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    Well i would'nt know where to start, my story is rather straight forward but not without shock value, my mum and dads story is concurrent with most people's story in here.

    I will start with my story............My wife and i with my three children moved into a 'corner house' on an estate, it was near christmas and we were rushed into the place by the council.

    The neighbour next door seemed ok, she is in her 60's, anyway she welcomed us said hello and stuff, while her husband seemed rather standoffish, anyway we moved in and started to decorate right away.

    I noticed on my fence when we viewed the place the word HEY! i thought it was just kids messing round as they do, time went on and then new year came but just b4 new year the neighbours husband died, so eventually on new years eve the neighbours across the street were all out to console my next door neighbour, we went out and the neighbours ignored us, i was puzzled, anyway i invited my neighbour in for a drink after midnight had passed, she was saying we have lovely kids etc and the house is nice, then she got talking on the old neighbours that lived in our house, then she said it, it was unbelievable, what she said changed everything i hoped for the house, my wife and i were flabbergasted to find out that a little boy had been raped in this house, i didnt know how to react, it was a major shock and from that moment on we have been trying to move out......easier said than done.

    Its took 4 years to get were i am today, inbetween those four years i have had 2 cars stolen, windows smashed on a regular basis, been called a paedo etc etc, my wife and i have been living in limbo since then, only now with the prospect of a house has the mood finally lifed, even though we havent had any trouble for at least 3 months, no neighbours will speak to us and its been that way sinced we moved here, basically the council are at fault for not vetting people or property, or i could blame my neighbour for not telling us beforehand, maybe she was getting disturbed by kids as this garden in the front is huge, so to keep her peace she let us just go in. One thing is though i would'nt wish this turmoil on anyone and just for the record the neighbours went to court over this incident to defend/accuse the then 14 year old that supposed to have commited it, so the neighbours were divided over it all, the little boy was only three, the same age as my son at the time, the teenager got away with it which made it harder to convince the council to get us out, mud sticks though, i have put myself on the other side of the fence and thought that if i was in another house in the area and someone moved into 'the peado's house' then i probably think that they were either a paedo or inhumane, houses that are stigmatised should not be rented out especially in this case, more vetting is needed i think.

    Thanx for listening

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    That is horrendous and we can only really imagine what you must have been going through.

    I know i would want to be informed about a house if i was moved into it and those type of things had been going on.

    However the council probably view it from another point of view and a empty house is not generating Rent.

    We had a huge case in my home town that involved two families in joining houses, when it came to light the rest of the estate complained and eventually the council gave in and actually demolished the houses and years later put up Two new bungalows.

    I have a convicted Paedo living opposite me and we are powerless, as he owns his house he is allowed to stay there, but thanks to the local press everyone is aware of him and where he lives so we were all warned.

    I think the Council should have a duty to inform new tenants of what has happened in the property and then let them decide if they would be happy there, i know i wouldn't.


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      Good grief, what an absolutely flabbergasting story..........

      First of all, how sorry I am to hear that this act took place in your house - but, I cannot understand your neighbours actions towards you because of it and I would never be able to condone them either.

      Whilst the act of rape on any aged person is a truly horrific crime and personal attack, the act of rape of a child is even worse, especially when they are less able to defend themselves. The act of rape between children is just as horrific.

      I can't believe you've been 'typecast' and had these accusations thrown at you and you and your family tormented in this fashion because of an act that you had no prior-knowledge of, that happened in your (now) house. What bigoted, prejudiced, nasty and shallow individuals these people are that have made your lives unbearable because of this.

      Words fail me. I can truly understand what a shock it must have been for your neighbours to have found out about the rape; in one sense perhaps they feel guilty that it happened in their vicinity without them having the ability to intervene and stop it or even prevent it and if that was me, I would certainly have been questioning myself with "should I have noticed something going on" before it happened - it's human nature to feel guilty and extremely upsetting and disturbing for all involved in this case, in particular the poor child who was raped.

      What a dreadful act to have happened in your house and I hope the boy is now recovering (what happened to the child that commited the rape by the way as you say he got off the charge, did he move away, etc?) - but the community of which you are now part of, had no right to treat you like they have, they have acted in a sick and a nasty fashion. What would the neighbours have you do, knock the house down?

      I agree though, you and your family had a right to have known what had happened in the house before you moved in, even if it was to make the decision not to move into the house because of your own morals and values. But I can honestly say, if I was your neighbour, there is no way on this earth I would have stereotyped you because of where you live and what happened there before you even moved in.

      I hope the prospect of a new house is on the horizon soon and you and your family can return to some kind of normality.

      Best of luck to you and your family


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        Leajay, what kind of people are they that treat you so horribly because of something that had nothing to do with you or your family? They must be really sick in the head!!!!

