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  • Short introduction

    Hello to everyone on this board,

    For me it's that constant stress of hoping my neighbors will be considerate of their noise. It's unfortunately become easier and cheaper to be loud and seems like there is a mass addiction to noise, without concerns of the consequences or caring about anyone else.

    I'm in my 40's, and I would have never imagined when I was young it was going to get like it is now, and I wonder about the future direction of noisy gadgets. It used to be I could live in an apartment in relative peace, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. There just are so many more ways that noise can easily encroach on someone's peace.

    I don't have nearly the problems other members have here, but I know how quickly that can change. It's so frustrating and disheartening when you have to eventually approach a NFH and figure out the right words without showing anger. I've never had personal success changing the behavior of someone that loves loud music at all hours. I've moved a lot because of that kind of behavior. I just wish authorities would take noise more seriously as the weapon that it has become.

    I'm so glad there is a board like this that allows us to express our situations and feelings about noise when ever we feel the need to vent.


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    Hi Chris

    You've been about for a little while already, but I wanted to just say belated Hi from me and Welcome!!!

    Although my NFH problems aren't noise related, I do understand, having read all the other members' threads here that it is such an extensive problem and can have such a detrimental and enduring impact on your life.

    I do agree that noise is taken for granted in many ways - I mean, just pop into your local toy store and try and find a toy that doesn't burst your kid's eardrums! It's like you are trained from a young age to learn that noise is OK - a way of expressing yourself! Never mind that your noisy actions have an effect on those nearby .

    And look at most commercials - esp those aimed at kids - they absolutely scream at them!!! It drives me potty!!!!!!

    So I do agree that we need a cultural shift towards more sedate and calm pursuits and for the authorities to take this matter more seriously - after all even the most ardent headbanger needs some peace and quiet from time to time :unsure: .

    And if you feel like giving us any details of your situation, I am sure we'd be pleased to support you :thumbs:. After all, you may think it's trivial, but if it is making you unhappy, then it certainly is not trivial.

    Best wishes and please visit often!




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      Hi Chris,

      And a welcome from me too

      Other people's noise can be so intrusive, and it's amazing how noisy we can be without even realising. I think however that the difference that goes to make a real nuisance is the inconsideration that often goes hand in hand with the noise. Most people can handle their neighbours' everyday noise, and the odd party/firework display/loud music but, as with any behaviour, there is a line which, once crossed can cause the relationship to deteriorate to an unsalvageable position.

      It's so sad that you have found yourself in the position where you have had no other option but to move so many times For many of us, one NFH is enough to last us forever

      I wish you a NFH free home and hope that the forum continues to help

      Blue Cow


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        An educational psychologist I know opines that children shout more than they used to because they have to shout if they want any chance of their parents hearing them over the TV/stereo/computer games.

        Of course, when they go out into the "real" world the children have two volume controls. Loud and EVEN LOUDER! :blink:


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          Hi Chris and welcome

          NFHiB is great, we have a lot of experience between us (unfortunately ) in the behaviour of NFH, and some of us have had to endure different NFH's.

          We've lived through a nasty violent one, gobby yobby youths and now a noise freak.

          I really don't know what I would have done over the past year if it wasn't for this place. There's no pressure to disclose any information you don't want to give, and you will get as much support as we can offer.




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            Hi Chris,

            It's such a shame that living as considerate neighbours is not higher up many peoples' agenda. It must be frustrating to feel you must move each time you suffer these difficulties. The "authorities" don't always seem to follow their own procedures, which is why many of us here feel that knowledge is power, as well as a good measure of patience, persistence and ability to ignore.

            Whenever you feel like posting more of your story, the members are here to listen, support and offer what combined tips we have




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              Welcome, Chris.

              Sapph said "Whenever you feel like posting more of your story, the members are here to listen, support and offer what combined tips we have"

              I know from experience how true that is, so give it a go.


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                Thank you for all the thoughtful replies. Over the years I've gone through so many of the things that have been expressed in these forums. What helps a lot are how these forums create a safe place to vent with understanding of what at times can seem like constant bombardments of noise on our peace.

                I don't know if this phenomenon has been mentioned, but the last place I lived the neighbors loved constant loud bassing (words can never describe that feeling) which reverberated throughout my home. There was no escape. Since that experience it seems like I am more sensitive to bass than I had ever been. It's not like I want to feel that way, but it is now even more difficult to deal with. Considering that this society seems to love bassing and surroundsound more and more I don't look happily toward the future.

                I often think of people that are in situations that can't escape noise problems. I feel immense anger and frustrations that the solutions are slow or what authorities still feel is trivial. There has to begin to be some kind of change in attitudes about noise and what it all is creating.

                Sometimes I just want to write fragments in a free-flowing way on here. A thought here and a thought there, but I'm not sure where to place thoughts on noise like that. Maybe a forum topic area titled personal writings?



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                  I don't know if this phenomenon has been mentioned, but the last place I lived the neighbors loved constant loud bassing (words can never describe that feeling) which reverberated throughout my home.

                  Oh, Chris, I think everybody, whether they have a next-door-NFH or not will empathise with that statement. There is absolutely no escape from bass. :angry: It seems to permeate the ground, the air and the human body.

                  Last night somebody in the area was have a loud raucous party and although the sounds of stupid people shouting at and to each other was bad enough, the bass of their music was like an insidious invader into our home.

                  By chance I was surfing through the tv channels and happened upon 'A Christmas Carol', there was a scene where friends were having a party and playing games. It struck me that Victorian England must have been a fairly quiet place. No tv, radio, computer games, dvd's and hi-fis; no electric light so people went to bed fairly early. The only music available had to be provided by the people themselves. In some ways it must have been idyllic. In others it was hellish. I just wish us human beings could find a happy medium

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Ours plays thumping, pounding bass music (when he does it it's usually about 3 am - not nice to be woken to that sound :angry: ).

                    It gives me a headache for hours (sometimes days) after. :banghead:


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                      Yes, it's that feeling that you can't escape it in your home and the constantness of bassing for hours. It feels like it has been a scar for life on me. What I hope DOES NOT happen is bassing becomes something that is thought of as "everyday normal sounds" that we're just supposed to deal with. Many other noises now are unfortunately accepted (or haven't figured a way to enforce) as part of the everyday landscape that were not a factor even 20yrs. ago! There seems to be a continual progression of noise that I guess most people have adapted to. I don't look forward to the future technologies of gadgets.

                      We are all living closer and closer to our neighbors, but they keep making entertainment products that more easily can penetrate homes. Why is this society creating more ways to have conflicts with neighbors? It seems a noisy neighborhood isolates us all more and more.

                      I'm not sure the Victorian age was more quieter. There were just different (industrial) noises and no noise or zoning laws back then or even ear plugs.

                      One more thought... thinking about earplugs. For me, they have been basically useless against bassing.