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  • interfering evil neighbours

    Hi everybody ... so glad to have this webpage. I wrote a few days ago, and sent the e-mail to Matt. So he kindly sent it back to me to transfer to this page. Hi Matthew and thanks for the warm and encouraging welcome! Much needed I can tell you!!

    I found you by a search engine 'neighbours from hell'!! And you were the first webpage I went into.

    It is good to be with people who know what it is like to have neighbours from hell! One can relate this horrendous situation to others who are not in this position and they not really understand! I probably would have not done so either - if we had not gone thru this nightmare ourselves.

    My husband Dave has just been acquitted at crown court for trumped up lies that he was going to kill with a knife one of these men! What a nightmare this spun us into - the worry of the court has been solved by the 'not guilty. But not all the stress and sleepless nights of worry for Dave, I and our 19 year old son.

    We have an extreme sports centre and are fairly isolated apart from two of these NFH. It started off with one of them offering to help Dave dig another small lake for the fishery! Bad weather stopped the digging, and when this NFH decided it was time to carry on digging, Dave was unable to do so. NFH decided this was not good enough and started phoning the Environmental Agency and Planning etc behind Dave's back. So bad were the complaints that an official from the Planning, came over and spoke to Dave, and warned him, 'be careful, who you think are your friends - are not..'.

    It was literally days later that Dave found out for himself. We have been accused by this NFH for burying toxic waste, hundreds of tyres, etc, etc, etc. All unfounded. And threatened to bankrupt Dave. In his desire to ruin us, he has enlisted the help of our other only neighbour, and they have caused havoc in the business. Every thing we do they oppose - I must say, that we do get what we apply for, but all the pleasure is swallowed up in weariness for all the hassle the NFH cause us.

    The last straw was when the first NFH - conspired with an ex employee to engage the environmental agency with a barrage of lies to discredit us and close us down. Dave went to see him with our son who actually owns the business. He ran out of his junk shop, screaming blue murder that Dave was trying to kill him. This lie resulted in both Dave and Josh and another employee of ours being detained for 12 hours in a local police station, and then my husband being arrested for threatening to kill with a knife! My young son has a very different view of the police then he had, before all this started!

    As I said earlier Dave was found not guilty. I have not filled in the whole saga, but I am sure you can read between the lines. These NFH are relentless, anything they can do to cause trouble they do - regardless of how stupid it is!

    The amazing thing is - that neither of them are squeaky clean with planning, and yet we only to have a paintball game running for one minute over the time and they are on to the council, with reg numbers of the cars etc. They themselves do not apply for planning - and yet squeal on us. It is a nightmare.

    One wonders how much more one can put with. The police do nothing! Incidentally we have had quite a lot of criminal damage done to the property. The police found finger prints, foot prints, took samples etc. And then decided to drop the case, and call it an unsolved crime! So this NFH just gets away it!

    Their latest scam is posting huge bill boards saying we are opening up a tip for rubbish. When I say huge I mean huge. They have been into the village getting a petition to stop this so called tipping. Explaining to you briefly - we also have a fishery which is now closing down, and we have applied for planning permission to fill the lakes in with inert soil! Hardly household rubbish with rats hmmmm!! Any ways these NFH have hugh signs saying NO TO Tipping. We go get lots of phone calls, from concerned people! It is a nightmare. Frankly I am not coping with this at all. I am incensed at the unjustness of it all. And the sheer hypocrisy of such lying dreadful people who have nothing better to do then plan disruption and and evil intentions towards us. Incidently the idea being, in filling in the lakes to make a community thing for kids for BMX bikes and a skate board arena.

    There must be some law against harassment like this. Surely one can do something?

    Somebody please tell me how to cope????????


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    Firstly you must check if you have any legal insurance attached to your property. This is very important, please check you may be lucky. If you are covered then you can get a solicitor to take action on your behalf to stop this nightmare.

    You will get some great help and advice on this site. I am only a beginner in these matters but stay strong and help will come has been my experience with the advanced members.



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      Hi Cliopatra, welcome to the board.

      I'm horrified at the situation you find yourselves in. It must be harrowing

      I can't pretend to know anything about the legalities of the situation but I really think you should be looking at taking legal action to stop the harassment and lies that are being told.

      Does your NFH know 'the right people'? It just seems strange that the Planning Officer should say that to you, and then the police drop a case. I'm afraid there are people in this world whose only purpose in life seems to be to make other people miserable and if they have friends in the 'right places' they can certainly do that.

      I wish there was more I could say, or advice I could give. But I'm confident that some of the other members will have some good advice for you. I hope things get better for you, in meantime, if you want a good rant or a shoulder to cry on, we're here for you.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi Cliopatra


        your NFH sound like they are doing everything possible to make your sons business fail, are they jealous of his success?

        Aquarius has hit the nail on the need to log everything down, what they have said and what they have done,

        it sounds very much like harrassment.

        please get some advice from a legal type to help you. you might also want to write to the council and explain your position,

        contact your local councilors and tell the truth about your plans for the filling in on the ponds, invite them over....the planning commitee might also benifit from seeing at first hand what your intentions are....hey you could invite the entire village!!

        that would really rain on the NFH parade!!

