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Idiot next door

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  • Idiot next door

    Hi all,

    We live in a ground floor flat in the centre of Edinburgh, we had some essential building work carried out last month which lasted for one day, our neighbour through the wall decided that he would place his speakers against out living room wall to get us back for the noise we had caused him. I called the police who gave him a written warning and told him if they had to come back a third time they would take away his tv/hi-fi/radio etc. We have not heard a peep out of him for 3 weeks now.

    I was not aware that the police had the power to confiscate these items so easily, maybe the law in Scotland is different?

    see this link :-

    I hope this helps other people who have a NFH.


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    Hi martinross, and welcome to NFHiB

    It appears that the Scottish government is ahead on this one! It will be most useful for other members experiencing the types of noise nusiance described tho' - thank you for relaying the information. . I hope the threat of action by the police stops your neighbour problems (but do log any further incidents in case he just looks for other ways to cause you problems!).

    It would be nice to see similar measures considered further south!

    Do visit back, especially if you have any further problems




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      Hi Martinross

      Welcome to the Forum

      I am very glad that you have managed to nip your Neighbour problem in the bud - hope they stay quiet from now on.

      The link you provide is really helpful :thumbs: and your NFH does sound like a thicko - whether they are Scottish or not .

      Hope you find that the site is useful!