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Merry Christmas - If Only!

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  • Merry Christmas - If Only!

    So much for peace and goodwill to all men. I knew we where in for trouble when my NFH had a large lorry full of wood and other bits delivered last week. Now he's on holiday, so it's time for DIY!

    Wednesday and Thursday we had hammering coming through the walls, and today, the loud wood/metal grinder has been churning away all day.

    I have warned my family not to expect any sort of Christmas you would expect a ordinary family to have, but to brace themselves for trouble again this year.

    You know, I often pass nice homes on my travels were you can see into the living rooms all nice, cozy and family like, a great sigh comes when I think why we cant, and never get any sort of relaxing time and especially this time of year.

    Nope, instead we have a nervous on-edge time (again) anticipating the next slam and bang from the worst people you can imagine.

    I do hope you all have a better time than this.

    Peter J.

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    Oh Peter

    Sorry to hear about that.

    How much DIY does someone have to do? :blink: Can't they just at least give you some respite over the Christmas period? :blink:

    Hope you do manage to get some peace.

    Keep logging everything down .



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      Oh what ? Come on ! I enjoy DIY myself (don't tell She Who Must Be Obeyed though) after being considered 'useless' as a kid, there's a joy in standing back and thinking ' I did that' (or more realistically 'that cost more than I expected' B) )

      But a time and a place for everything. I take it this person is not amenable to reason/persuasion/threats ?

      'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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        Hi Peter,

        It's been a long time since I had a really happy Christmas as well, so you have my sympathy Schools have broken up and the little yobs will be up to their usual tricks around here It is so soul destroying living next to people who have no consideration for anybody else

        It's a pity you and your parents can't get away over the Christmas period and let 'Mr.DIY' send his own family bananas

        If it's any consolation, we will all be thinking of you and wishing things will change for you

        If it's at all possible, have as merry a Christmas as you can :wine::newyear:

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Peter

          I hope that you have a quieter / better Christmas than you're guessing for :newyear:

          Blue Cow


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            Oh gosh sounds horrible, knowing that he has some ''big project'' lined up :sad:

            I hope he has way too many Christmas tipples and just zonks out on the sofa for the duration... :unsure:


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              Surely this neighbour of yours will be having some visitors who will calm him down? Maybe he will get drunk and have a hangover......... just the time for you to get out your drill perhaps?


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                Originally posted by Ogre@Dec 19 2003, 2:33 PM

                Oh what ?* Come on !** I enjoy DIY myself (don't tell She Who Must Be Obeyed though)
                Hi Ogre

                I said "Oh" because for someone who is suffering from a noisy neighbour, just the very sight of DIY deliveries and the start of DIY work can bring utter feelings of dread.

                If we all had neighbours who might start a project and finish it quickly then, I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem. It's when it goes on for days/at unreasonable times that it can really get to you.

                Our neighbour was quite reasonable (in terms of the DIY work undertaken), they notified us us what was going on and how long it would take. I have no problem with that whatsoever.

                With noise, IMO, it's the unknown that's the problem. You have no idea when it's going to start, no idea when it's going to stop, and no idea when the volume is going to go up or down. It's really a nightmare - especially when you're trying to sleep at 2/3am.

                Hope it's calmed down Pater :unsure: .


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                  Whoops. Perhaps I didn't come across as I meant to there. Peter & Family have my full sympathy and horror (Next Doors Bratchildren arrive today for the rest of the holls, where they will spend all their time screaming and attempting to maim each other in a variety of ingenious ways).

                  The 'Oh What? was a raising inflection used around these parts to indicate a sense of horrified disbelief and sympathy.

                  Honest :blush:

                  'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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                    Hi Peter

                    I know exactly how you feel, when I read your post it was as if I'd written it myself!

                    We too have a neighbour who's a DIY fanatic, ours has just completed his latest project which took three weeks of banging/drilling until 10pm each evening.

                    To get some peace I sometimes go for a short walk later in the evening and it always appears that other people have nicer/quieter/cosier homes than we do. During my walk every house I pass is quiet, the curtains closed and the occupants settled for the evening, then I return to our house and to the sound of power sanders etc..being operated under 1000w floodlights

                    I do think that when you feel as down about the situation as you and I obviously do, then you tend to think everybody else is 'better off' than you. That said, given the amount of people on this site alone who suffer with NFH then you/I have certainly not been singled out for punishment !

                    I'm afraid I can't offer you any words of advice on your problem but do wish you and your family a happy Christmas.

                    Best Wishes



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                      I don't have this problem, it must be aweful. What I do have is amateur car mechanics working on delapidated old bangers in the street which is probably far less annoying. But it does make me wonder if these people have any similarities. What I notice about my car mechanics is that they are absolutely useless at it. Their engineering skills seem to go no further than opening and closing the bonnet (with as much noise as possible) and furiously revving the engine. This produces no result whatsover apart from noise and fumes. After spending hours working on a dilapidated old banger, the end result is a dilapidated old banger.

                      Have any of you with DIY nfh seen the results of their labours? Are they any good at it or is it the same as the car-mechanic syndrome?


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                        Hello and thank you for your words of support. Just to report on today - this has been a hell of a day with the youths slamming the back door as hard as they can and lumping banging about (with feet?). The general noise that you would expect from children I don’t mind, In fact I truly wish this was all they did, but why and how they always manage to create earth and building tremors (literally) is beyond full understanding.

                        Still, the amount this day is less than previous years.

                        Here's what they managed to inflict on us on each 25 Dec:

                        2000: 35 separate incidents

                        2001: 36 separate incidents

                        2002: 44 separate incidents

                        2003: 13 separate incidents

                        And yesterday they send us a card wishing us a merry Christmas!

                        Good will to you all.


                        Peter J.


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                          Hi Peter - here's hoping Boxing Day will be a little quieter for you, know how you feel; at this time of year, when all you can do is to hope for a little peace and quiet, it makes it even worse than normal - if that's possible.

                          I won't ever forget Xmas Day a couple of years ago....truly hang on in there and lets hope 2004 is the year you finally stop them in their tracks. :nfh1:


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                            So sorry Peter that your nfh spoiled your enjoyment of Christmas Day again...I hope today is quieter!! It's sad to have this happen, yet feel you ought to be somewhat grateful as it's not as many incidents as previous years!! :badmood: The fact that they sent a Christmas card does sound like they have really got no idea of how inconsiderate they are.....time they knew, in no uncertain terms??

                            As Matthew says, I hope the New Year brings with it the opportunities to stop this behaviour from disrupting your life. All the best,



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                              That is disgusting, it is a very nasty thing to inflict on your neighbours on Christmas Day.

                              I wish you all the best and hope you find peace real soon Peter.