        Can you not appeal to the police to carry on your investigation? if there are prints etc it is not as if it is a dead end case, I would write to police HQ and demand an explanation go straight to the top!!

        I am sure it must be your right to do this.

        I hope things get better for you, please keep posting!!


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          Nightmare, eh?

          Sounds like you have a case of fixated, jealous, malicious nfh with nothing better to do with their lives, on the downside.

          On the upside it sounds like you have an exeptionally nice property, no doubt you and your family are interesting people with lots of positive energy- 'doers' who provide opportunities for people to have serious fun.

          So stay focussed on the positive. But it sounds like you could do with your side being 'de-thorned', so to speak.

          It doesn't sound like the planning dept like these people much, hence the 'leaked' info. Experience has taught my family & former neighbourhood that even the most unsavioury, grim, pathetic characters can have local police mates, with suprising power to thwart the workings of the criminal justice system. You've been prosecuted, they drop investigating your complaint... hmmm, watch out for that. If this is the case yr nfh is likely to have boasted about it, tho'. Sad acts often list there few 'advantagies' quite quickly. Keep a record of everything.

          One thing I felt. It seems that these people make out they have quite some influence in the local community. I bet they haven't really. Putting up notices, etc... I bet there's more than a few locals have had run-ins with them in the past.

          You may well have to act to counter the slander. Have you considered putting up a tasteful notice in the local shop, inviting people to discuss their concerns with you and stating that misleading information may be circulating about your activities? You may well find out that you have the support of most locals, who may dislike your miserable nfh too. Just a 'hunch'

          Good luck anyway. Keep us posted. All the best


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            To all of you who have replied, a huge thank you. I have printed out all your replies and have read them to Dave and Josh. And we are going to take action! Should I say ACTION! Yes we have insurance on personal and business insurance! And we are going to start the ball rolling today! So wish us the best!!

            And yes - I think as suggested that letting the village know that we are not going to have a ''rubbish tip, heaving with rats, and disgusting smells..." is an excellent idea. And let the locals know that what we are doing is a community thing, and not a money spinner, should ease troubled minds!

            After Dave appeared in court, our barrister bless him was brilliant! He sussed these nfh and knew where they were coming from. And he actually suggested that we put leaflets thru the locals doors and let them know how evil they were! To be honest that seemed a daunting thing to do - but has been suggested in the form of letting the locals know - is a great idea!

            I have gained tremendous strength from you all and thanks a million for your replies, each one is balm to my anger, frustration and sheer hopelessness of it all. The sheer frustration of not being able to do anything is unbelievable, and I know that you KNOW the feeling! I have reached the age of 57, and have never, never hated or been so angry, at such injustice as these nfh have caused me and mine.

            Our planning comes up early in March, the 10th I think, and we know the nfh will he there in force with as many as can oppose this planning as they can! And we also know that God willing it is granted, we will be then be the subject of more malice!

            And we will not give up with the police - SOCO do have evidence, and we shall take it to the top! I did not mention that acid had been poured over Dave's JCB, and Dave burned his b*m, sounds funny, but not when that could have been a kiddie! What malcious thing to do huh!! I also did not say that that they had tampered with controls of a lake and turned them on full, so water was pouring into the village! Can you imagine millions of gallons uncontrolled pouring into a small canal! It does not bear thinking about! By rich blessing we patrol the fishery every few hours, and it was discovered by one of our staff! We live in fear what they will do next! However, sorry, I am desperately trying to be positive. And again thanks a million for being in contact. I shall be in contact and keep you informed!

            Please keep in touch with me, you are my lifeline.

            God bless and thanks again.



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              Hi Clio

              A quick hello from me!

              Glad you got to the board ok, sorry I've come in late on this, but you've had some excellent advice already. What a dreadful situation to be living with, very stressful and even more so when your NFH are trying to affect a person's livelihood.

              As others have said, your NFH certainly sound like bullying individuals with unhealthy obsessions in trying to cause other people misery! You are almost certainly being harrassed.

              Keep your sprits up , fight back and don't let these people beat you!


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                you go girl!!

                glad to see you and your family have got a second wind, with support it helps you to give that little extra push in the NFH direction.

                we like a bit of postive action, people can only sit and be a victim for so long, you are following in the footsteps of many!!

                good luck and stay strong


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                  Hi Clio,

                  Being late to the party so to speak I wont go over old ground other than to offer support and to remember that you need to be strong!

                  Your NFH are jealous, you will find that a common trait with NFH but now that you have won this court battle surely you must have the moral high ground!!

                  Be like a dog wi a burst ba'!!



