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car blocking my drive

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  • car blocking my drive

    Hi all

    I had another incident regarding nfhs' visitor blocking my car on the drive 30/11/03. I knocked on nfh door and when the door was opened I asked him nicely "is this your visitors car". He said "yes" and closed the door. (Well if anything he did answer my question.)

    I knocked again and he got his visitor to come to the door.

    Again I asked nicely if he would please move his car to let me off my drive. His response was "Idon't see why I should as that drive is illegal." I told him my drive had absolutely nothing to do with him :banghead: .

    Anyway he moved the car onto nfhs' drive but, when I came back my husband went to our local police station and spoke to the desk sergeant who sent a different PC to speak to us. (I hadn't at that point posted my letter to the Chief Constable.)

    As the new PC had not read any reports about our problem we told the story from the beginning.

    When I got to the part about PC plod1 saying he thought our drive may be illegal, new PC said he had never heard of an illegal drive. He said he would go back to the station and check the reports.

    Last night PC plod
    came to see us full of apologies and admitted that he had been wrong. He had checked with all the relevant authorities and found nothing wrong in the position size etc. of our drive.

    He also said NFH had repeatedly committed the offence of 'willful obstruction'. His visitors had done the same but would probably have been charged with 'unlawful obstruction'. This only applies if they refuse to move their vehicle.

    He had also informed nfh of these facts.

    My take on all of this now is - I don't think my drive had anything to do with the police in the first place it is surely a civil matter. When we called him out in the first place the only thing that should have bothered him was that nfh was 'blocking in a car'.

    This morning NFH would have got the letter from our solicitor threatening legal action should he persist.

    Game Set and Match I think :thumbs:


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    Hi Jenny,

    Well at last the police are making some sense, so it's really good news for you. But it's still completely infuriating that all of this time (and money!!) has been spent with the police and solicitors just because your neighbour is a complete cr*tin

    And as for slamming the door in your utterly rude. Did the police say whether they are going to charge him with wilful obstruction, or has he got off with a warning? Either way, is all this nonsense going to stop now?

    I really hope so, and hope that you and your (nice) neighbour can carry on with your lives in peace.

    Take care

    Blue Cow


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      Thank god for the other officer! :lol:


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        See, not all police officers are stupid

        I hope things are sorted now However I wouldn't put it past your NFH to try to come up with some new way of harassing you They don't like to be bested Fingers crossed he is too stupid to think up something else

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Jenny

          At last!!! Some sense! Nice one :thumbs:

          Glad you persisted and got to speak to another P.C., and Plod #1 had the good grace to apologise.

          Now that your position is fully clarified, I hope that your solicitor's letter has the desired effect

          Good luck, and do let us know how you go.



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            Hi Jenny.

            Wonderful news. A Policeman who speaks in language such as "wilfull obstruction".

            It is so refreshing when you do get a PC who is willing to listen. I have had one of those (he since moved on, however bought the whole situation to the attention of the new PC)

            Lets just hope now the Idiot who keeps blocking the drive will give up and shup up.

            Happy Peaceful Parking


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              That's great news jenny

              Is this one for the Success Stories folder? :unsure:

              Hope your NFH leaves you alone from now on.