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  • Heart break Hotel

    Hi everbody its been a while since I last posted a story on the board but I will just give you a quick update on how things are going since I last posted.

    I have been in contact with our local newpaper they have tried to run the story however the council have threatened to sue them so it looks like they have pulled out for now.

    We have a new police inspector for our area however after being subjected to more threats to kill and criminal damage to our vechiles they still refuse to take statements

    and rearest the simpleton who is causing our nightmare.

    I took the family on holiday to Grand canaria for a fortnight and I have heard from the rest of my neighbours the noise coming from my emidiate neighbour was terrible and the litter problem returned, since my return I have had to on two occasions had to listen to their music well into the next morning 4am I have also had to report them for turning there council house into a bed and breakfast as he has now taken in another lodger who just happens to be the lad who attacked my son with a hammer great and the council think I am the one who is in the wrong and moan for nothing

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    John, I'm so sorry that your torture is still going on I hope you and the family enjoyed the break, but I would imagine afterwards it must have been absolute hell to return to your tormentors

    It's appalling that the police will not take statements about the criminal damage and threats!! Have you thought of writing a letter to your Chief Constable? Your council sounds like it is in some sort of cahoots with your NFH!!! Surely the newspaper can only be sued if they print untruths, or maybe the editor is in one of those funny handshake organisations along with the leader of the council (Sorry, that was the conspiracy theorist in me).

    Maybe you should approach a national newspaper. As for the 'lodger', well someone I know complained about a certain tenant and was informed that the HA couldn't stop them having 'visitors'. I suppose it would be hard to prove that they are 'paying' lodgers. However, tenants are supposed to be responsible for the behaviour of their visitors.

    I wish I could do more than just sympathise Don't give up, John. Write to the Chief Constable, a national newspaper, your MP, your councillors and keep bugging them until they do something. Ask your doctor and anybody else that has knowledge of your situation to write as well.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi John,

      I'm sorry you came back from a good holiday to have to put up with all this again, your NFH really are the pits. How unfortunate too that the Newspaper had to pull out - do they fear the Local Authority may sue them, etc, is that the main reason?

      I agree with Misty, maybe if you contact one of the more Nationally based newspapers, they may have more clout to respond to possible sueing threats etc from your council.

      Stay with it and try to keep positive