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    I want to tell this story about an old lady living in our area that had terrible harassment from not only youths in the surrounding area, but from the neighbors youths too. Her situation was making her so ill by this constant harassment she decided with the help of her elder brother to sell the home and move into sheltered housing. She was lucky to find a buyer so quickly as the properties are not the best looking or condition.

    A few days before the sale was due to go through, the buyer wanted to show his relatives the property he was buying from the old lady. So along he came one evening, got as far as the parking space and to what did he and his guests witness? Well, he witnesses youths banging on the old lady's door, throwing mud on the windows and shouting obscenities.

    So shocked by this level of behavior by the very people he would be living next to, he had the sale canceled the next day and went elsewhere to live.

    Understandably the old lady was extremely upset by all this but alas didn’t make it. She died 4 weeks later when her already frail heart gave way.

    I was told about this story only yesterday by someone who new the lady but the actual events happened last year.

    ~ Peter J.

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    That is very very sad,

    but I guess the other potientail buyers had luck on their side that night.

    I would pullout of a sale too.


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      This makes me want to cry!

      Not much else I can add really.

      Makes you want to leave this country


      "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

      apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

      Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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        What an awful story Sheesh, I wonder if those bullying youths ever realised they may have been the cause that added to her heart failing?

        It never surrpises me thesedays, how callous, how nasty, how vindictive some people can be - to gain such a cruel pleasure from an older person in this way is lower than low - it's sick and nasty and makes me really furious.

        I don't blame the buyer for pulling out though, who could blame them after witnessing that?


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          Peter, that brought tears to my eyes. The thought of that poor defenceless old lady What kind of SC*M are these yobs who think it's funny to terrorise the old, the sick and the infirm? God!! I feel so angry!!

          I can understand the buyer backing out. Who wouldn't? But what about those with the power to do something about it? Why weren't they helping her? As far as I'm concerned that lady was murdered!! It's about time the law took into account the damage done to mental and emotional health caused by yobs, as well as the physical damage. Because let's face it, constant terror will cause the body to fail!

          Jeez, if I ruled there'd be some changes in this poor excuse for a country. Funny isn't it, Blair wants to bomb Iraq because 'its threatening it's neighbours', but you try a pre-emptive strike on your NFH and see where it gets you. Heck! Try defending yourself and see where it gets you!!

          Sorry, should have put this in the rant folder

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            I keep reading about situations like this in our local paper. It is sickening. What kind of society are we living in? Kids will always get up to no good. They have since time began. I know there has never been a golden age where this kind of thing never went on; but there was definitely a period where, whenever it did occur, there was some form of intervention which would nip the anti social behaviour in the bud- at least as far as their current victim(s) were concerned. Some really nasty pieces of work never got the message and went of to fry bigger fish in a life of crime.,

            Now though there appears to be no such intervention at our disposal; the result being that for some elderly folk, it is a regular occurrence. Their relatives inform the police; but the police state that their hands are tied; they simply do not have the resources to attend such instances. I am not a police basher - the police have a thankless task, dealing daily with all the low life out there that (apart form our NFH experiences) we have the fortune to be able to avoid.

            The only thing i cannot understand is that as these attacks are so regular - almost like clockwork - surely they can spare one officer to nip round during an attack and... ahhhh... and what?

            Again, i know it is not the fault of the police; many kids these days know their rights. (Have our *$%^&^%$$ lawmakers FORGOT the fact that to have rights you must be a responsible citizen!!!!! ) . Many kids are no longer afraid of the police. Kids will always get up to mischief, and even nasty mischief - i know i did, but when the police were involved and my parents were informed, i was absolutely petrified - it stopped my nasty little exploit dead in its tracks (it involved high powered elastic, gravel stones, and cars that got in the way – it aint big, it aint clever, and I am just glad I got caught, believe it or not)

            Now for many kids, the sight of a police officer means nothing to them. It is no longer a deterrent.

            What the hell is going on?

            Well, as stated above, i heard "resources" being mentioned. There is also the question of "priorities". OK - this is what makes me sick. Truly appalled about the values our so-called civilised society now holds dear. And the example i am about to give you may be one of the messages that many people such as NsFH are reading as a signal to do what they like and s*d everyone else.

            This is possibly straying a little OT, and i understand if not everyone agrees with the point being made - the point wanders a little into the political arena, and Matthew, if you think i am going too far OT, just let me know, and i will respect your wishes if you require i do not make such points in future - it is just that i feel extremely strongly about this one.

            Take one elderly person. Fought in the war. His life is being made a constant hell by evil little devils throwing mud and stones at his house every night, kicking his front door. Shouting abuse through the letter box at him . His life is being destroyed. Yes - his life. Destroyed.

