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  • Hello from me

    Just a quick hello from me,yes i too have terrible neighbours.

    Ive lived for about four years in a a semi detached house on a nice private estate in East yorkshire,about three and a half years of that has been constant banging of doors from our NFH.

    I have tried talking to them,ive argued with them,ive done everything.

    At the start the noise was constant,not music but bangs of doors,cupboards etc.

    It still goes on now,not as bad but it still happens quite regular and im talking 1,2,3 in the morning,its now affected my sleep and i can feel my self drifting into some sort of depression.

    I am not a violent man but i cant state enough how much rage and contempt i have for this family,they are sworn deadly enemies.

    We decided to take the approach of retalliation,they bang then we bang but how can you live your life like that.

    Can the enviromental health help i wonder.

    I know new houses are not built with great sound insulation but i think a bit of respect is in order of which they have none im afraid.....

    Any advice would be great.......

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    Hi Chapster

    Welcome to the Forum

    My, you do sound so fed up. I can't blame you - noise is horrid. It intrudes on your whole life and there's no avoiding it. Perhaps the worst thing is that it reminds you of the utter cretins you live next door to, and you just never know when it will start up.

    I am not great with noise stuff - others with direct experience will be along soon and they will gladly point you in the right direction with regards to environmental health etc.

    I just have to say that we all have 'fantasies' of doing allsorts to gain revenge on our NFH's. That's OK as long as it does stay a fantasy. The problem is that when you start to retaliate, even in a small way, once the 'authorities' are involved, the NFH will use these incidents to theor advantage and turn it against you - thus making the 'authorities' think that both parties are as bad as each other .

    So, no matter how bad it is, please try to resist! Sometimes a little bit of low level background noise like the radio or TV can help to mask NFH noise and many people here use earplugs - although it's galling that you should have to :frown:

    Now that you are here, I am certain you will get great support and advice, so please visit us often .




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      Hi Chapster and welcome to the forum

      I'm just sad you have reason to find us But now you have you will get lots of support, sympathy and advice from members

      I've been very lucky in that I've not had any long length of time when I've had noisy neighbours (fingers crossed - next door is empty ) Even so what little experience I had was more than enough for me to realise how noise can affect people.

      I think you should begin by logging every disturbance you have. Then get in touch with the Environmental Health Office and seek advice.

      I'm sure other members will be along soon with a lot more useful advice to give. In the meantime you could have a look at our resourse section and see if there is anything there that may help

      Good luck, come back as often as you need to. We're all very good 'listeners' and if you want to rant please feel free

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Hi there Chapster and welcome

        You poor thing; we too have had the banging of doors (among many other things, 3.5 years of NFH) which is done just to annoy us; in fact our house was built in the 1930's and has 13" thick solid walls and we still hear them and the house sometimes shakes! So what you hear must drive you totally mad especially when sleep is disturbed. :angry: the Environmental Dept might be able to offer some help in these circumstances; it is certainly worth a try. How about mediation (don't bite my head off) Our Council suggested that to us at first when we first had probs with noise nuisance (although it didn't help us :banghead: ) I'm afraid hubby and I have found that there are so many people out there these days who do not know the meaning of "respect".

        I agree with the others try keeping a log of times and dates; our Borough Council now has a department that deal with Anti-Social Behaviour, Safety in the Community; as this is becoming quite a topic for the Government at the moment; they work hand-in-glove with our local police who now have a department also for ASB; does your council have one of these departments? Perhaps if there is contact them. Your neighbours are being Anti-Social towards you :angry: It doesn't make any difference whether you own your house or a your are a Council Tenant.

        :thumbs: I hope you gather enough info from all of us to be able to go forward and try and resolve this miserable situation. Just out of interest are your neighbours young or old? I only ask because my LOVELY neighbours who also live 1930's semi have next door neighbour's who are pensioners and are at home most of the time, they only have a small "step into" hallway with stairs; but my lovely neighbour is convinced that in the little hallway they have at least 30 doors that they have to shut every night!!!! :badmood:


        :ban: :nfh1:


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          Dear Chapster,

          Hi and welcome. You have my deepest sympathy. We too suffer with banging doors and music to sometimes 5am! (4 years of constant noise and abuse). EH can help and you will have to log everything and state how it has affected you. It is a long battle and sometimes you will feel that no-one understands.:banghead: Well we do. I thought no-one understood until I found this site.

