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4 years of constant noise and abuse

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  • 4 years of constant noise and abuse

    Hello all other members,

    I heard about your site from another member who I got to know because of the trouble we have been having. I had read about her and her husbands trouble with their nfh and decided to ask for their advice.

    My partner and I and our then 5 year old son were moved from a second floor flat to the house we are in now by the council as our son is disabled and needed a garden. The first night we moved in (Dec 1999) we could hear music. We thought it was a one off. How wrong we were! It went on and on despite repeated requests to turn it down. Eventually we had recorders in and kept loads of diaries. But to no avail. :banghead: Every time that environmental health visited the music would go down to a "reasonable" level. Then a break through nfh got a job working nights :thumbs: But just our luck went on permanent sick leave in June of this year. Our life is now a living hell again. I read another members notice of how her heart quickens and she feels anxious when she nears home. I know that feeling well. If I am eating my dinner and the music starts I can't finish as I feel so sick. Our son is now 9 and can't benefit from the garden because as soon as we go out there nfh opens his back door and puts his music on and belches in time with it!

    He has taken to playing his club music all bass no taste! His radio and tv really loud until 5am starting at teatime the night before. He also bangs on the wall frightening our son and the latest one driving his motorbike up an alleyway access at the side of our house at 10 or 11pm. He then slams the iron gate and revs his bike. When confronted he said "It's my right of access what's your problem. You're always moaning!" Like we haven't got a reason to moan! The thing that astonishes us the most is that the people who live the other side of him don't appear to have a problem, but they are the third set of neighbours he has had there since we moved in! We feel we are constantly banging our head against a brick wall as no-one seems to want to take action. Our estate manager has admitted he finds him intimidating as does the environmental health officer. I can't put into words how this music grates on our nerves and how it affects us, but I am sure there are others out there who know how we feel. We also feel scared by the prospect of actually getting him prosecuted or his equipment seized because we don't know what the reprisalls will be.

    Brilliant to get it off my chest to people who understand and won't just say "Oh shame, we hear our neighbour too!" or "Haven't you rung the council?"

    Thank you

    Tortoise :angry:

    "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"

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    Hi, Tortoise, glad you have found us!

    What a catalogue of noise nuisance, enough to make anyone want to bang their head on a wall :banghead: I'm not at all surprised you feel physically affected by such long-standing noisy behaviour

    Is he a local authourity tenant, as well as yourselves?

    It's time for some action here...I suggest you seek out some independent housing advice. Ask your housing office where your nearest housing advice/housing aid centre is, or check it out here

    I would write a concise account of of every incident you have experienced, every report you have made(and responses to your complaints), and seek some advice here. You are clearly getting nowhere with this. Has your neighbour been issued with any warnings under breach of their tenancy obligations by housing? Are you, in fact, getting any answers at all? This person cannot get away with everything because people find him intimidating! Has E.H put any monitoring equipment into your premises, or been out to witness any of the noise incidents?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm astonished at the lack of any action against your neighbour for all this time!

    Interested to hear more on what (if anything) the authorities have done here.




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      Hi tortoise and welcome

      I think you've already been given great advice and it would help if you could answer some of the questions they've asked, just so we can all get a clear picture of what's going on.

      He sounds like a real arrogant so and so. Have you as a family decided how you want to deal with this? In terms of sitting it out and staying where you are (but trying to get the Council to do something) or are you considering moving somewhere else?

      Keep logging everything and try ignoring him as much as you possibly can (although I know that can be incredibly difficult ).

      Take care and keep us posted.


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        welcome to you

        glad your friend told you about us, at least now you know you are not alone!

        its horrible when people invade your life, and you have little control over it, there are things you can do, but first you need to decide what you want to do

        move or stay

        report or not

        please take a look at the help files help files

        gives you some ideas on your rights

        like others have said, ignore ignore and log and log.

        please come back often, :flowers:


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          Hello Tortoise,

          Welcome to the forum - you are not alone.

          I too know the feeling of anxiety when I am driving home, or feeling sick from the noise and being unable to eat my dinner

          I don't have any more advice to offer as you have been given lots already, but wanted to reply and offer my support to you and your family.

          You NFH sounds like a horrible, selfish individual who couldn't care less about anyone else - i'm only sorry that you have been unlucky enough to find yourself living next door to him.

          How does your son cope with the noise?

          Come back often..

          Sending you christmas ((hugs))




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            Dear all,

            Thank you for all your replies and kind thoughts. We have had three recorders in the house already to record the noise, but have found it hard to get the evidence we need. Almost seems as though nfh knows what we are doing. :devil: Our son copes quite well and calls him "the idiot next door". Our nfh will make a point of saying hello to our son if we go outside and one day asked him how he was. Our son replied "not very good you kept my mum and dad awake last night!" Out of the mouths of babes!

            We are logging everything including all the other noise he makes. Recording the belching sounds like a good idea and made me chuckle - something I don't do very often at the moment. We had the music from 6:00pm until 7:30pm last night and then nothing so a bit of a rest. Wonder what will happen tonight?

            We have put ourselves on the mutual exchange list, but are very suspicious of why other people may want an exchange knowing how desperate we are to move. Our council has also sold it's housing stock to a private housing association so it will interesting to see what their policies are in the new year. We are getting a recorder in again in the first week of January with a view to seizing his equipment.

