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socially challenged noisy NFH

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  • socially challenged noisy NFH

    Ok have had loads of trouble getting to this stage but thats just because I am technologically challenged !!!!!


    Well where do I start !!???

    I moved in 18 months ago and have kept myself to myself pretty much.

    I have once or twice been a pain myself and my neighbours wife has mentioned something and I have been deeply sorry as I did not realise that I had been noisy and have made a concerted effort to be quiet !! We all make mistakes and this world and we all have to live together!!! :cry:


    It seems there is one rule for us and one one rule for our neighbours.

    The first real incident happend October last year. We were not allowed by the police to enter our property one evening last year due to my neighbour having a bad day ( He had loud music, was threatening to kill himself and the Riot vans had closed my Road off ) I finally managed to access my own property at 2am, which my then new partner and I had spent several hours and several quid on coffee at the local services. Fortunatly my children were on a sleep over with grandparents. We arrived home to find he had been carted off and his front window was being boarded up by the council. ( He was let out next day to play his music to us all again ! )

    Despite this and the fact that: his boy has climbed on our shed roof and thrown eggs at the upstairs windows, broken into my garden and urinated on my dog and jumped all over our car and dented the roof. ( He attends the local school that my children attend and is following the bullying footsteps of his father ! )His other boy had paintballed our lounge window, and on numerous occaisions my neibour has played his music to the whole of the street serinadeing us with songs and abuse off all descriptions. I have never said a word!!!!!!

    Last night after a family night out we all arrived home to find the floor boards vibrating and what only can be described in the loosest term as music playing at a leval Motor Head would have been proud of !!

    ( It has happend about 3 times now in the last 2 weeks ! )

    I decided hey, he does normally, despite his antics seem an ok kind of person and I should ask nicely for him to turn it down just a litttle!!!

    How wrong could I be. It seems to me that an accumulation of alcohol and drugs dont mix to make a nice personallity !!!!!!

    I can only assume his answer ment no. Although it began with an F and was followed by lots of other F's, and accompanying sign language. I was worried at this moment for my lights as I felt they were at risk of being punched out !

    Now the boys ( and girls ) in Blue are no stranger to our street, nor are they a stranger to my neighbour. They visited him only last weekend at 1am.

    I felt a little phone call to them may help in my situation. I mean they are there to serve?? and help keep law and order?? arn't they??

    Well apparently not. It's not up to them its environmental health, well so they informed me.

    So 1am arrived and none of us could sleep so yet again I was forced out of my own home to get some peice and quiet. Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that a tad unfair??????

    The children are fed up and tired. We are tired and irritable and apprihensive of throwing out time the local again tonight.

    I have lost many jobs due to oversleeping because of his noise. I have rang in sick recently as I had very little sleep. My partner has had a warning from work about lateness. We are not sleeping so how can we get up for work and hold down jobs??

    My nerves are raw and I'm feeling very negative towards my house. We try to keep out most of the time and so house work is suffering and I just don't want to be here any more.

    The council are so very aware of my neighbour, I have mentioned him several occaisions before and so have other people in my street !!!

    As I said before the Police are no strangers to him. What can be done??

    I am frightened to say a thing or go anywhere now as I realise he can be very volatile and voilent!!! And unpredictable !!!

    Please oh please if anyone can help !!!!

    We do have a transfere arranged for early next year, but I'm not sure I can cope until then! And I'm also concerned for the new family moving in here, it's fair on them either as they are a decent family.

    Socially challenged families do have to live somewhere, but what can we do to make them fall in line when they are so unreasonable and have no respect for other people and no respect for authority????????

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    Hi Hedgefriend

    Welcome to the Forum

    I am very sorry to learn that you are having such a blimmin horrid time of it. I am sure that you will find all the support and advice you need here though - so stick with us and we will see you get through until your transfer ! .

    I presume from your comments that you and your NFH's are Council tenants (please correct me if I am wrong). In that case, what exactly are they (the Council) doing about your NFH's? After all, they are in many breaches of their tenancy agreement.

    Why am I not surprised to hear that the police fobbed you off to the Env Health? Many of us here wonder each day just what our Council Tax is being used for when it comes to the police service part of it :frown:.

    I realise that you are in line for a transfer, but just in case, have you been making a log of all these incidents and reporting it all to the Council (Housing Dept), the Env Health, the police? Report every day if necessary!

    Could you contact your MP too to see if he or she can throw some weight behind this problem - after all, it's in the news every day about the Government wanting a clampdown on anti-social behaviour, so your MP ought to be well up on it all.

    Well, I am sure others will be along shortly so keep visiting and keep us posted.

    Best wishes


    :nfh1: :ban: :nfh1:


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      Hi Hedgefriend and welcome

      (Grrrr…I’ve just spent absolutely ages typing you a reply and have just deleted it by accident %$^£& computer!!)

      I’m so sorry to hear of the problems that you are having with your neighbour. It’s hardly surprising that you are at your wit’s end over all of this. I’m also so sorry that you are feeling that you need to spend as much time as possible away from your home because of your NFH.

      I understand that the police are very busy (especially on a Saturday night), but surely if you explained to them that your neighbour has been very abusive and things could turn violent, then surely they have a duty to at least come out and assess the situation? Especially if they are already aware of your neighbours?

      You say that the council is familiar with these issues, well what exactly are they planning to do about it? You are very right to be concerned about the family that will be moving in to replace you. Unless anything constructive is done about your neighbours, then this problem is just going to be transferred to another family

      I would definitely contact your local EH department and start recording all incidents that happen now.