        How can making you suffer even remotely undo what was done? Some people have lost any sense they were born with!!! Don't they realise that what they have done to you is as evil as what was done to that poor innocent child? Sorry, all rhetorical question.

        I suppose it never crossed the mind of the person that allocated your house to you to tell you what had happened. As Tracy said, it's an empty house not generating an income.

        Believe me, I know just how hurtful it can be to be to have a loved one falsely accused of paedophilia. It seems it's the fashion, so a policeman told me, for little yobs to call anybody who stands up to them a paedo. It's sick!

        I'm so glad you're going to move, let's pray that you new neighbours will be a lot more civil than your last lot.

        Good Luck

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Many thanx to all

          Actually the old saying mud sticks, i mean how many times do you hear well they live in the druggies house etc, people may have thought that it was a ongoing thing to let Paedophiles live in that address, i'll never know what they think and frankly i dont care, i know i am innocent and bring my family up to be respectable, if by any means i found out my daughter/son was giving neighbours loads of trouble i would certainly take necessary action to stop it by means of grounding or stopping money, not many people do that now and give kids a free will to do as they please, my grandad fought for this country and i know he will be turning in his grave at todays families of no marks.

          The offender and his family were finally run out the street by residence by them petrol bombing the house etc etc, as you would i think. They moved about 2 miles away i believe.

          On the council front i think they were eventually scared of us taking action, they have to rehouse simply because they might lose in court, i hope this is the right move, it would be our 6th in 10 years


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            What a horrendous stateof affairs!

            In a way I can understand the council trying to conceal what awful things may have happened there before, as it was a people thing, not a property one.

            However, had you been told, you may well have been able to make the decision to not take the house or to talk with the neighbours, having a frank exchange and the opportunity to nip the nonsense in the bud.

            Of course it's no slight upon you what the previous occupants did! Those neighbours giving out the grief are clearly not too bright. Could be they just invent an excuse to be nasty. Often the more unsavoury types do this to draw attention away from their own failings.

            Anyone who would smash the window of a house that has small children inside seriously lacks any concern for the well-being of children. What other type of criminal shares this lack of concern?

            Hope your new place is nice, with decent folk around you. All the best.


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              Thankyou very much, it has been quiet for at least 3 months, the last thing to happen was my fathers passenger window smashed back then, i must say that in the thick of it all say 2 years ago, i actually ran after and caught one of the kids who were doing it after they had smashed our window on Xmas eve, i took him the police station and they inturn took him to his friends and home, this led to bigger kids and teenagers to congegrate, more damage to my cars and bbgun holes in my windows, once we were threatened with knives we ran them up the street, it is now quiet but to much has happened and i am glad we are going

              Plus one more thing was the nearby school, we had to take our children out of the school because they were getting bullied not only by kids but by the headmistress believing boys that were beating up my daughter to be telling the truth, once more the council waved us a way with stories of other unfortunates, i mean ok i understand the plight of others and there is a lot happening here in this part of the City but i have my own needs, in the end it took my wife to threaten the housing manager through sheer frustration, it seemed to have worked but not without welfare help from solicitors.


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                Leajay, your story gets more horrible by the minute. Thank goodness you're moving! I really despair of the way yobs are allowed to rule our streets and our lives!!

                It's always the gamble you take when you tackle them. Either it stops or it escalates and when it escalates it can get terrifying. I know, it's happened to me and it can have a terrible effect on your family, you health and your attitude to other people.

                And it won't change until LAs, politicians, police and CPS grasp the nettle and DO something about it rather than spewing platitudes!

                Finger's crossed your next home will be surrounded by good, decent, peaceful people. Good luck.

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Well an update on this is that we are at least 2 weeks away from moving in this new house, its on a main road and i think thats better, there are shops facing our new house but no kids are there they are over the road from there, quite alot to be honest about ten to twenty of them, as long as they stay away from my house then i dont care, as for my mum and dads story well its pretty much the same as other stories, in the same mould as vandalism to cars, threatening behaviour oh and yes has anybody had their fishpond poisoned?

                  All this damage was done by two kids who have grown up across the road from my parents, they have been there for about 7 years now and are 15 years old, when they were younger the kids were helped by my dad as in golf balls and fishing equipment, today though they are really bad towards people in the area, i blame the gang they joined.

                  My parents have had discussions with the council and this has led to the ASBO unit to visit their house and mine as i am a witness to some aggression in which the yobs verbally mouth my father, i got out the car and ran them up the street, a day or so later my mum had phoned to inform me that the police had been to visit looking for me, after she had told the police what happened they went but not before they had said that they wanted to question me on racism, i am not a racist, i called them other things but not even black!