            I have read some of the other nfh stories and I can't believe what some of you go through. What we have seems miniscule compared to others. But it does drive you down. We have a social worker for our son and she has had a loop system installed for him. Our son is hearing impaired and our nfh thinks that means that he can't hear the music, what in fact happens is that as our son can hear low frequency noises his aids amplify the music. At least with his loop he can have the tv or radio put straight through to his aids and can then hear nothing else.

            Thanks again for all your advice, would have replied sooner but I teach and had loads to do for christmas!

            Tortoise [/color]

            "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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              Hi there tortoise so glad you decided to join :thumbs: and hope that writing about the probs has helped. I fully understand the frustrations of trying to get help from EH and now that they do not come out to witness during out of hours it is even more frustrating isn't it. I hope that other members advice will help you to go forward with the actions you will have to take..... don't forget a :wine: helps!!!

              Take care :nfh1:



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                Hello Tortoise,

                Sorry to hear of your problem, I know how you feel about the music; you seem to be constantly on the edge waiting for it. I hate the sound of a football being kicked against a fence or wall. The base of their music is the same, like the chinese water torture. There seems to be a thread with council/h.A. that they never do anything and this thing about the music being turned down when the environment people turn up is standard practice for nfh. I have been advised by the ombudsman that when you have this kind of problem you should ask the authority responsible for a copy of their "complaints proceedure" then do exactly as it says because they have a staatory obligation to follow up your complaint and act. Check to see if he is breacking the "tenacy Agreement" It will be a long haul so be prepared; if you decide you would rather move remember you could move next to another nfh, so much better to get rid of this one and insist the next tenants are vetted and sign a ABC. ( AcceptableBehaviour Contract) if they have them.

                Good luck.



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                  Need a chat. :angry: My nfh has put his music on for the 7th night in a row. Things are so bad my partner is now threatening to leave as he can't take it everytime he comes home from work. We are stuck here as we can't afford to buy somewhere and we can't afford to rent privately. Am crying now as my partner wants to go round and confront him and I'm scared. What a fabulous christmas we are going to have now.


                  "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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                    Hi there, you've come to the right place.

                    Whenever you need to vent some anger or have a moan, this is where to come. You will be welcomed with open arms and get plenty of support and please don't feel like your situation is small compared to others... because it is not.

                    You may have read my topic about my NFH "where is the justice?". It always seems like the honest and law abiding citizens in this country get a raw deal.... it makes you want to cause the NFH as much grief as they have caused you, but you know that everyone would be down on you like a ton of bricks. It's sods law!!!

                    Be strong ( I know it's hard believe me, I'm in the same situation as you ). You don't particularly want to move because you have made your house a home or you cant move through lack of other housing options. However you cant stay where you are because of the effect it is having on yours and your families health and wellbeing. It's a catch 22 situation!!!

                    Keep on at all the agencies that you have spoken about, eventually they will have to do something, if only to get you off their back!!

                    I wish you all the best and good luck.

                    Thinking of you




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                      Thank you Libra, Sweetpea and Omega,

                      Was having a really bad time. Am now talking to partner again who didn't walk out or do anything rash thank goodness. Yes I think our son has summed up our nfh pretty well! Am going to spend some more money now shopping and then try and go to :zzz: The :wine: did help - thanks for the tip Omega!

                      I hate to hear of others suffering the same plight as us, but it really does help to talk to people who understand the kind of noise I am talking about.

                      Speak to you all soon I hope.

                      Thanks again

                      Tortoise :ban:

                      "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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                        Tortoise I just wanted to sympathise with you as we have been through just the same sort of thing. I only posted my pathetic little problem tonight and already feel guilty for making such a fuss when you have much bigger problems. I tell you, when I had a NFH like yours I was ill until we moved. I wish I wasn't such a sensitive person as I feel I have always had to run away rather than stay and fight it out. As others have said, the uncaring and unjust seem to win while those of us who are fair folk have to suffer upheaval. I can't give advice as like I say, my only option has been to 'run'. I wish you luck in getting this sorted out.


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                          Hi Tortoise,

                          I have just seen your post from earlier tonight and wanted to make sure you're OK.

                          I'm so sorry you're having to put up with this awful behaviour (to put it VERY politely). :badmood:

                          I hope the shoping cheered you up and things are a bit more peaceful now.

                          Hope you have a good night's sleep....



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                            Thanks Celia and Eeejay,

                            I'm feeling a bit better now. Shopping did help as spending your husbands money always does! Thank you all for your concern was feeling very down and cranky as we had rang the council who in turn contacted EH. EH won't do anything to help until January when we can have the recorder back. Joy!! :banghead:

                            Got some helpful addresses of local MP's from a friend so will try that now.

                            Thanks again - I do feel a little pathetic sometimes, but hopefully we will get it sorted!

                            Love 2 all

                            Tortoise x :blush:

                            "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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                              Hi Tortoise,

                              I've arrived late at your thread and can see other members have already given you lots of advice, sympathy and support. Just wanted to to add mine to it

                              I've not had a great deal of problems with noise except for a couple of months earlier this year. I was very lucky because the NFH didn't stay long (Thank you God). But like Antique my problems are things like footballs being kicked at the wall and windows. The first sound of a kicked ball and my stomach goes into knots. I've just removed two footballs from my front garden, one was stuck in the rose bush under the window and it looks like the little thugs had been ripping at the rose bush to get it out...grrrr :angry:

                              Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I really do sympathise with you and your family for what you are going through. You are being assaulted! Hopefully the next time you get the recording equipment in you will get the evidence you need. In the meantime, log, log, log.

                              Good luck

                              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi