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    Hi all

    I hope you can help me with my problem.

    Some 5 months ago I had a visit from the police, this was due to my work and the home was searched, what the police were looking for was not there. The following week the local paper had a story on me and a few other chaps, my neighbour contacted the police to make a statement that was a lie, this statement was to try and ruin me and my family.

    My neighbour's had taken records of me and my family over the past 4 years from the cars that I have owned and the car that I drive, the car my wife drives the value of all that I have purchased over the past 4 years. Even work that we have had done on the house, new fence, Drive, etc and estimated costs on all even the colour and reg. numbers, of my Bikes and Cars down to the dent in the wing this covers the past 4 years, the final issue was the purchase of some roller-skates, and colour of my 13 year old son's wet-suit?

    She has lied to try and get me convicted for an offence that was not comimited, in the end the police and the court had no case, but we have been stalked over the past 4 years and have had no idea that this was going on, this is a 'INVASION OF OUR PRIVACY' The people who know us all have been very suported in this court matter, but I need to know how the law stands with regards to a very sick and worrying interest my neighbour has on us. Is there a web site that I can assess to help me in this matter, the probelm seems to be my wife and I both work hard, do not drink or gamble, so we injoy our family life together, with a nice home and nice toy's, but as we do the family next door seems to want to run us down to the ground. PLEASE HELP

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    Hi Sick As A Dog, and welcome to NFHiB

    It seems that your neighbour has an extreme interest in in the things that you spend your income on (down to some petty and odd things!). Are they

    jealous/obssessed or what?

    Can I ask how you are aware of all this record-keeping? Are these records for the police only, or any other authority? Does this seem to be with the sole intention of causing you trouble with the Police?

    I think that i would feel very harassed by all this's probably well worth a read of the harassment sel-help article linked here; this may be of interest

    as well as the article on the Protection from Harassment Act(1997)

    Are both you and your neighbour owner-occupiers?

    Sorry to ask questions, but it does give members a fuuler picture of the situation, in order that we can think around the problems from as many angles as possible




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      Hi SAAD,

      Sorry to hear your NFH surround you on all sides. From what you've said, there is absolutely no reason that they would have to suspect you of anything illegal. Is there an incident, or any one thing, that you can think of that might have set them off? If not, then it sounds to me like you might be rich in a less-than-rich neighbourhood, and they resent you for it. They may think that somebody who can afford all those toys and is so quiet must be up to no good. Not that I condone that way of thinking, but really why else would they go to the trouble to spy on you all this time? When an entire neighbourhood comes together like that, one has to wonder what it is that they all agree on. Usually NFH don't tend to group into neighbourhoods -- that's usually us normal individuals.

      What is it exactly that they thought you were doing that related to your work? Over all, I think it's a shame for people to have been keeping notes on you with the detail that they were. I think it's an invasion of privacy, for sure, considering they've been spying on you as a group and never once approached you to talk about any concerns or issues. I'm definitely interested to get more of your story. I don't think I have enough info to really give a full fledged opinion or advice at this point.

      You've got my support though.



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        Welcome to the Forum

        I hope you will find this to be a very supportive place .

        Do you have your own solicitor ? Just wondering if they have given you any advice on your situation.

        I was wondering too (like Sapph) whether your NFH's have actually been told to keep all these records by some 'official' body and this has given them the impression that they can be in yer face 24/7. They certainly sound to be very sad indeed if they are that obsessed - obviously they have no life of their own

        Definitely check out the Protection from Harassment Act as Sapph has mentioned and see how you feel.

        This site has heaps of useful stuff, so hopefully, you won't need to look elsewhere

        Let us know how you get on




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          Thank you all.

          I have lived in my village for 17 years, and have some good friends and neighbours that I can call on and they even call on me, we both work hard and have moved up the housing market over this 17 years to the family home we have now -

          Sapphirelily10 The local paper had a request for information on some criminal offences, my name was mentioned - but when the police called there was no hard evidence that I had committed a crime, items where taken and the NFH was out-side looking at the movement from the police, I have never had a criminal record (only a speeding fine) this was I thought a mistake on the police side, we as a family were helpful to the law we had nothing to hide(Both my brother-in-laws are police!) We think the NFH thought we were involved in this crime, so a statment to this effect was given to the police, this was infact kick-out by the courts and the CPS as the dates that she thought I had committed this crime was not relivent in the case, and all what we have purchased was paid for by hard work by us both, I am self employed and have 6 years worth of Bank Statements that the police looked at and confirmed that all was in order to our earnings and our expences. We both live in private homes, there home is like my old home we owned for some 10 years before we moved to this home that is bigger. The record Kepping seems to go back to 1999, when we and the NFH moved in. only some 4 years later this record Kepping has come to light.

          SweetpeaThank you for your concern.

          LivingHell Yes some 9 months ago I had a new fence erected and a exstention to my home, the fence and the exstention ran parallel with there land, when the fence was finishes he hung his washing line on it before the cement was dry, I requested him to remove this as this would cause strain on the fence, he did then a week later put it back, my wife asked him to remove it and after some exchange this was done, the fence was higher than the old one as his two children spent most of the summer looking over to our garden informing mum & dad what we were doing! He also complained to the council about my new exstention, the council came out and overturned his issues.