                  So my hands were tied if i even went near them they could get me locked up thus allowing their reign of terror to continue, i did forget to mention that these 2 boys were black, it turns out that after a meeting took place with the council a further thirty people gave evidence from the neibourhood and the ASBO unit is pretty confident on arresting these boys and their loutish friends, the two black boys had been hiding behind racism when no one has said a thing, as with all my other problems i have had in my own home this was not needed so i have had stop visiting my mother and father, the behaviour of this gang is a major coup for the ASBO unit as they have said to me that a local thug in Daniel Franey looks like an angel to what this gang has been doing to peoples lives and businesses, they reckon that this gang will reach the front page of the Liverpool Echo, looking forward to seeing them there


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                    Leajay, it's good to hear the police and council are taking action over the yobs giving your mum and dad hell. It's sad to say that there are some people who will hide behind the anti racism laws when they're caught bang to rights! A few years ago my daughter, then 11, was threatened with a knife by a group of three older boys. She was terrified and we reported it to the police. One of the boys was mixed race and said that my daughter called him the 'n' word. I've brought my kids up not to be racist and my daughter vehemently denied it. The police said they'd give him a caution but he wouldn't accept it and my daughter was too scared to go to court so he got away with it. I'm not sure about the other two boys.

                    As I said that was a few years ago and nowadays just being accused of racism can bring all sorts of things down on you. It really isn't fair. A crime is a crime no matter what the race or creed of the criminal. Hopefully the powers that be will see that it is a ploy by the yobs to escape punishment.

                    I'll be keeping a close eye out for the story in the Echo. Good luck.

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      The police are really on to them using the racism card, they have used it to much and have vandalised property and threatened staff at the asda, i mean not just them, they would be 50 strong!!!!

                      I do believe that this summer will see them locked up because they still hang round by my parents and cause trouble, the ASBO unit has singled three of them to be the main nuisance, that would be the black lad and two of his mates.

                      I hope they do lock em up or i may have to pay ppl to you know what!!


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                        Can I just say that kids are not exactly my speciality subject - as I don't have any myself - but I do sympathise with any parent that is faced with particular nightmare situations that is being inflicted upon their own family and children.

                        Can I just say that to ask or pay persons to carry out or use methods to frighten the perpetrators is not something that I would EVER condone.

                        I know and I think alot of the folks here who use this site would agree with me that this is not going to make the situation any better - in fact it could become a whole lot worse with rammifications of far reaching consequences being brought back to you. You would not be doing your family any favours, you would be facing the wrath of the full judicial process of that there is no doubt.

                        It is something that most of us feel here that revenge would be sweet but it does not get anywhere past the thought process and is quickly put out of our minds as being one of silly trains of thoughts that we all have. Revenge is definitely not sweet, I have worked in the Prison Service and I have seen some situations where revenge attacks have happened. The courts take a very dim view of this behaviour and more often than not will pass harsh sentences as a clear warning to anyone else thinking about this.

                        Please, put it out of your mind and let the authorities (as weak as I know they are) attempt to deal with this.


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                          Originally posted by Leajay@Mar 16 2003, 11:58 AM

                          I hope they do lock em up or i may have to pay ppl to you know what!!
                          Hi Leajay,

                          This surely is a very stressful situation you're dealing with and I can see your feelings of frustration and anger.

                          Was that last bit meant in jest or did you really mean it?

                          I have to agree with Scooby, and I've said this before a few times on the board, we can never, ever, condone an unlawful approach to solve anti-social/NFH problems, as well as the obvious illegal ramifications, it is not an approach we can justify or ever support on this board, it reduces the people who suffer from NFH to being as bad as they are. It doesn't solve any long-term problems or offer any permanent solutions either, it could ultimately degenerate and worsen your situation. It also brings bad publicity and ultimately destroys our argument and opinions on what should be addressed and acted upon (e.g. within legislation and more powers to LA's/Police and so on, etc).

                          But, I'm sure you said that in jest, didn't you?!


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                            In my opinion I think Leajay was talking 'tongue in cheek' about paying someone to deal with the yobs. I have to admit when I've had a really bad day I'll say something similar. Doesn't mean I actually would do it, but you get so frustrated you just want to fantasize about the little G*ts getting some of their own medicine.

                            That's the effect that yobs have on you, you start to say things that might be misconstrued. Grrrr!

                            Lets hope the police and LASBU do a good job. I doubt they'll be locked up unless they break the terms of the ASBO, and even then it's not a done deal *sigh*

                            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                              we have all talked about sending the boys round!

                              wouldn't do it myself (but I did have offers!!)

                              It might feel like the last resort and in the heat of the moment etc....

                              my advice is always take a deep breath, count to ten (It sounds like a cliche) and then think about what consequences your actions will cause...the is it worth it? question must always be in your mind.

                              I am sure Leajay was not really going to get the lads in!!