing as it is my garden i bought it from the council when i purchased the property, it has a boundary fence that seperates us but they prefer to use my garden as it is clutter free, except for my car and plants that is.

                    The boundary fence is also classed as mine as when it was damaged i was told it is my responsibility to repair it, however it is them that are damaging it so i would have thought that it was down to the council to pay for it and not me.

                    Maybe i am just thick but i am sure they all live by a different Law and i am unable to find any INFO on the LA law.

                    Am just off to now visit the LA as it is pointless sitting here waiting for a phone call.

                    My husband also wants to contact the local paper now.


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                      Hi Tracy,

                      I can hear the despair in your post and can empathize. Just what kind of morons are these people?

                      I hope the video tape will show who the little vandals are. They are attempting criminal damage. The same thing, i.e. glass under the wheels, happened to my husband, luckily, like you he saw it before he drove off. We had a good idea who had done it but couldn't prove it.

                      I don't suppose it will have any effect on your NFH if you threaten them with legal action. Anyway you'd only be paying for their legal aid out of your taxes!!! I also agree with Aquarius, I cannot stand people who get a dog and leave it tied up in the garden all day. What a miserable life for the poor creature!

                      As for contacting the paper, well you know my feelings on that A good letter never did any harm, hee hee. If it's published it might shame your HA into action, it worked for me in that they took me seriously after that.

                      Good luck, I'm thinking about you.

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        if the dog is howling day and night you could report it to the eho as noise dusturbance,

                        Personally I would contact the dog warden as well as possible neglect!

                        good luck Tracy!


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                          Well have just been into LA and managed to get a claim form to claim for damages made by their tenants.

                          Had a letter from an MP at the House of commons who is also looking into it again as he had been informed that the LA had moved them on, they had but then moved them back after 6 months!

                          So am now going to start copying photos of all the lights and fences that have been broken along with all the payments already made to our cars being repaired.

                          Plus the cracked back window that is down to them throwing stones at it.

                          I can feel a nice claim coming on, and i am going to see if they are going to compensate me for camers and videos as i have been supplying what they should have in the first place!

                          Wish me Luck.

                          Oh and because i now suffer from Depression my Life Insurance company want an extra £10 a week from me!


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                            Oh and because i now suffer from Depression my Life Insurance company want an extra £10 a week from me![/b]

                            Don't forget to claim for that as well, Tracy. It's the HA's tenants that have caused your depression. Good to hear your MP has been in contact and interesting that the HA had given him/her duff information.

                            Good luck, and don't let the ******** get you down.

                            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                              Sounds like the LA are clearly at fault. Moving nfh out then back in again? Aint it great to have such bright sparks administering public funds!

                              Sorry if my last post seemed to suggest moving, I do realise we were remarkably fortunate being able to. I certainly don't think it's right that anyone should have to 'cos of nfh. We just couldn't cope with bringing up our children properly whilst dealing with the familyphobic freakery from the nfh. Each case is unique.

                              It's good that the LA can be made liable for damage caused by their nfh, & you're on the case, MP onside.

                              Seems to me that you would eventually have success in kicking the LA's backsides into kicking their tenants' backsides. Personally I'd put up 2m high, solid fences & gates (lockable), perhaps notifying the LA of their cost and of their own liabilities should their tenants damage them.

                              Up & at 'em. Hope all works out well for you & your family. Your kids only get one childhood and these nfh can't be allowed to wreck it.