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  • Intro and hello

    Hi everyone.

    I have lived in my current house (bought unfortuately) for just under 3 years. Always had problems with one set of neighbours from the start. Dont get me wrong they are nice enough to approach, say hello etc. However anything you say about their behaviour just goes in one ear and out the other. They are not the brightest candles in the box so to speak.

    Problems from day one with barking dogs (x2). Thay are never taken out and dumped in yard for anything upto 4 hours a time - constant barking. Alternatively, back door left open (more so in summer) so dogs can roam in and out of house - constant barking - gap of 10 mins - constant barking and so on. Although this is really stressfull, I admit that complaining about the barking has always taken second place but this is because of their sons behaviour which is far worse (there is only so much complaining you can do before it looks like your the one with the problem - hence why I have never really mentioned the dogs that much)

    Son was and still is to a certain degree a total pain. Never went to school, has not been encouraged to get a job etc. He was hagging around with all sorts of idiots with bad attitude. My biggest concern for years was the fact that this all took place outside the front of my house. NFH has privit. I on the other hand have always tried to make the front of my house look nice. I live in Manchester and have a red bricked two up two down. I have painted the brickwork red and have put lots of nice shrubs in my front garden. However, because of privit, kids all used to use my wall as their local park bench so everytime I came home it was like walking through a school disco. Also in the process of doing this, they distroyed about £40 worth of plants by pulling at them. I have had to put plants with thorns on them to stop this happening. They also scratch the paintwork. Oh and then there is the fence they kicked to pieces (another £60). I have always addressed this with NFH and like I previously said she listens. Whilst the situation is not as bad as it used to be (maybe because its winter, maybe because he has recently left school) I dont think me telling her my concerns did any good but for the time being I can live with the way it is at the mo.

    My problem now is the dogs - the other problem that upto now I have tried to ignore because of the above due to not wanting to sound like I am over complaining. I guess my hope was that soon they will die and all will be peaceful (a horrible thought because I love animals and have a dog and a cat myself). However, the other day I looked out of the window to find they have got number 3 a little puppy which is conquently adding to the noise already there. As a result I am just about pulling my hair out. I got so bad with it today I went around and explained the noise was getting to me. Whilst they were nice again, they acted suprised at what I was saying....errr another dog more noise!! Maybe its my fault because I have ignored this problem because of the kid situation always being worse but another dog on top of the original 2 - help!!!! Having complained today although I was listened to I have just had to put up with the door open syndrome for 2 hours - constant barking - gap of 10 mins (yeah I was really listened to then - not!!)

    Well thats my story - has anybody got any suggestions on how they would deal with it. Should I just put up with it. I am going to start documenting all the noise expereinced from today. I dont want to make a fuss yet feel its unfair that I have to put up with it. Its so bad now that I am beginning to think about just moving yet at the same time dont see why I should.

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    Hi greengarry,

    Welcome to the Forum

    How awful to live near such dimbos - I do feel sorry for you cos you've tried to get them to understand, but obviously their memory span is somewhat limited .

    Just wondered though - are your NFH's Council tenants (or Housing Association) or owners or renting privately? If they are renting, you may be able to get their landlord to take action over having too many pets (contravenes their tenancy agreement, unless they have permission) as well as other things like causing nuisance etc.




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      Hello and welcome to this oasis of understanding and helpfulness in dealing with NFH behavior.

      Yes, the constant barking can drive many people crazy after awhile, and the thing that makes it worse is the mind tends to notice it no matter how hard you try to ignore noises like that.

      It's in a way amazing how the owners of constantly barking dogs can simply tune it out, or that once in a while yelling at the dogs to stop, which only seems to encourage that behavior for attention. The worst is when a neighbor is oblivious and in denial of how it is affecting their other neighbors.

      I also would try talking to other neighbors and see if it bothers them too. Sometimes a fan can block out a lot of noises like that, unless the dogs are those that have an extremely loud bark or howl.

      Being that I'm in the states, I'm not familiar with what the authorities can do there. I saw a local news story recently in which a family had 20 dogs (in a residential neighborhood) which as you can imagine created lots of noise and smell. Even with that extreme it took a long time until authorities would do something. It's all quite unnerving the amount of noise that neighbors have to put up with.

      I hope you can find a way to have the noise resolved and have some peace that you are entitled to.



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        Please call the RSPCA. These dogs sounds like they're being mistreated. I couldn't bear it if it were me as I love dogs too much. A happy contented dog would not bark constantly and no responsible pet owner would leave their dogs like this.



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          Hi Greengarry and welcome

          Sorry to hear about your situation It's bad enough having a gang sitting on your wall - my daughter has the same problem - but having dogs barking all the time is enough to send anybody crazy.

          Have you thought of buying a dog whistle? I've heard that it can sometimes help to shut dogs up. It's no use shouting at them. Barking is a game to dogs and if you shout they think you're joining in.

          Have you approached the Environmental Health Office? At the very least they can give you advice. Also, do you know if other neighbours are affected? It might be an idea to get together with others and form a 'pressure group'.

          Good luck and come back as often as you want. We all enjoy a good rant and it sometimes help relieve the stress

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Greengarry and welcome to the forum

            It's a crying shame that these dogs are left to bark like this -obviously not happy dogs - as well as the constant irritation you have to endure (on top of everything else). I really would think about starting to log the noise (duration and frequency), and consider involving E.H. on the basis of noise nuisance. E.H can enforce the law re noise nuisance regardless of whether someone is a tenant or owner-occupier, although they do have to investigate, which takes time. There are self-help articles re this issue here


            and info on noise legislation here


            If you do own your own home, and may wish to sell at some point you do need to consider that any neighbour dispute has to be declared on the SPIF (Seller's Property Information Form).

            If your neighbours are tenants of the council or a housing association, then they would be breaching their tenancy obligations by causing nuisance, noise or otherwise to their neighbours.

            Good luck with this situation, and do visit us often.




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              Hi Garry,

              Just read your story,there seems to be a lot of these simpleton families about these days, ive had some really positive feed back of this site and i think youve come to the right place for some top advice.

              I work for an Electric Utility company and visit a lot of these type of houses daily with out of control dogs and even more out of control children so i know how you feel mate.

              Its a real shame you cant give the dogs a special christmas pudding with an extra kick (perhaps rat poison would be nice),no not an option i know but a nice fantasy, i have the same ones about my neighbours,they involve chain saws and baseball bats usually.

              Keep reading the advice m8 cos it looks like these guys know their stuff.


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                Hi Greengarry and welcome

                Not much I can add really to what's already been said.

                As well as planting lots of nice plants in your garden, you could consider painting your wall with an anti-vandal paint (this was something we contemplated when we had youths sitting on our wall until about 2am :zzz: ).

                Please think about mediation, you can find your local service here! And do start logging everything down.

                Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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                  Thank everyone for your support. Will keep you informed of updates. Its nice to talk to other who experience probs with their neighbours. I am now logging each time Im out of the house and when the dogs bark when Im in and how long for each period. Not too sure whether Im going to make an official complaint to EH as the new laws in this respect almost seem to hinder you when you try and sell the property. I guess at least the NBH will listern to my complaint so looks like I will just have to keep on reminding them when it is a problem. Thanks again.


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                    Hi Greengarry :thumbs: ,

                    When I lived in a rented house, a woman over the back had seven dogs! She used to leave them in the garden, continuously barking for 4-5 hours at a time :blink: .

                    After I contacted EH (along with three other neighbours), they wrote to her and, miracle of miracles the noise stopped..........completely! B)

                    Unfortunately, three months later, it started again, worse than ever. Back to filling in log sheets, phoning EH, (who said that due to gap since previous complaint, we had to begin again from scratch!). Eventually, after eight months, the noise stopped again...... For another three months!

                    This happened four times, and by then, I'd decided to move (a luxury of renting!). Last I heard (two years since I moved out), the neighbours were on to EH again, and demanding a permanent solution! (she now has NINE dogs). :banghead:

                    I do know what you mean, not wanting to complain about everything, afraid it will look like you're the one with the problem.... You are, and the problem is your ignorant neighbours! :ban:

                    NFH have the knack of making reasonable, level headed people, feel like they're losing their minds. Please try to remember that it is entirely reasonable for you to wish to feel comfortable, safe and secure in your own home. Nobody has the right to take this away from you, whether by malice or ignorance! :thumbs:

                    Wishing you a peaceful new year,