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the drive is blocked again

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  • the drive is blocked again

    Hi All,

    I thought things were too good to be true :rant:

    My NFH is now up to his old tricks again. My 'nice' neighbour has been parking her car on my 'house' drive. NFH blocked our garden drive last night so I asked him nicely to move his car which he refused to do saying that he had checked with the council and that we didn't have planning permission for the 'garden' drive and he would not move on principal. This is nonsense of course as we had already double checked last week and were told we did not need planning permission.

    Anyway called plod last night and guess what, the same PC came to see us :angry: . He was as helpful as the last time :rant: and accused us of 'negating' the parking in our cul-de-sac by situating the drive where we did. He also said we seemed to be causing the problem on principal.

    Are these two in cahoots or what!!!!!

    Plod seemed to be under the impression that it was a new drive until we informed him it had been there 21 years. He did make NFH move his car but plod told us that he was going to check about the 'legality' of the drive with the local council :banghead: despite us telling him we had done that twice already. Plod passed a comment as he was leaving that he thought we were on a 'sticky wicket'.

    My husband and I had a virtually sleepless night with the worry and distress of it all.

    This morning we contacted the chief planning officer who agreed she would put in writing what she had already told us. She also suggested that we contact Street Care who are a body of inspectors who check that there is no infringement on the position etc of the drive to the highway.

    Blimey they were quick. I had an inspector ring me up at work this afternoon to tell me he had inspected the drive and that there was no infringement and we had every right to put the drive where we did. :P In fact he made the comment that he wished more people did what we did, thus alleviating parking problems on the street. He is also going to send a copy of his report to us.

    We spoke to a solicitor this morning who is going to send NFH a letter asking him not to block the access to our property and that if he has any objections, to give details of his legal representative so they can sort it out solicitor to solicitor.

    I have been reading some of the other recent stories posted and mine seems quite trivial compared to those, but when your normal life is disrupted, the stress is almost the same.

    Thanks for listening


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    Sorry to hear of your troubles and hope you get this sorted. Don't compare your problem with others - this is a problem for you, it's stressing you out, so for you is a big problem.

    Good luck and set your Solicitor on 'em!

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      Hi Jenny.

      Police :rant: :banghead: :angry:

      It is not his opinion of whether he thinks its a "sticky wicket" it was HIS job to get the car removed from blocking your access. I think sometimes they get their wire crossed as to what their job is and isn't.

      Can I just suggest that when you have your confirmation letter from the council that drive drive isn't illegal, next time NFH parks there just call the Police and show them the letter. NFH won't have a leg to stand on.

      Don't let them get you down.

      Good Luck



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        It seems clear that PC Clown has decided the case for himself. Oddly enough, that is not his job.

        I think a word with his sergeant might now be in order.


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          Hi Jenny,

          Really well done with this. I agree with Neighboured about the officer, you should take it further with all your documentation.

          The officer should never have made those ridiculous comments to you, nor should he have judged the situation like this until he was fully aware of all the facts.

          If your neighbour does this again, please don't hesitate to call the police.

          I still at a loss for words over why your neighbour would choose to make such a fuss over this. He's wasting so many people's time and for absolutely nothing.

          Take care

          Blue Cow


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            well done jenny for at least getting some kind of solution here, but that policeman :angry: what an idiot, sorry!

            two wrongs dont make a right, do they? even if your drive was in the 'wrong place' (which it isnt), doesnt mean someone can come and block you in and stop you getting about your business. that policeman is a right wally and has even given encouragement to your stupid NFH. :badmood: Anyway, at least you have got it in black and white now that you have done nothing wrong.

            perhaps you could let everyone know about 'street care' i have never heard of them ...they might be able to help others struggling with parking problems!

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              Hi Jenny,

              Well done for getting onto this quickly ! :thumbs: .

              I agree with Neighboured, I would have to get to see the Station inspector, just who does that Plod think he is? Is he related to Mr NFH by any chance. ?

              I am sick of hearing and being in contact with Plods who have already got a pre-judged opinion before they even set eyes on you - it makes me mad!

