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  • NFH noise

    Hi all its been awhile since I was last here so I thought I would update you on my nfh.

    :banghead: Last time I wrote to you It was about action finally being taken against my nfh. Well its now December and still no action has been taken , my nfh has been working on his flat for six weeks now with hammering, sawing, drilling, even now as I write he is sawing and hammering.

    I had to get the poilce in to him again last week as I could no longer put up with it.

    :nfh1: And this time the police caught him in the act of hammering and drilling at 5:30pm. He told police there will be no more noise after 5 pm and the police told him they will be monitoring him from now on.

    :angry: The police came back down to my flat at 5:35pm and said there will be no more noise that night and at 5:45pm while the police was still here he started sawing and hammering again the police could not believe what they were hearing and they have advised me to take out an harrasment suit against him.

    The housing have failed to take action against him and I am in contact with the government Ombudsman keeping them updated and they are investigating the Housing. Well thats about it at the moment I will keep you posted.



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    Hi Lee, and thanks for the update

    Sorry to hear the council housing department doesn't seem to be taking the noise distururbance very seriously; but at least the Ombudsman hasn't dismissed your complaints. Do keep on at the housing dept, tho', it will show that you have reported everything as it happens.

    Are Environmental Health involved, as this can give you back-up with the housing dept?

    best of luck with pursuing this and getting some action.




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      Hi again Lee

      When you posted last, you said that:

      The housing have given him 7 days to complete all work in the flat after that any noise made by him what so ever they will bring an injunction out agaisnt him and he will be evicted.

      If that's what they said they would do, then I would definitely get back on to them. It's good that the Ombudsman is willing to look at your complaint though too.

      Like sapph, I think that the EH department should be getting involved if they aren't already.

      Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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        Well, good luck with the council(housing association) They might very well promise to do something but that's all they do as far as I am concerned is promise. I have had this treatment from the H A for 4 years now nad it is still going on. My problem is not noise now, although thats how it started in 1998. They got caught red handed and moved on to verbal and visual abuse as well as salacious rumours. We even had one incident where i was called a F.....g pervert several times and threats to kill in front of witnesses. reporting this didn't achieve anything just more excuses as to why they couldn't do anything. They say the nfh family make counter allegations but they won't tell me what they are. I have just learnt that we might be entitled to this information under the "subject access request under section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998" How can you challenge the counter claims if you don't know what they are/ they usualy come when we have had to make a complaint against them. God, its endless, i get the feeling they just hope you get fed up and give in, so much for the "protection from harrassment Act"

        Anyway, onwards and upwards, don't let the B......s grind you down.



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          Councils should have a compliance officer to ensure that they are complying with council policies. Check if they have one. And use him.


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            Janee, been there, done that!

            My council decided to take me to court. The details don't matter, but a council officer had screwed up and so as a result they decided to take me to court! (He had given me some bad advice.)

            Apparently when they received the summons to appear in court they (in the words of my solicitor) "nearly S*** themselves!" He added: "In general people don't bother to take the counci lto court, although the council is, in my opinion, far to litigious. About time the boot was on the other foot!"

            They lost.


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              HI Lee

              Just wondering how things are for you at the moment? Has NFH quietened down yet? :unsure: