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Is it the time of year?

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  • Is it the time of year?

    :blink: I have been reading all of the posts here on the NFHiB Forum Board and thought I'd just give you all an update of where we are at the moment.

    Our NFH#3 has played his music again tonight (the throbbing, pulsing bass beat) but only for about five minutes. :rant: All of you other noise nuisance sufferers will know that five minutes isn't just five minutes of horrible music and noise, it's the hours after too. Where you sit wondering whether it's going to go back on or not. It's completely upsets your life, routine, plans etc. I just find it completely infuriating and pointless.

    They have been stair running, screeching and shouting (which has been a constant since we moved in) since about 6pm, we did wonder whether partner number ?, (well it's about 20 odd in the past year :blink: - all looking under twenty) may have had a trip to Ann Summers today.

    We are at the stage where EH have been involved: an initial letter and warning letter have been sent. We did try to resolve issues amicably at the start, but the noise just continued. The general trend was NFH going out (clubbing presumably) and returning at about 2 - 3 am and then putting on his music (along with quite a few guests). One guest in particular, who we call Tomb Teeth, is the worst: he'll hike the music up and screech as loud as he can.

    We talk a lot on NFHiB about the behaviour of our NFH and a classic example is something ours does time and time again...if we have visitors one evening, he has to have double the amount the next evening. This is all related to a parking issue too, so if we have two cars visiting (we have two spaces allocated) then he has to have four cars visiting...

    ...I have just had to go out to check our car as NFH has gone out and a loud crash was heard (OH thought that NFH had banged into our car in their rush to get out), however, have investiagted and no damage. That's another thing that we are looking into at the moment: the very likely possibility of drink/drug driving.

    I just feel that it's happening all over again, albeit a year down the line.

    We all know here that NFH somehow know what their limits are. But, we also know what ours are. We will follow the correct legal channels. I will involve the EH again and, if necessary, I will instruct a Solicitor and/or take action myself.

    I have read the NFHiB Self Help Articles, I have logged, I have tried to engage with the NFH.

    I just wanted you all to know where we are.

    We and the NFH are both owner occupiers. We are not moving. We want a quiet life and what makes us laugh the most is that our NFH said he bought his house because of the quiet and stillness where the houses are.

    I thank NFHiB for being here, because without it, I would not be able to cope with our NFH situation as well as I'm able to at the moment.

    So thanks to everyone here :thumbs:

    Hope you enjoyed the update

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    Oh Holly,

    I just don't know how you and all the other NFH noise sufferers out there cope with it all.

    I can totally understand that 5 minutes is more than enough to destroy what you'd hope would be a peaceful evening .

    As ever, with NFH of all shapes and sizes, you just don't know what they'll do next or when - but you know it will happen, and the 'in between' is just as bad as the real event :angry: .

    I feel so mad for you that you are having to go to all this trouble to try and get peace and quiet. It's always bemused me that these types who take drugs want to be all mellow and chilled, peace and love and all that - yet they can the most chaotic and inconsiderate *BEEPS* that crawled the earth .

    You are so good at giving out the advice here that it's easy to forget that you are an NFH sufferer too, I do admire you for that . And I'm glad that you have posted this too - we all need a bit of support from time to time .

    Keep at 'em,

    Best wishes


    :ban: :nfh1: :ban:


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      Thanks you two .

      See, the beauty about NFHiB is that it doesn't really ,matter WHAT your NFH problem is - the members here understand. :thumbs:

      I know that when I go to sleep tonight I will need to put my earplugs in ( NFH's msuic is bound to go on). I know that tomorrow morning ALL of you will be there to offer support if needed.

      BTW...If you put something on, you can don it; if you take it off, you doff it; :blink: if you put in earplugs do you "din" them? :blink: :lol:


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        Hi Holly and thanks for the update

        Mazza's right, you always give such caring and pertinent advice to other members, I'd love to tell you how to make it all go away

        Sorry that you've had to put up with his music tonight. It does ruin your peace, as you are never quite sure when it'll start again (and in what form). I hope that he's quiet when he comes back in.

        Good luck with EH I hope that they take it all in hand for you, so that you don't have to start forking out for solicitors etc.

        BTW - Tomb Teeth :lol: - sounds a real catch down the local nightclub!!! Very tempting I'm sure :lol:

        Blue Cow


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          Originally posted by Hazelnut@Nov 21 2003, 10:42 PM

          I'm one of those people who adore peace and quiet even though we live on a main road with ever growing numbers of HGVs. Not the same issue as yours by any means, becasue the
          Hi HN

          We used to live right by the Trans Pennine Express train route and the trains never caused me any bother - in fact it was some comfort knowing that they were runing on time .


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            I have never commented on noise issues before on here because simply I don't have that kind of experience with Madhatter - his behaviour is something completely opposite. I really don't think that these NFH's can comprehend the pure damage that they inflict on peoples lives because of their selfish actions. Where Goosegirl and our situation is more criminal noise is civil and the difference in getting something done is vast because often when dealing with the EH - having read quite a few on here - the process is long and winding.

            I can shut my door to Madhatter and know that when I walk into the sitting room/kitchen or where ever I can try and switch off to him because noise pollution is not something of his forte - but when you have to sit and listen to someone elses garbage this has a major effect because the intrusion is literally like someone standing in front of you and you not being able to move away or get away from it other than leaving your home and going elsewhere - and lets face it why should you ?

            Putting it quite simply - those who suffer from noise have my total sympathy. Like I say I never really comment on noise issues because I leave it to those who are more experienced to offer the correct advice. But I think even when you have such experience as you Holly, it still doesn't protect you and often you end up feeling more frustrated simply because you know something can be done when the EH more often than not just drag their feet.


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              Hi Holly,

              Thanks for your update. Everyone here has their own unique problem and I truly feel each situation is different to each nuisance neighbour, even if the differences with common problems such a noise are very subtle. Your NFH is again an 'original'' in that sense.

              You're right though Holly - it's the sheer dread of sitting around, hoping the noise won't start, but deep down knowing it will.........sooner or later. Bass sounds like that for 5 minutes may as well be for 5 hours. There's pretty much nowhere you can go in a house (unless you're lucky enough to have about 15 rooms) to escape it either.

              Noise makes you jumpy, over-sensitive sometimes, makes you unable to enjoy your own home as you 'creep about', makes you ill, gives you sleepless nights and affects all of our lifes within every area holistically, whether we realise it or not. There are many other affects too as well as these as we all know on the forum.

              As well as other different past NFH problems with two different couples living next door to us, Beth and I experienced noise issues particularly and constantly over a period of several years. Like Holly, they would go out clubbing/pubbing and come back at 2, 3, 4am times - Music blaring. When they (couple no. 2) were out, their dog stayed in and howled/barked loudly pretty much constantly. Noise when they were in, noise when they were out. It did actually give me ongoing migraines too as a direct result.

              So like many others here, I can truly relate to the damage noise can do to you both psychologically and physically and hope that you (Holly) can progress this once again in your favour. Maybe a private action could be the next logical step for you now.

              We're glad you're here Holly and you found the board last Christmas - it's times when NFH are particularly bad (and lets face it many NFH do increase/decrease their behaviour quite often/erratically - some stay more 'consistent'), that we more than ever need another perspective on things, other ideas even.

              Even if it's to confirm what we already know - "no, you're not being paranoid", "no, you're not being unreasonable" and "yes, you have every right to enjoy your own home in peace and quiet". Having an NFH does perhaps make us then forever 'zero-tolerant' to any form of NFH behaviour (it does me) - but who can blame us?

              NFHiB is many things - a checking tool (to bring us back to reality if we need it and to re-assure), an advice tool, a support tool and above all a friendly community of people who come together so positively in the face of such negative circumstances with their neighbours to have serious, less-serious and supportive conversations (we have a laugh often too!).

              This is what sets members here apart from their NFH, they care, they are accountable human beings, unlike their respective NFH.

              I hope Holly doesn't mind me saying this either - but this is also a good reminder that moderators, (and they do a lot on the board that is seen and unseen), also have their own NFH issues too. The forum is for everyone and anyone and the most successful element within it, is everyone can get information and support on the same available level.

              I hope things quieten down in the shorter term for you Holly anyway.



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                :rant: Woken at 4.30 am by NFH (as was our nice neighbour) :rant:

                Had the "When Harry Met Sally" diner routine for a couple of seconds before quietness resumed.


                Anyway, it's our turn to go out this evening.


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                  Having spent hours discussing this situation with Hol and O.H., I know that this affects them in ways that reach far and beyond the actual 5 mins or hour that the music/screeching etc goes on. I have strategised over how to deal with this, enjoyed role-playing what we could do for revenge(which is why I think it's good to imagine what you would like to do, but never would), and peered in disgust at both nfh and Tomb-teeth (how they could ever interest any female, God only knows!).

                  My own experiences with noise nuisance are small compared to these, but also have affected me at times. As does the general criminality of some young people in my area. The effects of this have recently made me feel somewhat unsafe and intimidated....and I also have been very grateful and felt very supported by members of this site. I think it's value is immeasureable.

                  And, yes, Holly, tonight is our turn!! Hope we don't disturb him when our night out is over :P :P Who knows, we may have to *act out* a little revenge (quietly of course) :lol: :lol:

                  :lara: h34r:



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                    I hope that you have a good night out :drunk:

                    If there is alcohol involved, then I hope that it runs freely!!


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                      There is , Blue Cow, and it will! :lol: :P



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                        Nice one girls!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

                        Have a great night!!


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                          Ta, B.C. !!!



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                            Originally posted by Blue Cow@Nov 22 2003, 5:26 PM

                            If there is alcohol involved, then I hope that it runs freely!!*
                            Believe me, where they are concerned it does! :lol: :P :hihi:


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                              :lol: :hihi: :lol: :thumbs: Oh yes, it does indeed. :P