          Good luck and keep smiling! :clover:

          Tortoise :nfh1:

          "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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            Thanks for your support ,you are very kind.

            In answer to Omegas question there are three living there,Mother ,Father and daughter.

            I think the parents will be in their early fifties and the daughter probably early twenties.

            The daughter and the Mother especially are the guilty parties,as i sit here now i can here themand the need to retaliate is overwhelming but il try to keep my cool and try the proper channels.

            As for mediation, weve tried talking,only to the husband i might add,hes listened ,been sympathetic and reckoned he was not aware of it.

            My honest opinion is that the M


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              sorry bout that,pressed the wrong button.

              As i was saying the Mother runs the show i reckon and her opinion is il do what i damn well like.

              Any way thanks again and il keep you posted......


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                Just read with interest 1 of your threads regarding Noise insulation blocks from Wickes.

                Has anyone else used these,are they anygood ?????


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                  Don't' know if this helps, but we've recently re-modelled my daughters room we've used the lighter plasterboard that you can get and put them up using 'dot & dab' (no nailing battens up) and we're amazed at how much warmer and quieter her room is. In fact she's moved her bed to the wall next to the bedroom of 'the brats' and still sleeps fiine when their back.

                  I don't personally know about the Wikkes Soundproofing tiles, so can't comment, bu if desperate you should be able to get your hands on 8' x 4' sheets of construction polystyrene. Anything from an inch to 4" thick. But if you use that as extra soundproofing (and insulation of course) you will need to batten because of the weight.

                  Then (as a suggestion) a fold of Rockwool insulation between each of the joists in your bedroom floors between you and them ?

                  Hope this is some help.

                  'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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                    Hi Chapster,

                    Sounds very familier to my situation. I too have all the banging of cupboards, doors, no carpets, etc... I thought I was a physically / mentally strong person but after a while these things do grind you down. You know what the problem is but you can't do enough to be able to fix it...

                    I have just had a quote for sound proofing, £5644.94 + vat for a 3 bed semi, to cover 2 rooms downstairs and 2 upstairs!!! So it's out of the question for me I think....

                    I am going to try the blocks from Wicks, I think a few people have mentioned it costing around £50 per room. Well, even if it costs £100 per room I'm on to a winner! I'll keep everyone posted as to how things go.....

                    Try and keep happy in yourself and try not to let it eat away inside. I still have the problems next door but having this forum and being able to talk to people really has helped so much.... :blush:



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                      Thanks again for your support everyone,it means a lot.

                      Ive got some earplugs which i have been using recently but it is also a mental thing now,its when your layed in your bed and you are waiting for the inevitable bang to come,it may only be one bang but it is enough to send you into overdrive.

                      I really appreciate your advice and im gonna try real hard not to get in a flap,its not going to be easy but hopefully one day i can smile about this....

                      Will speak soon.....


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                        Hi Chapster

                        What about if you try the radio at night time whilst you are in bed?

                        I sometimes put TalkSport on if I'm having a problem getting a kip - it's not usually about Sport in the night time (but can be, yet it's interesting anyway, whatever they're discussing, I find ) - it's all sorts of topics and because it drones on at low level noise, it sort of envelops me into a different world and I just drift off...

                        Actually, it works for me at anytime of day really

                        Take care




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                          Totally feel for you. I am the same not violent in the slightest but if you read my situation it too makes me feel how your does you. :banghead:


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                            We use to have the same problem our neighbour kid's would be forever slamming shut the front door, once i counted the slamming of door 21 time's in five minute's and sometime's the main frame of the house would shake. Thankfully it doesnt happen that much now, but it can be irritating when they do it.

                            But it is something we have grown to live with. One thing which strike's me is how we the people who suffer from NFH, how much we have to modify our way of living! and splash out on large amount's of money,,,,,,NFH should be prosecuted in court for abusing other people's human right's! I wish you well.

                            O on another note, my mother use's foam ear plug's which block out most of the noise, i am wondering apart from foam and wax ear plug's are there any other which are better than the above


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                              Fluffy ear muff's! really have you been at the sherry already? :P