                  "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                  apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

                  Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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                    Why is it that when people are jelous of you they are hell bent on making your life a misery. My heart goes out to you and everyone else who have posted on this site. Each of us have our own story, some are the same and others differ greatly. I just want to say that I wish you all the best. Things already seem to be looking better for you and may it continue. Its good to know that there is a site that you can come to when you feel everything is getting on top of you, and someone will always listen to you and reply. Take care and never give up, we are all rooting for you...........DEBZ..


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                      Clio - just wanted to add my voice to everyone elses here in offering support. You mention being isolated except for a couple of NFH. Being isolated brings it's own particular brand of problems sometimes. Reading the messages on here I know there are people who dream of a detached house - we got a detached and got NFH!! That was a few years ago, we're not nearly in such bad circumstances now but have different problems with shooting, light aircraft - oh and last Sunday a motor cross rally - aren't people lovely?! Just what my partner needs after a long week in a stressfull job. Next move, I want to live on a desert island!!!!!

                      It's a consideration though for those of you who want to move out in the sticks. To look at a house with no neighbours, you automatically think ' What could possibly go wrong here?' Hmn where shall I start... But if anyone is thinking of moving out into the countryside - I'm the worlds expert now on what to look out for!!!!!!!



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                        Hope your planning goes ok. Glad to hear you're going for it and remain undefeated by these mire-dwelling nfh.

                        What's SOCO? You can't let these things, acid etc. go on.

                        I bet the idea of a paintball raider party visiting his workplace and changing his complexion is a tempting one! Thing is, the criminal justice system is all of a sudden extremely efficient when dealing with normally law-abiding decent people stepping out of line.

                        It must be very difficult for you. You've taken all this c**p and been the only ones prosecuted? In my experience the nfh involved did have dodgy connections with bent police. If this applies in your case, then you may find raising the issue with your local plod to be a waste of time, but the PCA in London just might be more effective.

                        Battling sounds necessary, but don't let the nfh take over your thoughts. Hope you win.

                        All the Best.



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                          Hi all you lovely folk who have given me some hope! Wow ... I guess nfh are not as rare as they should be - more is the pity!

                          When Dave was arrested for attempted murder ..... Dear God, when I think back to that time a few months ago - I wonder how we are all still sane! The day we went to court ... our barrister had found out that the wretch who lied - had been in court and convicted for previous harressment! I guess that did not go well for the lying so and so. However it was a horrendous time - it is now all over. And my faith was restored by our judical system!!!!

                          It is a great concern that the police do nothing - you know something I have discovered from the police that it is a game .. can you believe it ...... seriously the 'Sarge' said to me you have to know how to play the game! I was gobsmacked but listen folks I am learning. You have to name nfh, and according to the police - then they do something! Like if you have criminal damage ... it is not expedient to say you have criminal damage - but that you actually saw so and so doing it!

                          My young son was arrested the other day - for allegedly breaking a wind screen of a lorry that the nfh had had smashed with one of his defamatory signs about our company on it. And the wretch actually said he had seen Josh to this - CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???

                          Josh did not do it - he was miles away at the time this incident took place and able to prove it. However because he was named the POLICE HAD TO DO SOMETHING!!! Dave did lose it with the police I am afraid - and threw them out of the house, not something he normally does. But they were threatening to arrest him and put out his whereabouts ect. I am pleased to say that Dave did calm down and rang the Inspector, who assured us that Josh would not be arrested, but he would have to give a statement! Still harrowing and unneccesary experience. Now this deeply concerns us ... as their lies have had both my men folk arrested and Dave actually on an attempted murder charge - which as you know is very serious.

                          How far can their lies go huh???

                          We are going to see our solictor and do our best to get an injunction to stop this horrendous lying and harressment. I however have found out that the ringleader is a nfh with a mission. And he is known for this by other businesses! I wonder if that could go in our favour? We are the unfortunate receipients of his foul and evil mind at the moment.

                          Our concerns are that the police do nothing - but will act on a pack of lies. May God help us all in these horrendous situations we found ourselves in. To think lies are what gets them to act, makes me so mad. What are they waiting for - a tragedy.

                          Like many of you .. we are just a normal folk who mind our own business, who work hard, and keep our noses clean, only to be tormented by evil and bored NFH who cannot mind their own business and keep wanting to ruin ours.

                          Will let you know the outcome of the meeting which is this 6th March. I think our solictor will do something.



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                            I agree with Badger, it seems one rule for them another for you.

                            perhaps you should contact the police again and tell them you are concerned the NFH are having a "vendetta" against you.

                            I am one for contacting as many people as possible to get them on your side, if people know these NFH have got it in for you they will be less likely to believe them.

                            especailly so if this character already has proved previous for harrassment, this has got to go against them surely?!!

                            tell your solicter this, the more information they have the more they can help, dont leave any thing out, this is why it is so important to log everything.

                            good luck with your meeting, lets us know how it goes.


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                              Have you considered making a statement to police about harassment? Might be an idea.

                              Good luck. Keep in touch.

                              Oh, and BTW:

                              I[/QUOTE] I however have found out that the ringleader is a nfh with a mission. And he is known for this by other businesses! I wonder if that could go in our favour? [quote] - Yup!