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3.5 years of NFH

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  • 3.5 years of NFH

    Our story started 3.5 years ago and is so long and complicated so will try and condense it! Mr Inconsiderate and his Partner :devil: moved into the house adjoining us we are in our early 50's and live in a quiet residential cul-de-sac; and have been here for 26 years. The house is a semi is around 70 years old and needed renovating. The problems started almost immediately with loud Club music being played in the garden all summer and drunken parties; and also being played indoors at all times of the day and night and early mornings; shouting; fighting throwing furniture around. We could hear everything through 13" solid walls as they had floorboards and no carpets so it was like an echo chamber or a village hall! After about 6 months of this we contacted local council and an abatement was served some 6 months later.

    But this didn't stop them so we had to suffer continuous breaches and after keeping diaries and officially recording noise levels we went to court some 2.5 years later! With recording playing in court they eventually pleaded guilty and were fined with costs.

    We also had a private litigation case going as no one would help us regain a small portion of boundary that was stolen and our fence cut down and moved whilst we were away. Police were not interested (even though it has been said that this was criminal damage the police would not help us :banghead: )This cost us thousands of pounds and a lot of time and energy and continuous poor health started; unable to work I was put on statutory sick (still am). The private litigation is now concluded although it has now been necessary to sue our original solicitor with negligence (Just something else to add to all the rest :angry: ) we have our land back now and have a lovely brick wall built on the original boundary.

    The other problems we have experienced are: our car rammed into our house by a stolen car whilst our car was parked in our drive a few days before Xmas 2003 (costing thousands of pounds to repair); our front door smashed in with a concrete flower pot (costing £1000 to replace) on insurance now premiums rocketed due to claims; our rear lawn damaged by oil based substance; our car keyed all down one side; fences broken moved and then stolen; threats; verbal abuse; untold criminal damage.

    I have fought long and hard for justice when no one wanted to know - the result? We had to give a 6 hour statement and at the end of November the neighbour's were charged with Harassment :thumbs: But this wasn't easy :wacko: I have made many phone calls to local council; police and have even contacted an MP now. Even though they have been charged I have still been confronted by the female and they still harass us :banghead: No doubt we will have to suffer more before the court case......... We had never suffered with many problems regarding criminal damage or abuse before the neighbours moved in; problem is we are unable to move as the value of our house has now been reduced as who in their right mind would want to move in next to these NFH let me think :errrm:

    There are other problems ongoing but am unable to comment on them just yet; but watch this space

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    Hi Omega, and welcome to NFHiB

    What a nightmare of a time you have had with these nfh, and a catalogue of battles to achieve something approaching your rights :badmood:. And you have certainly had some successes here, although obviously it's not all over yet.

    I applaud your persistence in this; it is really draining to have to fight so hard, and is equally draining on the pocket. Through your own experiences, I'm quite sure that, as well as receiving support from members here, you will have some valuable tips for other people based on the experiences you have had.

    I hope you will post more of your experiences when you are able, but in the meantime do keep visiting, have a rant when you need, get to know the members here, and join us in a little humour too (helps us all, at times!).




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      Hi Omega

      Welcome to the forum - glad that you found us.

      I sounds as if it's been one long fight for you and it's still not over. I'm sorry to hear that this fight has cost you so much financially and health-wise. You are certainly not alone here in suffering from such inconsiderate and bullish neighbours.

      Congratulations on getting as far as you have and good luck with your impending case. I hope that you find this site a good resource for advise and support and come back often and let us know how things are going.

      Blue Cow


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        Welcome and I hope you have a successful completion to your problems.


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          Hi Omega

          Welcome to the Forum .

          What can I say? It sounds like you have been living a nightmare, it makes my blood boil what you have to go through to get something done. And even when you do go through the appropriate channels, the NFH's just carry on regardless, knowing that they will get away with a mere slap on the wrists :badmood:.

          I am glad you found us, but sorry you had to look in the first place :sad: . it sounds like you are doing everything you can to try and get some peace and justice and hopefully we can support you through whatever else to come .

          Keep visiting - there's usually someone hanging about to 'bounce off' if you need to!


          :ban: :nfh1:


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            a late welcome from me too!

            glad you found us

            I think your story is sad but you have shown it can be done, and realisticly you have shown how long it can take......but also that youcan get there with a lot of effort and a grip like a bull dog, a member here always said be like a dog with a burst ball, dont let go!

            I am so sorry you have been poorlyu with it, NFH totally drain you, we were there too, it messes with your head, I hope you feel a whole lot better soon

            please do visit us often, I am sure you have loads to offer here

            take care

            :flowers: :clover:


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              Hi Omega and a late welcome from me

              Sheesh, you've really been through the mill with NFH I hope the courts come down hard on them they sound out of control!

              I don't know what it is about cul-de-sacs and closes but so many members who live in them have NFH problems, including me

              It's so easy to feel isolated when you are fighting to live a peaceful life but from what you've told us you have done magnificently to get as far as you have. I think illness caused by the stress of living next to NFH is the hidden price that is paid. Hidden from the general public that is and even ignored by government. I sometimes wonder just how much it costs the country. It certainly costs an unacceptable price to victims of NFH.

