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    Goog afternoon Everyone,

    I have recently moved into a new house, we have a drive and a garage built into our house. I cannot say what a relief it is to live in a street where everyone has them. In addition our street has about 15 parking bays available. With all this parking we thought we wouldnt have people parking on the street!

    Anyhow, the problem is we have 2 cars which insist on parking directly outside our house. The owners live in the next street but, due to the proximity of their backgarden to our street it is evidently quicker for them to park in our street and enter their property via the back garden gate.

    There are always plenty of parking bays available for them to use but it would require an additional walk of some 30 yards, they have their own garage and drive in their own street, our other neighbour has trouble reversing out of their drive due to the inconsiderate parking.

    I have knocked and spoken to them twice about the matter but it falls on deaf ears. They proclaim they are parked legally and it is tough luck.

    My partner spoke to them and they said unless we leave them alone they will get an injuction against us, or that they are considering moving and renting the property out to the largest family of 'pakis' they can find. As long as the new neighbours dont park in the street this would be a welcome change!!!!!

    Have spoken to the council and they say they cant help as the cars are taxed and are parked legally.

    It has crossed my mind to park my landrover on top of their cars if it continues ;-)

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    the cars are taxed and are parked legally.

    That's your answer.

    But you and your neighbour are, of course, perfectly entitled to also park there too.

    This does sound relatively trivial though. Try not to let it get out of hand.
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      Hi Mistamovie and welcome to the forum

      Some people are very strange! Why park in another road if you have a drive and garage of your own?

      I see Rockbank has already said what I was going to say. Why don't you and your neighbour park in those spots. Maybe after a few days the other parties will get the message!

      Good luck

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        I agree with what others have said. But I would add that anyone who says they are "considering moving and renting the property out to the largest family of 'pakis' they can find" have defined the kind of people they are - you'll have to face the fact that they are pretty unpleasant types.


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          Sorry to hear this. I have a similar situation where neighbours insist on parking outside my house, even though it's on double yellow lines and they have had parking tickets.

          I would just park outside your own house - they should soon get the nessage.


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            Hi again,

            Thanks for your responses. Its nice to get something off your chest and hear unbiased responses. Makes it easy to see thats its an issue not worth worrying about and the simplest and easiest approach is the real answer.

            I will have a word with my neighbours and explain why our cars will be parking on the street for the next month or so. Just got to hope I get home before the 'Parking Place Theifs' do!!!

            Thanks again,




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              Why is it easier for them to park at the back of their house rather than in their own garage or in front???tccchhhahhhh people will never cease to amaze me with their idiotic behaviour.


              anyway your neighbours are obviously complete and utter morons, and bigots as well, i would make sure my car was jolly well parked where they usually park for a few months to give them the message...use your own flipping parking space!!!!

              anyway im glad you find the forum helpful...


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                Hi Mistamovie and welcome

                Well I was going to suggest that you park there yourselves, but it seems that about 6 people have already beaten me to it! (Great minds....and all that stuff!). Is it possible to park one of your cars so that it takes up both positions of their cars (making sure that you are not blocking your neighbour in?).

                I do agree that parking problems can seem trivial when you consider other problems that people have, but they can be extremely wearing when you are tripping over someone else's car every day (and when there are plenty of proper parking spaces nearby).

                Usually a pleasant word or too about the subject will sort it out, but these neighbours are obviously not the type of people who care at all about the considerations of others. Many of us have had neighbours with the same bullish and rude attitude and have seen first hand how things can deteriorate if allowed to get out of hand.

                Give the parking a go, but please be careful about it, or you could end up posting a very different kind of thread on this site

                Let us know how you get on

                Blue Cow


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                  Do they think it's safer parked round the back. Can they see it from their lounge. Do they have any other cars, or bikes. Park there first, or do you by chance have a problem with kids letting car tyres down on your street. But think before things get out of hand. Ask them why they need to park there.

                  GG. ow:


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                    I've probably got this totally wrong, but can you buy one of those Natty 'H' signs for outside your drive ?

                    The way it works here is you can go on a waiting list (or pay £200) to have the council paint a H at the entrance to your driveway/garage etc.

                    If someone parks in a way that they encroach upon this H you are entitled to call the police to have em tow the offender away.

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                      I've just read Orge's post about the white "H" that you can have painted across your driveway. You say "If someone parks in a way that they encroach upon this H you are entitled to call the police to have em tow the offender away."

                      Well, my nice neighbour has one of these and for about a month there was an untaxed car parked across part of it. It was reported to the police for being untaxed and on the "H".

                      Guess what?

                      They refused to do anything about it.


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                        They refused to do anything about it.

                        Ooooohhhh.. Refund ! Refund ! Refund ! :angry:

                        'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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                          Hi Mista,

                          Welcome to the Forum (bit belated :lol: )

                          How infuriating for you - uttlerly selfish, what creeps :frown: They seem to be a shining example of the selfishness and bigotry that is spreading like cancer through our society.

                          I would also have thought that if they are causing an obstruction, then they should be shifted...

                          Have you taken any advice from the Council to see if they can paint a line across that particular bit - quite often roads get a single yellow line painted down one side to stop such parking that narrows the road too much.

                          Please let us know how you get on.




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                            Hi mistamovie

                            You've had great advice from everyone :thumbs: and I hope that something changes for the better in the very near future.

                            It's easy for issues like this to snowball like RB says, so make sure that you cover yourself. You might also want to think about logging down anything from now on (until they stop causing a nuisance), just so you have a record if you should need it.

                            Some people think they are above everything and that the world owes them. :rant:

                            Good luck with it!