          Mazza Yes I have a solictor who I will ask that question, has he been requested to keep records on me for 4 years? good point

          Janee We have requested a copy of this statment from my solicitor, we would not sink that low to keep a file on them, we keep ourselfs to ourselfs, we have family and friends and neighbours call and hold the odd garden party for birthdays etc, I am self employed and most of my work is done after 6 o'clock, I do attend the office and sometimes work a 15 hr day, She is a Child Minder so I am sure that she is on the fiddle, not paying tax, cash in hand, etc, I pay my tax and have never not missed a payment, with account available for all to see


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            Originally posted by sweetpea@Nov 25 2003, 11:20 AM

            Hi Sick as a dog,

            It really does sound like they are picking on you out of jealousy.* Some people (I don't know if this is their case) are just so plain lazy don't realise that a lot of people get on in this life purely through working hard and reaping the rewards.* This is how it should be and no one should be made to feel bad how they spend their hard earned cash.

            What these people are doing is harrassment and is against the law.* Have you thought about going down this route?

            Best of luck



            My wife and I are aware this is harrassment, but at the moment they have a upperhand on us, we will be getting advise on this issue at a later date.

            I think it's the Green Eyed Monster :rant: that we have as a NFH, and we both feel that Jealousy is a illness, we feel sorry for them in one sence but again feel very upset that this is going on. How can people be so bitter, when they look at our family, I am happy for people who have done well in life, but I would not or could not do what they have done to anyone.

            We feel that Legal Action might be a route forward, but informing all my other neighbours what they are like might be a better route to go...

            'What comes around - goes around'



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              HI there, sorry to hear of your horrid situation.

              I agree with the others, it sounds to me like your NFH think your work involves something dodgy and that all your home improvements and nice things have maybe come from dodgy deals...they see you going off at night time and their imagination has run riot! :angry: what sad sad individuals they truly are. to go to the bother of recording what you have bought for yourself and kids to try to prove some kind of wrong doing, well, words utterly fail me. obviously being stuck in doors all day with kids has made her lose her grip on reality! :blink: you can feel the jealousy and envy from out here in cyber space!

              do you think somehow the NFH put the police up to raiding your home? i think maybe having a word with the police about the Protection from harrassment act might be worthwhile, i mean how much longer can you put up with this oddbod checking out everything you are doing?

              well, the other thing i wanted to say was, how about you check out whether this childminder is properly registered with social services and has proper indemnity insurance? - this bit is controversial - if you think she isnt paying her NI and tax, you might like to have a word in the relevant authorities ears...???? just a suggestion....:whistle::innocent:

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                hi and a belated welcome!

                sorry to hear this, it sounds really creepy :unsure: I cant offer any advice other than what the others have said but just wanted you to know you have tons of moral support here

                hope this gets sorted for you quickly and without too much cost

                keep safe :clover: :flowers:


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                  Hi Sick as a Dog and a belated welcome from me

                  Grrr, sounds like your NFH is a Miss Marple wannabee!!! Either that or she is totally obsessed with you and your family!

                  Have you ever had any altercation with NFH? Were you ever aware that they were 'watching' you? If you think they are still up to their old antics, keep a log of any times you see them watching you or of any comments etc that may be made. It will help if you decide to ask the police about serving them with a Protection from Harassment Order.

                  She is a Child Minder so I am sure that she is on the fiddle, not paying tax, cash in hand, etc, I pay my tax and have never not missed a payment, with account available for all to see

                  To be fair, you don't know for sure that NFH is on the fiddle. She may or may not be paying tax but as you don't know for sure I think it is unwise to accuse her. Two wrongs don't make a right and it might work against you if you accuse her of something that turns out to be untrue. After all, you too have been on the receiving end of false accusations so you know what it's like.

                  Good luck, it can't be easy knowing you're being spied on all time

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                    Hi Sick as a Dog,

                    I just wanted to add my support too.

                    Miss Marple wannabee?? Misty honestly!

                    Good luck with the advice that you have been given, something certainly doesn't seem right with this, as no "normal" neighbour wuld have kept such detailed records of your activities.

                    Take care

                    Blue Cow


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                      I agree with the others, it sounds to me like your NFH think your work involves something dodgy and that all your home improvements and nice things have maybe come from dodgy deals...they see you going off at night time and their imagination has run riot!

                      Exactly! That says it all.

                      SAAD: Hey, I'm sorry I thought that it was more than one NFH, but it sounds like just one. Bulox how they've reacted to you when it came to your fence and their clothes line. It sounds like a nice extension and fence, and I hope you're enjoying your privacy now that those kids can't peer in at you.

                      My hubby does his work at nights as well, and I am not working at the moment with my mom living here, and she doesn't work either. I receive employment insurance, however, and my mom a pension. I'm sure my NFH wonders what the heck we're up to as well, and how we afford all that we have since only one of us is working at the moment. Actually I laugh to think of how her imagination has probably run wild :lol: ! Well, you know, we're really quite mundane people. She'd be sorely disappointed! :lol:

                      You take care, and I hope that all the fuss dies down with the police and the papers. Sh*te, after an episode like that, I'd be charging my next door neighbours with a whole lot of things, including defamation of character, especially if they were responsible for the 'tip off' that led the police to your door.



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                        Obsesive. Potentially dangerous. Sic the police on 'em.


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                          Originally posted by SICK AS A DOG@Nov 25 2003, 10:12 AM

                          The local paper had a request for information on some criminal offences, my name was mentioned - but when the police called there was no hard evidence that I had committed a crime
                          Hi Sick as a Dog and a belated welcome from me

                          This comment you made above I found a bit worrying :huh: , so your local paper named you in relation to criminal offences? :unsure: Did you respond to the paper on this issue? Did they retract it/offer an apology? If not, I'd be tempted as well to speak to your Solicitor about this problem too.

                          I hope you've found the advice from members helpful so far.

                          Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.