            Then, take some anti capitalist demonstrations in the city. Oh.... look at their resources and priorities now. Suddenly, police are drafted in from all over the place to watch over this event. Do not get me wrong - this has nothing to do with whether or not i support anti-capitalism, nor how they should be policed. Of course, they should be policed. No doubt about it. This is just an observation of two separate law and order related situations. Now, what is the likely hood of someone’s life being continually made worthless day in day out at one of these demos? Umm.... None. What is the worst that happens? Some massive trans-national corporations get their windows smashed, and graffiti daubed on their walls. And some goods get nicked. All bad stuff - and people who carry this out should indeed be dealt with appropriately for their crimes.

            Now, if the police can deal so effectively with such crimes on what amounts to impersonal property, where no vulnerable individuals life is being made hell (and yes, i agree with them dealing with such crimes effectively - i am not an “anti capitalist anarchist" - what is the problem with effectively dealing with the situation that frail vulnerable old man is going through?

            There is not a lot the police can do. They can only work within the framework of the law. And it is a tough question of balance. I personally think that we have gone too far in allowing the liberal agenda to creep into the legislative process; ie, the aforementioned rights, without the attendant responsibilities ). The lawmakers live in their leafy suburbs - they do not have to suffer nor witness these kind of events.

            I personally do not know the answers - and despite my post above - i do not know all the causes -I think there are a number of differing interrelated causes.

            Sorry if this is a bit of a post hijack, but it is an issue I really do feel strongly about.

            I suspect that one day, there will be a vigilante lead backlash. Something I would not support (who is left to say who is guilty and who is innocent)?


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              Mistyeye - you summed up in a few lines exactly what i have attempted to say in my waffle above.

              And you made an excellent point about the effect of constant terror\intimidation on a person. Despite my rant re the law, i think that there is now a law that states that you do not actually have to physically hit them to be done for GBH; but I understand that it is quite difficult to prove. (?)


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                yep... you pretty much said it!!

                look at the Bradford riots....ethnic groupswho were very much involved(cctv proved it) appealing against the sentances, believing that the white riotors were given lesser sentances.

                Those riots were dreadful and we expcected them in our town due to the diverse population, thankfully we did not get them,

                the people charged were done rightly so and it was a horrendus time in Yorkshire......

                but muggers who attack little old ladies are given a slap on the wrists,

                people who make our lives hell(NFH) cant be touch because of human rights.......bhaaa!

                I believe strongly in human rights but when you get murderers appealing at the human rights court in europe ......I mean what the hells going on!!

                Utter disbelieve.....

                In the news this week is the murderer who is sueing his employers for sacking him due to his criminal record......

                the farmer who shot an intruder is doing time and his appeal was turned down......

                could go on but will stop now.


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                  You know, we talk about the police not being able to do a decent job. Why aren't we looking at the CPS, they will not prosecute a case unless they believe it has around an 80% chance of getting a conviction. No wonder they're called the Criminal Protection Society by some police officers!! If someone is charged with a criminal offence surely it is up to a magistrate or a jury to decide the verdict and not have that verdict pre-guessed by some government department lackey!

                  But then we have so many weak judges who follow guidelines from their superiors. Maybe if Chief Constables and judges were voted in they might think a bit more about the people they are supposed to be protecting. Of course voting them in is also fraught with problems but no system is perfect and to be honest our system of Justice is, to me, pretty pathetic at the moment.

                  I can't remember who said it but someone said you can judge a society by the way it treats its old and vulnerable members. I'd say our society is pretty low down on the list of civilization.

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    I would have liked more info on this story in particular if a complaint was made to police or not, but as the incident happened a while ago, my friend cannot recall all the details. Apparently though this did make the local paper and told of the youth trouble leading up to her death but didn’t make or suggest any link between the two.

                    Makes you wonder how many others in society suffer the ultimate consequence from other peoples wicked behavior - particularly on some of the terrible council estates where many old folk live like this lady. A terrible story I know.


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                      Yes it is a sorry state when old people are persecuted, whats the difference between that and Nazi Germany, but it is mainly mostly no hopers in society who take this sadistic pleasure, pity we cant gas them, and i would rather live in a caravan than live on some council estates, and i know my council estates, they dont work a lot of them so they are bored or they dont go to school so they have a lot of time on their hands.I know it can happen on private estates too, but the majority live on benefit on these estates, so decent people left on these council estates should be protected, i say i will be glad the day comes when CCTV is around us and watches us 24 hours a day, i have nothing to fear from this, have you ?


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                        Hi Sombrueil,

                        As we both know council estates do have a larger share of low-life as councils tend to house *anyone* regardless of their background. How they justify moving in horrible families next to honest hard working folks is anyone's guess. A fine example is where my nanny used to live. The whole block of flats was occupied by decent folk who paid rents on time and kept the area nice. We went past this last week and now the place is a dump with old mattresses thrown down the stairs and drug pushers hanging around the flats. I really feel sorry for those original people still housed there and have to put up with all that trouble.

                        And I agree cameras or some sort of protection is definitely needed, I'm sure this would of helped the lady in my story at least for the evidence of trouble this would have shown.

                        ~ Peter J.