              Good luck in court and come back as often as you want you'll always find a sympathetic ear and a warm welcome

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Thank you for all your "welcomes" and understanding; it is really a good feeling that I am now able to communicate with other people in a similar positions in life. So much support has never been shown to me and of course my hubby as people who have not suffered as we have in the hands of NFH simply do not understand the trauma that we have to go through. This NFH really could not have come at a worse time as we have only been married 2 years and 10 months!!! This NFH problem started just 4 months after I met my new hubby. I know that our relationship has strengthened so much more quickly due to these problems; we are supportive of each other and are really close. I have found my soul mate But this problem is something we could have done without! Hubby is retired so we are together 24/7. :sad: Sorry but I feel like a :rant: this morning and feel I want to add this snippet to our ongoing NFH probs. The trouble is that there are so many rants and raves that we have bottled up over the past 3.5 years and it feels good to be able to share it with y'all. :banghead: Last month we went to court for the case against the neighbour ramming our car :drive: there were four eye-witnesses who put him with the stolen car in our drive. We waited 11 months to get to court and whilst we were waiting we had more criminal damage to the rear of our property; the result of the case? well guess what :angry: he got off The magistrates would not convict on identification alone and could not disprove an "alibi" he had therefore not proven. How do you get justice in this world, we had four law abiding citizens who were confident eye witnesses! We now have a NFH who thinks he is invicible; but we know he is not and he know's the truth will out....

                Thanx again :flowers:

                what goes round comes round


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                  Hi Omega.

                  Its so frustrating the Law in this country, it beggars belief at times. :angry:

                  The louts next door may think they are above everyone else, but guess what they going to be in for a big shock one day :lol:

                  You doing well but it does take it out of you constantly being on your guard, watching, waiting and wondering.

                  Good Luck with your court case :nfh1:

                  You mentioned about not being able to sell. You shouldn't have too but peace of mind is a good part of life, you would be surprised how different people are. I never thought I would be able to sell, but I have and that is after I tiold the buyer on their first visit about NFH. They don't care. So never think you cannot get away.

                  thinking of you



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                    P.S. you are right too.

                    This is a good place to get it off your chest, because the people on here udnerstand and you don't feel like you having to repeat yourself all the time to everyone..


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                      Hi Omega,

                      Sorry to hear about all your problems and we're afraid the legal response to your NFH's antics are familar to those of us here.

                      But you are continuing to play by the rules. This is vital in your fight against your NFH.

                      Hopefully in due course we can get our elected and paid representatives to take this problem seriously but in the meantime continue to log and record everything.

                      Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                      We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                      So what's the plan?

                      Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                        I agree with what's been said before, things do take a very long time and sometimes you feel like giving up but you will win in the end just keep telling yourself that

                        As always there is always good advice given here, and most the most important thing is we all understand

                        Keep your chin up


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                          Hi Omega

                          It is good to get it off your chest. Can quite believe the problems you have had!

                          As you say the truth will out.

                          Take care

                          Tortoise :angel:

                          "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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                            Hi I'm back again :sad: NFH woke us up at 07:30 this morning; :zzz: I know that many people are already up and about at that time; but because my hubby is retired and I do not work; we do not get up til about 09:00 most mornings. Trouble is NFH knows this only too well. His partner is away at the moment (she is cabin crew for a large airline transatlantic! so we can never fly with that company as we would never know if she was on board or not; and dread to think what she would do to our food!! :sicky. He parked his very large bright yellow van in his front garden/drive last night which means it is then parked under our bedroom window. As it was frosty this morning he ran the engine of this diesel vehicle for 15 minutes then slammed different doors of the van 4 times before driving off. This is a regular occurence and of course the police and other authorities cannot do a thing about it. We have to keep diaries of all this for when we go to court next year sometime; so this is just another entry. Thing is when each incident is looked at singularly they seem very trivial to authorities; but put them in order and collate them and harassment jumps out at you! I have about 6 different books that are "diaries". I had never kept a diary before all this happened; although my memory about dates of incidents is very good and I can always relate the harassment to other incidents. A defence barrister was most surprised once when I remember dates and times regarding the noise nuisance; :huh: the trouble is that the harassment has become part of our life and the dates etc have become ingrained on my memory. My computer is full of photographs of criminal damage that I keep having to print off for evidence; we have a digital video camera and use this a lot as "evidence" whether it be photographic or just for noise nuisance as we can transfer the evidence onto a video tape (this we have done many times and has been used in court as evidence both by the police and by our own litigation barrister). We also have an eyeball camera connected to our video which enables us to see (in black and white) our front garden; we can also record from it if we go out for long periods. (we purchased it from Screw fix and it was not expensive). It has been a godsend. During the past 6 months I have started writing a type of story about all the problems we have endured during the past 3.5 years; how we have been let down by the judicial system on many ocassions and also the authorities. All I need is someone to put it into book form for me!!! One day perhaps

                            Omega :cheers:


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                              Hi Omega and a very belated welcome from me

                              Sorry to hear about all this trouble you have had to endure over the past three and half years. Well done for persisting with it. We all know here how hard it is to cope living next to NFH and how it can really grind you down.

                              I hope whatever other hurdles you're having to contend with at the moment are easier to pass than those you've already jumped.

                              Good luck with it all and post your updates whenever you feel ready.


                              Do your NFH own their home too? :unsure: