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    I was directed towards your forum from a friend on another site. My problem

    isn't as bad as a lot of you guys. Last October we got our new neighbours who seemed

    very nice. The first night they moved in (Friday) they had a 'Housewarming party',

    all night.

    No real problem, a 'one off', we were all young once. The next night was the same. Then

    quiet, thought no more about it. The following weekend, another two 'all-night' parties and so on

    and so forth. I had a 'word' and they agreed to keep it down, they did for a while but

    the parties continued. The thing is you can hear every word / pin drop at night, no matter

    how quiet they think they're being.

    The parties have pretty much died off, apart from the odd one or two. But they are still

    up all night until about 4am, then sleep all day until about 3pm. This has gone on for over

    twelve months now. They're banging doors, running up and down stairs. It's just general noise

    so i'm not really sure if I have a case against them. I've recorded the times and dates, etc.

    Today (06/12/03) we had a doorway moved, the builder started at 9am knocking the brickwork

    out. Our neighbour was banging on the wall as he was banging out the bricks.

    Then she started playing music very loud. So I suspect that I won't be getting

    a lot of sleep tonight !!

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    Welcome! So your neighbour is "don't do as I do, but do as I say?"

    Still, starting work at 9am isn't early. Though it is always a good idea to warn neighbours when you are about to have potentially nosiy work started.


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      Hi Vanner, and welcome to NFHiB (Nice signature btw )

      Although 9 a.m. isn't excessively early to start the building work, I think I would've been tempted to put a note through your neighbour's door in advance. Not because you owe them anything (quite the opposite considering the consideration they don't afford you!), but to avoid them thinking they are entitled to retaliate in some way . Which is, I guess, what it appears they think they're entitled to do!

      In any case, you should not have to put up with this ongoing noise nuisance, whether loud music/parties, or thundering up/down the stairs and banging doors. Glad to hear you have been logging (including type/duration of noise?), an invaluablel first step!

      If you haven't seen the following already, do check out

      and the different aspects of noise and the law as follows

      Are your neighbours owner-occupiers or tenants? This doesn't have any impact on any action your council's Environmental Health department may be able to take, but if they are tenants there is the possibility of their landlord taking action against them for breach of tenancy obligations (with evidence from complainants/E.H.). Are any other neighbours disturbed by the noise that you know of? The more complaints/logging the better

      I would suggest a formal letter to these neighbours, before approaching environmental health, to show you have made attempts to inform them of how they are disturbing you. Template letter in the link below

      If you are an owner-occupier, you may want to consider (before doing anything) that any dispute with a neighbour would have to be disclosed (if you may sell) on the Seller's Property Information Form....just a thought .

      I'm sure other members will have useful thoughts on your situation. Do let us know how things are going




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        Hi Vanner and welcome

        I see Sapph has already directed to some reading matter so I'll just offer my sympathy. It's really annoying when NFH disrupt your life and then throw a canary fit if you so much as make a bit of noise at a reasonable time :rant:

        But that's NFH for you, selfish as hell and always playing the victim

        Hope the articles in the resource section are of help to you. Come back as often as you want. You'll always get a warm reception with lots of support

        Good luck

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the reading material, it'll give me something

          to do in the wee small hours tonight !!.

          Your quite right though I should have been more courteous and informed them of

          the work that we were having done !!. I have been very careful not to retaliate in

          any way over the last thirteen months, so I guess i'm allowed one little slip !!.

          Our neighbours are owner-occupiers as we are, so i'm not too sure at the moment

          what steps any council office can take. The neighbours on the other side have also

          been disturbed by them and are prepared to back up any complaint I make

          should I need to take it further.

          I have pretty much logged every occurence since it started really, type/duration of

          noise. Even how the sleepless nights affected us/made us feel. Seems a little

          pathetic/petty but I suppose it all helps any case that is made. Sadly I feel that

          time is drawing ever closer !!

          Again, thanks for the welcome



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            hi there

            that was me, 2 years ago. all night parties thud thud all night every weekend. then the pair next door split and it got worse! he was left in the house and boy did we know it, at least 4 nights out of 7 was party time.

            my daughter was 3 at the time and as her bedroom was right next to all the racket couldnt sleep, it didnt matter where we moved her or what we did it was always the same.

            then, when we asked him to turn it down a bit and let us get some sleep he just said "you only live once" the muppet.

            we moved out, thank god.

            there is light at the end of the tunnel though as the couple who took over the house (counsil house) were not as patient as me and the lad got his face smashed in on the first night! :thumbs: :P

            not that i agree with the violence, it was nice to see him suffer for a while.

            funny though, i saw him in town today, he sheepishly put his head down.

            i am not much help to you but i wish i had found this forum 2 years ago!


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              Well some people just ask for it, not that I agree with the violence either. Perhaps though its the only thing these type of bullies identify with.


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                Hi Rob,

                I didn't mean that to sound like a criticism of your manners btw! Just really to say to give them not one iota of ammo for counter-allegations. Nfh will typically make an enormous amount from one tiny thing, even tho' they can behave like animals and disturb you continuously. It's difficult, I know, but do your utmost not to retaliate....give them nothing to complain about. This has it's own satisfaction, as it can drive them insane

                Re what Environmental Health can do; depends on the level/frequency of noise. They can (although they won't do straight away) put monitoring equipment into your property to monitor noise levels, they can come out to witness noise. If they find a case, they have the powers to have a noise abatement notice issued and confiscate equipment (e.g. stereo). A rather large fine can be a final result. It does not matter whether someone is an owner-occupier or a tenant....this council department have these powers regardless. So, if you decide you wish to pursue this (along with help from the other neighbour...would be helpful if they log too), then you need to contact E.H. Something that is disturbing you in this way is by no means pathetic and have every right to peacefully enjoy your home!

                As long as you are not concerned about this having any impact on a future sale of your home, then I would consider sending the letter, and have a chat with your E.H. dept,give them an idea of your noise nuisance and ask them to run through their procedures, etc, then you can have a better idea of how they operate in your area.

                Good luck,


                P.S. sounds like quality logging


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                  hi Vanner,


                  hey we all have little slip ups from time to time, just watch your self in the future.

                  noise like that, the constant sort can really push you to the limits, I have said before (long time ago) I used to hoover ealy in the morning and bang the skirting boards shouting sorry at the top of my voice!

                  and you do end up thinking, why should I be quiet if they dont have the courtesy?

                  unfortunatly you have to be very good, never give them anything they can throw back at you.

                  doesnt mean you have to creep around though, oh no, the EHO actually say you should make normal living noises.

                  have you contacted EHO?

                  wont burden you with loads of stuff yet, have a look at the links Sapphy gave you, there are loads of articles on the main site, so have a browse

                  good luck and let us know how you are doing :clover:


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                    Thanks again for the advice. At the moment we haven't got to 'Not speakin' or

                    'Screaming' at each other !!. They're actually a nice couple and quite friendly.

                    It's just that at weekends they live their lives in an Alternate Time Zone.

                    Unfortunately in the middle of the night if a door slams shut, it sounds like a cannon

                    going off. If she runs upstairs, as petite as she is, it sounds like an elephant !!

                    I keep having 'Words' but i'm convinced they just don't realise that they are

                    causing any kind of problem. At the moment I would much rather sort it out

                    amicably rather than bringing in any 'Officials'.

                    Although I feel that time is getting nearer, I still see it as the last resort !!

                    Thanks again.



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                      Hi Vanner and a belated welcome

                      Sorry to hear that you are having such problems with your noisy neighbours. I can appreciate that you don't want to start any official complaints, and I hope that some of the ideas that you have been offered help

                      Take care

                      Blue Cow


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                        Hi Rob and welcome

                        We've suffered (and are still suffering! ) from noisy neighbours too. We are getting ready to involve the EH again at any time.

                        We had talked to our NFH about the noise, but that had very little effect when they came back from clubbing at 2/3 am. We used the NFHiB letter template (that sapph has already given you the link for) to outline our concerns and to also let them know that if it continued that we would complain to the EH.

                        The letter worked temporarily, but we did involve the EH - that has worked for about a year. NFH is now slipping back into old ways: thumping bass, screaming, shouting etc.

                        Good luck with it.


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                          Well !!.........What can I say !!.........Quiet as a mouse last night !!

                          Not sure why yet and i'm sure it's just a one-off but it was very enjoyable !!

                          I was expecting a noisy night after the builders but not a peep.......

                          Very strange !!

                          Thanks for all the advice/comments/support.

                          I'm off to get through some of this reading matter now. :blink:



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                            Hi Rob and long may peace reign...altho' if people are just plain thoughtless it's not likely to last without tackling it! Still, it's a bit better than out-and -out vindictive, and workable on!

                            Try and resolve things as amicably as you can...infinitely preferable....but, at the same time log everything and arm yourself for what next

                            Happy reading



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                              Sorry to hear about your problems.

                              I'd have thought any neighbour worth their salt would have invited you to their parties as a matter of course.:cheers:

                              I've not been allowed one for many long years by 'she who must be obeyed' but when we did we made sure we either notified/invited people who would be affected well in advance.

                              There seems to be an innate lack of consideration for othere these days.

                              Someone has posted an article on Wickes Soundproofing tiles which may also help.

                              Hope its sorted soon

                              'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'