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Do I have neighbours from hell?

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  • Do I have neighbours from hell?

    Hi, I'm new here and I think I've got neighbours from hell?

    We moved into this house 4 years ago. It's the end house of a block of 4. Directly across the road is another block of 4. We've had no problems with anyone, until June this year. It all started when one of the one of the neighbours in the opposite block of 4 houses took exception to us turning the car round in the road outside the house, something we have always done since living here.

    One of the household asked us to stop turning the car round. We didn't think anything of it, as we were turning in the road, not on any property of theirs. A couple of weeks later, the same person collared us and said would we stop turning the car round or would he have to call the police. We still just carried on as the car is road legal.

    The next thing is that the partner and 16 year old son of the person arrived home as my hubby was walking to post a letter. All hubby heard was "I'll have you". On his way back, he was asked what he had said and told "I'll have the police on you". To which we received the first of 5 visits from the police. Apparently, we'd been waving and beeping the horn when we saw them and they felt intimidated. Never mind the fact that I'd had to put up with one of them always running to the gate whenever I turned the car. The police were quick to point out that no crime had been committed and we should just ignore them (which we do anyway).

    After this, the son took over. Whenever I went out of the house, especially during the summer holidays, he would be looking out of his bedroom window at me. It was the same when I came back, only then, when he saw me pull up in the car, he would run out of the house to the gate. He then shouted across the road to me, but I didn't catch what he said. One night, when we were both coming back in, he was watching as usual and came running down to the gate, I said to hubby "he's there looking over the gate again". Hubby came and looked and then we both carried on into the house. I went into the kitchen and I was absolutely horrified to see the boy standing in the middle of the road, looking into my kitchen. This has happened on a few occasions. We have taken evidence which has been shown to the police and when they went to see the people, it was flaty denied, and we were accused of instigating the whole thing.

    The police have since been told that we have beeped the horn because the boy has been looking out the window, even though we were at the end of the road. This has been the case on the other occasions, bar one:

    He was looking over the gate last night when we came home and I said to hubby, the b******* there again. Today the police have been to visit and issue hubby with a warning under the harassment act. Apparently, we've called him a pervert and sex offender. We've now been advised to contact a solicitor because if another allegation is made, hubby could be arrested. This extremely stressful for us. All the police are saying now is to ride the storm and maybe we can bring a civil action.

    The thing is, the neighbours either side of these people have been subjected to the same treatment. The family two doors up from us have been subjected to the same. We've been told by others that these people are just VERY GOOD liars. They have had their windows put out any amount of times and that once they get their claws into you, they won't let go. If anyone can give any advice or hope, please do.

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    Hi Zilla and welcome to the forum

    In answer to your question, yes, I'm afraid to say it does appear that you have NFH

    From what you have described I think possibly that it's 'your turn' for their attention It seems grossly unfair that your husband should have, what I am assuming is a PFH order placed on him when it its the NFH who are causing the problems

    Can I ask you, what kind of accommodation are you living in? e.g. council, HA or owner occupier? And also your NFH? It sometimes helps if we know because different actions can be taken depending on the answer.

    What evidence did NFH give to the police that your husband was calling him names? Or did they just accept what he said without question? Would your other neighbours, who have also been on the receiving end of NFH behaviour give statements to your solicitor to say so? If you could all get together it might help your husband fight this PFH order.

    I'm sure other members will be along soon with lots more advice and support for you.

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      you need to get your other neighbours to speak to the police as well

      if they have been subjected to this you guys need to stand together, it sounds like your neighbour want to be king of the road and is intimidating everyone

      start logging the times you are harrassed, watched, spoken to etc

      you can print log sheets from here

      you need to be collecting eveidence to protect yourselves from these allegations, you other neighbours can do it too if they are willing.

      I am sorry you and your Husband are going through this, we hear far too many of this sort of thing, life is so frustrating :banghead:

      I know everyone here will be able to offer you some support

      stay strong :flowers: :clover:


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        Hello there, sorry to hear of your horrible situation. they certainly sound like they want to rule the road, my NFHs were also like this. is you road very narrow hence you have to turn the car round in it? is there a way ofparking that doesnt need you to do this? the only reaon i say this is to try to find a way of NOT giving your divvy neighbours anything to pick up on.

        i find it very weird that your husband can be given a warning under the pfha without reams of evidence. time and time again we hear on this forum how difficult it is for us to get the police to even come out to a neighbourhood, let alone slap on a PFAwarning!

        can i suggest that you maybe wear sunglasses when you go out in the road to you car, as if you even so much as glance in their direction they might twist it round to say you are glaring at them and therefore intimidating them.

        and as others have suggested, if you can get the other neighbours to help you then hopefully the police will realise they are being made mugs of by these people and take the correct action (i.e. give THEM a warning!)

        hope this helps.

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          Hi and sory to hear of your problems.

          find it very weird that your husband can be given a warning under the pfha without reams of evidence. time and time again we hear on this forum how difficult it is for us to get the police to even come out to a neighbourhood, let alone slap on a PFAwarning!

          Seems to me that the Police are just trying to pacify the bullies and get them of their backs. We were in a similar position and the Police would not act as we had insufficient evidence. i.e. events were not, at that time, independently witnessed.

          Perhaps it would be worth visiting Citizens Advice or even trying to get a free half hour consultation with a solicitor?

          Good luck

          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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            Hi Zilla

            You have been given some great advice already, and I hope that you find it of benefit I just wanted to add my support too.

            Your neighbours sound seriously warped. I'm finding it hard to understand exactly what their problem could be. Do they seriously think that they have any right to dictate to you which public roads you are allowed to drive on?

            i find it very weird that your husband can be given a warning under the pfha without reams of evidence

            I completely agree with Annabel and John on this, but I would think that you should consider discussing this through with a solicitor so you know exactly where you stand.

            In the meantime, please don't talk to them, don't even look at them. If they shout out at you, or stare, please don't engage with them in any way, as all you are going to end up doing is giving them more ammunition.


            Good luck

            Blue Cow


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              Hi Zilla.

              I really feel for you with your situation.

              I agree with your neighbours. Your family of NFH's are very good liars. ALL NFH's are damn good liars unfortunately. I know mine is.

              As the others have said start to log everything down, no matter how minor the detail, everything will help.

              Good Luck


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                Well if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, then yes its probably a Neighbour From Hell dressed as a duck.

                I agree with everything that has been said but Janee is right NFHs are serial liars and are very, very good at telling their story to fit the avaibable information.

                However if other people are having similar problems then you should all be logging the problems and reporting it to the police.

                Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                So what's the plan?

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                  Hi Zilla,

                  Welcome to the Forum.

                  I hoe you can use some of the advice here, I am so mad for you and your husband that you have been treated in this way. :angry:

                  What proof, exactly have the police got? Who gave them the right to be judge and jury? What a flippin cheek, I'd definitely go and see the Inspector about this, it's just not on. :frown:.

                  Are you Council tenants or owners (or whatever?). If you are Council / Housing a**'n, you can get your Housing Officer involved.

                  Please take others' advice and keep a log of everything that happens and how it made you feel. If you can get some of their threats on tape, even better.

                  They sound like they need to be brought down several pegs, think they own the street, the low life saddoes.

                  Let us know how you get on - don't forget that there's usually someone hanging about here if you need to vent




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                    Hi zilla

                    I'd just like to say welcome to NFHiB and to offer my support.

                    I hope that you've found the advice so far helpful, and if you can give us the answers to some of the questions asked, we may be able to offer you some more avenues to try.

                    Good luck with it and take care.

                    Keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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                      One point your local police farce (sic) needs to be aware of. Just because they are the police does not give the immunity from the Protection from Harassment Act.

                      The attempt to place a PFA order on someone who is not guilty of any harassing acts might be a breach of the PFA itself, by the police officers.

                      It needs to be looked at by a senior officer or the PCA, if needsbe.