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Help me protect my NFH

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  • Help me protect my NFH

    I know, there's probably a few versions of this on site, but I'm getting to the stage where I need to protect my NFH from myself.

    4 years ago the little old lady over the lane sold up and moved into sheltered accomodation.

    The first thing the new owner did was move her daughter and her 8 children into the property and come around to tell us we could no longer park on or have access to the lane.

    Since then she's demolished her boundary wall so that it looks as if she has one huge garden. Evicted her daughter and family to try and sell the property. Tries to stop people from using the lane to access their houses, and carries on a campaign of 'staring' when we try to work on our garden.

    We've tried to explain that our house has enjoyed access to the lane since it was built (1930), we have signed and witnessed statements to that effect from village residents. And that easment of way is tied to a property not an individual. But every time the property fails to sell (the 1st floor joist have gone, meaning the bedrooms are falling into the lounge and the staircase is loose). She comes banging on my gate with her partner, waving 'legal' documents in my face and telling us our rights (although she refuses to let my solicitor see them).

    We've put up with this for 4 years and I've tried my best to be reasonable, calm and polite about it , allthough the episodes upset my wife and daughter. But we're due her next episode shortly (the viewers left after 5 mins) and I can feel myself starting to lose it :banghead:

    The trouble is I'm over 6ft. A tattooed, pierced, ex forces, ex bouncer, Medieaval re-enactment nut, I've had people cross the street until I've passed !!. I rarely lose my temper, but when I do its scary (last time was 10 years ago and I ended up breaking a car) and I'm really, really scared of losing it now.

    I know I've harped on, but any advice or support would really be welcomed about now.

    'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'


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    Hi Ogre!

    you sound like a very interesting looking person!! :lol:

    a big welcome to the forum

    firstly I have to say we have all felt like doing something to our NFH!! but we dont

    walk away take a breathe count to ten punch a pillow or what respond to them they have then got you playing their game! :box:

    Imagination is a great thing, I have imagined all sorts of ways of making mine suffer, even though they have now gone!! doesnt make me a bad person though

    so she sounds like a stereo typical NFH, and she wont let your solictor see papers that she keeps waving at you?

    silly Mare, it will cost her money if your solicitor puts his foot down, is he helping you with all this?

    it looks like you have several issues here, boundry and harrassment being the main ones

    take a look at the help files they might offer you a bit of support, empowerment is a great thing

    they are HERE

    I know other members will be along shortly to offer some support and advice, a good bunch of people here

    we all know the NFH feeling and thats what helps us support each other

    Good luck and please come back often :clover: :flowers:


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      Dear Ogre,

      I am very sorry to hear of your predicament.

      I know how awful a NFH situation can be.

      I offer you the following suggestions:-

      1. Instead of being harassed, bothered, pestered, call it what you will, make a firm commitment to yourself to take control of the situation. From what you have said it seems that you are in a very strong situation, so DO NOT BLOW IT. Any form of retaliation will play right into the hands of the real culprit. Bullies become very indignant when confronted and are very adept at getting the police involved, ON THEIR SIDE. Please follow the advice already given to you, and look up the points that you have been referred to. If there is anything you do not understand, ask here. Knowledge is power.

      2. If you and the previous owners of your property have used the accessway since the 1930s as of right and without interruption, you will be entitled to an "absolute and indefeasible" easement over the land, if it belongs to the NFH., under the Prescription Act, 1832.

      3. The ownership of the accessway is not entirely clear from what you say. You can make a very cheap and fast enquiry at the Land Registry, to see who, if anyone, owns the land. Phone the L.R. The staff there are very knowledgeable and very helpful. It may be that the land is unregistered. If so, given the circumstances you describe, you can make an Application against First Registration, simply by filling in a form (plus a registration fee). This will prevent anyone else trying to claim the land, which would be very bad news.

      Best wishes,



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        Hi Ogre

        As Beth has said, we probably all feel, at times, like doing harm to the dreaded nfh. I do and have come up with some really horrible scenarios! However, retaliation of this sort will get you nowhere and the best way you can do the old bag harm is by totally ignoring her. This will totally throw her off course and you will get the upperhand. Some others have given you the legal viewpoint. In your position I think I would get a solicitor pronto and make your access rights legal. The documents she flaps in front of you are probably unpaid bills or something - or even a surveyor report basically telling her she has bought a worthless property! If she was so sure of her case she would have had a solicitor on to you by now.

        For the staring at you when in your garden, again, ignore her. It is hard but with willpower and inner strenght you can do it.