              As for your NFH, just why is he going on like this lately? What a plank. I do hope your solicitor can whup his butt and get him to pack it in :rant:

              And don't think this is trivial, it aint. It barges in on your private life and if you are a law abiding person (as we all are ) it is deeply distressing to suddenly have to deal with ignorant plods and NFH's. It is such a shock, in whatever form it comes, so don't feel that your problem is not 'worthy' because it is !

              Hope that this gets sorted quickly for you - your NFH has no leg to stand on. :frown:

              Keep us posted!




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                I had a plod tell me once (after talking to my NFH) that i was reading my deeds wrong and i was being un-reasonable. Yeah right, since proved them all wrong :lol: :lol:

                Agree with Mazza, Duty Sgt or Station Insoector.

                Good Luck




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                  So sorry If I've missed this already. Have you got lowered kirbs to got onto your driveway? If you have PC plod should have noticed that.

                  Apologies again.



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                    Hi All

                    Maria - no I do not need a dropped kerb as the drive does not cross a public path.

                    Thanks again to the rest of you for your support.

                    I have just composed a letter to the Chief Inspector of the area and although I have expressed my concern about the PCs' lack of help I have not blamed him, as all I need is a vengeful plod as well as a NFH. I took advice from part of your website which suggests that you ask the question "is this normal practice" which should elicit a reply.

                    The main point I have put in the letter is that while NFH has every right not to park his car on his drive, I do not expect that in the process my drive should be blocked, whether it is in use or not. I just cannot believe that the police can only ask him to move his car if it is my car on my drive.

                    My main concern is that NFH is playing cat and mouse with us.

                    Will he behave himself for a while like the last time, giving us a false sense of security and then start this all over again? :badmood:

                    Plod said he was going to check the legality of the drive and get back to us - up to now he hasn't. So even though I know my drive is 'legal' we are still in limbo until plod comes back to us.

                    When I was younger I would not have let something like this upset me, but when we women get to a certain age...... is it the hormones do you think? or is it that you feel more fragile the older one gets.

                    We have been given advice from friends and relatives - such as - block his drive - slash his tyres etc. but really I do not want to break the law because that only reduces us to the level NFH is at.

                    This story is unrelated but I will tell you what happened to me when my children were young.

                    The neighbour in question wasn't a NFH she was just an elderly lady who insisted my children (without my knowledge) pick up the litter in her garden because she insisted it was our litter. The kids apparently did this for a few weeks and then got fed up and told me about it - mainly 'cos the kids could tell the litter wasn't our crisp packets etc.

                    I went and had a quiet word with the lady and got a load of abuse in return.

                    That night I sat and cut up a newspaper into confetti sized pieces and in the middle of the night scattered them over her garden. Although I felt self satisfied I really regretted it on reflection - and still do all these years later.

                    I feel I am winning some battles but how many more do I have to fight to win the war.

                    Jenny :wub:


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                      Everyone reacts differently to a situation. We all make mistakes, it's when someone keeps making the same mistake, that it becomes wrong.

                      I know what you mean though. Normally I am a easy going kind of person, that will talk to anyone. So people try and take advantage of my good nature. My NFH slanders me to anyone who is daft anough to listen, and they follow like sheep. If I try a more in charge approach, people then treat me as being in the wrong for not letting people walk all over me.



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                        You have done really well. Congratulations.

                        The letter you have prepared sounds like it's going to be excellent.

                        Well done

                        And, hey, don't worry about what you did years ago. I'm sure we've all done things at some point and looked back and wished we hadn't. Don't fret about it!


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                          Hi Jenny

                          .. is it the hormones do you think?

                          I'm not too sure about this. But I'm completely behind you on it. This guy is a bully, as are many many people that you come across in your life.

                          The only real and sure way to deal with a bully is to take their source of power away (whatever that may be). This guy's source is the police support he's gotten and a misguided sense of principle. So, this is where you attack back, and if you do so completely and cover all angles so he has no comeback, then you will win.

                          Really good luck with your letter - I hope that this is cleared up really soon.

                          Take care

                          Blue Cow