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  • Carly's Story

    I don't know if I am in the right place to tell my story-you all seem very familar with one another!

    Keeping it very simple-my boyfriend and I moved into a house under 3 years old and the walls were particulary thin. So much that after a month I had next door knocking on the door because he could here me "chopping" being a vegetarian and all that chopping carrots is part of my daily routine! Seriously-it got to the point where I am sure you all know our live's were made hell. After a year, I finally had to involve the police when I recieved threats thorugh the walls, on my front door and very coincidently when my boyfriend was away. Throughout this traumatic time-I since learned that we were the 3rd set of neighbours in 3 years and it was actually the guys next door who were hell not me and my boyfrined as we were often accused and as I started to doubt that chopping carrots at 6pm was "irrational behaviour". Off course when moving into our perfect house there was NO declaration from anybody that the neighbours were b******s.

    Many daydreams of putting fish in their lofts, ordering one to many taxi's and take-aways we decided not to do ANYTHING in revenge but to hold our head high and secretly sell. This has been the best thing ever-we now live in our DETACHED house and our lives have resumed back to normal. I absolutley sympathise with anybody who is presently going through the hell of living next door to people like we did-it changes your life.

    Anyway-my pedictament is that very conviently we sold our house to a local "nutter" and I think is really giving them hell. Great I hear you say and we were right-what goes around comes around and us getting the hell out of there with no retalliation has now given them bad karma. However-I have now noticed that the old neighbours have put their house up for sale within 6 weeks of us moving out! This should make me feel good in that they are now going through hell-however-I don't wan't them to escape as easily as that! I should just keep my nose out, let them get on with it and hope that they are not moving anywhere near us! However-it is frustrating in that they made us suffer for so long (16 months) and they can just wiggle out of it so quickly when someone finally stands up to them.

    I feel that the buyers of their house should be informed of why they are moving? How is the relationship with next door? etc, etc- Of course my buyer is entitled to this as well but fortunately he didn't seem to care!

    Should the Estate Agent /Solicitors be made aware that there have been several neighbour issues within these two houses-maybe the new buyer should know that their survey should concentrate on thickness of the walls? Will the sellers fill out their "Sellers Information Form" correctly-I will never know. Is there a society or something that can allow you to let these buyers know-or just an annoymous telephonce call to the Estate Agent?

    I should just continuing chopping my carrots very happily and very peacefully and again let the karma sort them out (hopefully that their sale falls through after 4 months and they have to start again). Should I get involved or just continue to put it all behind me??? As my boyfriend says-don't waste energy on people who mean nothing to us.

    I certainly feel better after battering this at my keyboard-good therapy! Any comments?

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    Hi Carly and welcome to the board.

    Glad to hear you no longer have to suffer NFH. As to whether you should inform any prospective buyer about their reason for selling.....well.... if it was me I'd think about it, but probably not do anything. I'd be so relieved to have gotten away from them I'd want to forget all about them.

    I'd like to consider any of their future neighbours but unless you know where they are going that would be impossible.

    Put it all behind you, breathe a sigh of relief, and get on with making your life happy. My dad always used to say to me, ' If you can't do a good deed, don't do a bad'. That's my advice, for what it's worth

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Carly,

      Welcome to the board, good to have you here - thanks for your detailed posting, I'm really glad you've been able to move away from the NFH that made you life miserable and you're now 'recovering' from it all.

      As Misty says, good luck with making your life happy, you deserve it!

      How are you getting over things? Are you still jumpy from your previous NFH's harassment or are you able to forget about it all now and move on?

      I think it definitely takes time to 'heal' from a NFH and from always thinking it was your fault and questioning yourself etc (e.g. was it my fault I had NFH, was I noisy, did I 'deserve' it, etc?). You of course didn't deserve it, or ask for it, and were obviously living normally.

      Good Luck - come back often as your experiences and advice can help other current victims.

      PS: I've moved your post to NFH: What's Your Story - so you can see the replies more easily and of course this is a valid story in it's own right


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        Thank you and yes you are all completly right. I think that reading all your stories yesterday dragged up those angry and negative feelings again of what they put us through.I shouldn't worry what/where/when they are going/doing but the shock of seeing their house in the paper raised all those familiar feelings of frustration and the fear I had of living in my home. It is was just very nice to realise that there are other people out there who do go and are going through the strain of living next to NFH.

        Anyway-as you all correctly mention, it is over, we are out of there and should continue to enjoy our lovely new house-with the most amazing neighbours. What a fluffy end to a nightmare story.

        Thanks Again for leading me in the right direction.



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          Glad to hear your problems are over Carly.

          Just one question though. How did you secretly sell without the NFH finding out?
          Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

          We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

          So what's the plan?

          Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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            You have a choice whether you can have a board outside your house or not. Funnily enought-the person who we brought it off didn't-wonder why?!?!

            Althought the Estate Agent kept asking because of sales figures and board ratings in our area-I refused mainly for safety as well-We were hardly ever in the house, always away at weekend and work long hours during the day so was not up for people nosing about the property. We were also lucky in that our house sold within 2 weeks and didn't need and paper advertising.


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              Yes-I completly see that problem. Fortunately, our friends,estate agents, mortgage advisers etc kept coming and going so that they didn't really notice who was who. It was also in at the end of a private road where different people come and go all day. I am sure that they may have known and were probably very relieved-as off course we were apparently the NFH! I think they now have realised that we were heaven compared to what they have now.

              Did you have to fill out a Sellers Information Form? I panicked over this and it added to the trauma of whether to declare that next door were nightmares-but then when I looked at it-it was them who accused us of being the NFH (chopping irratically remember) therfore I could sleep a bit easier knowing that nothing could come back on us. As we all know the recent NFH story's in the press-when someone sues the sellers of the house for not declaring any problems or the Neighbours next door.

              Its a real tricky one and one that I am glad I am now over and out.


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                Karma does work, and it looks like it has done here.

                Well done for putting up with them, and with the ire of having to move cos of ******'s. I do know how that feels, and it can take time to adjust and get your life back afterwards.

                I would really strongly advise you against getting involved with messing up their sale, as bad Karma then may well revisit, to you. You have won hands down anyway:

                1, You moved yourself away from them.

                2, They got a taste of their own medicine.

                3, Doubtless they are a*****les, which can't be much fun for anyone.

                I hope you chuckle as you chop the carrots (in as 'irrational ' way as you like) these days !