        If you fel your temper rising, walk away - quickly.

        Goos luck with this.

        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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          Thanks Guys (and Girls of course). I've made 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' read your posts as well as myself and you've been a lot of help. She has to stop wandering around the house with a face like Sad Sam :sad: and start to go :P which will help keep me sane.

          On the Land Registry side, they are unable to find an owner (which leads me down the path of 'Crown Land) the expert opinion of my firms legal advisors is 'she's off her head :blink: and she's now fighting on two fronts, with the guy at the bottom of the lane. (Making his children walk 1/4 of a mile around to their front door, the day of their Grandmothers funeral etc). I lurve the 'permission to demolish the boundary wall bit and we'll investigate that as well on Monday.

          Bright Blessings

          (A much cheered) :thumbs:

          'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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            Er, no.

            This is someone who's evicted her own daughter and her family. Her Partners son and family and a couplke of other people to sell their houses.. Its just this un's falling down..... :lol:

            'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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              Call the council EHO. It sounds as if her house is unfit for human habitation and should be condemned.


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                Hi Ogre and welcome

                Boundary problems are completely alien to me, but sounds like you've had some great advice from the others.

                We all know here what it's like having to live with a NFH, and it aint nice . But with the support of everyone here, you will gain information and knowledge about things that you may not have considered before. When you get all of that, along with some great support, you will feel much more able to tackle this woman.

                Wishing you all the very best, please keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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                  Hi Ogre!

                  Belated Welcome to the Forum .

                  I don't think your evil fool NFH has a leg to stand on, but the trouble is they force you to spend time, energy and money on proving that they are being absolute t**sers

                  Who on earth does she think she is? She has no right at all to do what she is doing to you and your Neighbours, please all ignore her, she obviously feeds off the energy kick she gets from seeing you all miserable. :frown:

                  Please keep us posted




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                    Hi Ogre,

                    Sorry that I've come in a bit late to this, but I wanted to add my support.

                    Your neighbour sounds a nightmare, and her house sounds like a bit of a deathtrap :unsure:

                    I agree with John, if she really did have any case, then she would have instructed a solicitor by now. She's frustrated because her house is a dog, and she's taking it out on you.


                    Ignoring her is hard, but it is the best thing that you can do. I can't see anyone wanting to buy her house (unless it's a builder that wants a new project).

                    Good luck

                    Blue Cow


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                      Hi Ogre and SWMBO, another belated welcome from me

                      Seems like you've had a lot of great advice from other members. Like Holly, I've no idea about boundary issues. But just wanted to add my support for you and your problem

                      Good luck

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        Hi Ogre,

                        I have joined this thread a bit late but I'm sorry you too have experienced NFH,

                        otherwise known as "Nasty Fowl Householders" or words to that effect!

                        you have been given good advice already, but what I wanted to know is after reading your description, are you available to come and use some of that pent up aggression on my NFH!!

                        I would love to see the look on their faces as you walked up to their front door! :thumbs:

                        Anyway good luck and I hope it is resolved sooner rather than later and don't get yourself into trouble for some other low life sc*mbag!! :ban:



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                          Hey there,

                          You've had some great advice from other members so far .. My reaction to this would be to get a firm position on the legal side of things, then, either way you both know where you stand.

                          On another note .. how do you get into medieval re-enactment? I've always fancied myself swinging a sword or handling a bow in battle

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                            Hi Ogre, welcome from me too.

                            How about, ifshe comes knocking on your door again, you do not open it or if you do, stand there with a note pad and make notes on her rantings, dont say anything back to her except 'thanks for the information, have agood day, bye'. if she is staring at you wave or smile back at her cheerily or put on sunglasses and walk straight past her. B)

                            if you are all sure (you and your decent neighbours) that you can use the lane for access, then you should carry on doing so. this old biddy is succeeding in intimidating you and it has become a hobby for her. carry on living your life and do not let her grind you down, nfh love this, it makes their sad little lives a bit happier.

                            what is it with these old NFH. they seem to be particularly corrosive :angry:

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                              Oh my, 'she who must be obeyed' has just rang in work me from the Land Registry to say they have granted our NFH 'undisputed title' to the lane earlier in November. What a body blow. :cry:

                              After 5 years (this month) of fighting the good fight, its something of a hefty kick to the guts. I have to write to their Customer Services Department tonight (anyone got any ideas what to ask ?) and I guess I become the NFH as I fight to prove the side access has existed since the 30's.

                              Ah well, thanks folks.

                              'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'