      I also think that you should make an appointment with your doctor to discuss how the lack of sleep and stress are affecting your health. If you are having problems at work because of this, then your doctor will be able to write to them on your behalf. They may also be able to recommend things that you can do (or take) to help with your anxiety.

      It’s really good that you have an escape route planned for next year, and I hope that you find the site a good resource for support and advice until you do move. I know how it feels to hate where you live because of the actions of a neighbour and it can feel soul-destroying.

      I’m sure other members will be able to offer you constructive advice and support, and in the meantime, please take care.

      BTW lastly, please don’t knock on your neighbours door again, if he’s that unpredictable, you really don’t want to be on the receiving end :unsure:

      Blue Cow


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        Hi Hedgefriend, and welcome to NFHiB

        I'm sorry to hear you are enduring this sleep-depriving noise nuisance.

        I hope you've found the self-help articles on the site, as well as the info on legislation and noise? In case not, the links are below,

        If you aren't already logging these incidents of noise nuisance, do start now. There are log sheets available here, as well as a template letter to send to your neighbour explaining the problems they are causing, prior to contacting Environmental Health (as long as you don't fear an intimidating reaction from sending a letter).

        In terms of noise nuisance, these steps will help build a case against your nfh, as well as these logs being handed to the Council Housing Office (if nfh are council tenants). Under the terms of their tenancy agreement, they should not be causing their neighbours noise nuisance.....this is a breach of their tenancy obligations, and the Housing Office should be investigating and looking at what action they can take. Are any other neighbours having similar problems with this neighbour? I wonder if they too would be prepared to log and report any disturbance?

        In terms of any abusive/threatening/harassing behaviour- then this is where the police should come in. Any threat to your personal safety, don't hesitate to dial 999, and log it. Again, under the terms of the tenancy agreement, this should interest the Housing department.

        I'm quite sure a move cannot come soon enough for you, but in the mean-time, do keep safe, and take whatever measures you feel appropriate here to deal with this awful neighbour :nfh1:


        Sapph .


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          hi there

          sorry to hear what you are going through, sounds a total nightmare

          definatly check out the links Sapphy has given you, empowerment is a great thing

          so are the NFHs council tennents? and the council arent doing anything??? :huh: I am asumming you have told them about his antics?

          log everything down, you can send copies to EHO and council housing office, keep one for you remember!

          hope you get shot of him soon

          ............still cant get over the fact he wee'd on your dog, thats just sick!!! :rant:


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            Thanks everyone. I have now just started making a log ( I so wish I had done it sooner ! ) Next door are HA we are council. I have complained to the council, and realise now that I need to approach the HA.

            I really don't feel safe enough to send a letter to my neighbour, as I think all reasoning has gone from that part of his brain. ( per-haps the drugs took over !)

            Also will be contacting EH today and see what they say...........

            The support on this site is amazing, thank you everyone.


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              thats what we are here for Hedgefriend!!

              you are amoung friends here, we all know what it feels like, that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, not knowing if you are going to have to put up with their nonense.

              you can always come in to say hi or for a moan, we are great listeners and it helps just to have someone else to talk to about it

              good luck with the logging and the HA :clover:


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                Hi hedgefriend and a belated welcome from me

                Your situation sounds horrendous There's nothing I can really add to the advice that other members have given. I do, however, offer you my sincere sympathy

                Good luck with HA and EH, I hope they will listen and act

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Hi Hedgefriend

                  Thanks for the clarification on who the landlord is...advice the same tho'

                  I hope that you derive great support from the forum, that is what we're here for Sometimes, just taking those first steps can feel quite empowering...there are things you can do that will make a difference, albeit sometimes at a frustratingly slow pace

                  I can understand that(by the sounds of your nfh!) you may not feel safe in sending the letter, but it's all up to you . All the very best with approaches to the H.A. and E.H. :thumbs:




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                    What horrid circumstances to have to live in. NFH's seem to take over your life at some stage or another and its just so damn unfair that they always seem to get the law or other authorities on their side :angry:

                    Its already been said but you must start to keep a log of every incident, date and time of whatever or however minor the incident. Its a pain to have to do to start with but you get used to it very easily.

                    You say you worry about the next family that moves into your property when you get your move, it may sound harsh and some others may not agree but you cannot afford to worry about them at the moment you have to look after yourself and your children. All the efforts you are putting in now to make the authorities aware of the situation is all you can do for the next tennants.

                    Good Luck



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                      I'm not going to repeat the advice given by others on here - but log it all, then contact the EH dept., responses do seem to vary depending where you are, but it's the first step - if the disturbance doesn't stop, keep logging and keep going back to EH.

                      Just remember, you're not alone, and you do have the right to enjoy your home in peace. It's your neighbour who's being inconsiderate and nasty. I know sometimes the constant disturbance will drive you to tears :cry: - many others on this forum have been in similar situations, myself included - and although noise may not seem "as bad" as some people's problems, it's still intrusive, unpleasant, disturbing, and 'cos there's nothing you can do about it, it's a form of psychological abuse, where the other person has "power" to contol your life.



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                        Hi Hedgefriend and a belated welcome from me

                        I hope that the advice and links you have been given so far are helping you get somewhere.

                        On noise issues, the Police (from what I'm aware of) will generally refer it all to the EH department as they have the statutory powers where there is a statutory nuisance of noise and/or pollution. So that's where you need to be pursuing this.

                        The Council should also be able to liase with the HA over the nuisance their tenant is causing to you. Speak to your Estate/Housing Officer and if you don't get anywhere with them, speak to their manager. You could also speak to your local Councillor and/or MP.

                        You could also see if there's an independent Housing Advice Centre in your area, they may also be able to offer you advice on possible other options open to you.

                        Best of luck with it all and please keep us posted.