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neighbour blocking my drive

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  • neighbour blocking my drive

    Hi :sad:

    I have 2 drives on my property. One drive is 'attached' to my house, while the other is at the top of my long front garden.

    The reason we had the second drive put on the garden was that we live in a long narrow cul-de-sac and our house is at the bottom. Shortly after we moved in 23 years ago we realised that we were constantly being 'blocked in' and we were forever having to find the driver of the vehicle so we could get in or out of our drive,hence the second drive. A few years ago we went down to 1 vehicle so we told our next door neighbour 'Mary' she could use the drive on the garden. Recently for no reason that I can think of one of our other neighbours has blocked the garden drive while 'Marys' car was on it, even when his own drive (which can take 2 cars) was empty. As Mary does not like confrontation I left a note on his car asking him not to block the drive. He ignored my request.

    The other day as I was reversing up the street he came out of his house and gave me a load of abuse about leaving notes on his car. I asked him to move his car from in front of my garden drive and his response was "as it was not my car on the drive I could not make him".

    I called the police and the policeman told us that he could not make him move his

    car despite the fact that he was denying me access to my drive and garden.

    He advised us that only 'Mary' could ask him to move. As she was out all day in her husbands car I had a long wait while he smugly swaggered back and forward.

    Mary agreed to ask him to move his car which he did and Mary and I swapped places.

    I would have thought the police could have made him move.

    What do you all think


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    hi jenny

    welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you are having driveway problems, a bit much when you get gain access to your own property :badmood:

    DO NOT park your vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users.
    I took this off the highway code site, hope it helps and here is the link so you can have a look yourself.

    highway code

    the police who "helped" didnt seem very clear themselves it seems :huh: I hope so other members will be able to help you more with this one, please dont lose hope though, we will try and find out what we can for you


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      Hi jenny and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

      The cheek of some neighbours form hell (NFH) never ceases to amaze me - what a cocky little upstart he sounds :huh: .

      I'd be fuming at the Police response - what difference does it make whose car it is? It's blocking your private driveway. :blink:

      But sorry I can't tell you what's right or wrong in terms of the legalities of it all. I hope that other members will be able to offer you the right advice .

      I can offer you my support though and you have definitely come to the right place for that - we dole it out in bucket loads .




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        Hi Jenny and welcome

        I really don't get this!!!! Have you ever had any other problems with this neighbour before?

        Is your neighbour just trying to start a parking fight for no reason. Has he seriously got nothing better to do with his life? Sad pathetic small minded little man :angry:

        I'm afraid that if it was me, I would have called the police out and told them that someone was deliberately blocking my access to my property. I would have insisted that they came round to talk to him and would not have mentioned her car at all. I would liked to have seen him explain to the police why he was parking there with an empty driveway himself!!

        I'm sorry but I have no idea about the who's car is who's thing, but like HN, I always thought that you are not allowed to park in front of a driveway fulls-stop.

        The highway code that Beth has posted says:

        DO NOT park your vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or other road users. For example, do not stop front of an entrance to a property

        It doens't mention anything about being able to flout this part of the highway code if your neighbour is parked on your driveway.

        It sounds like your neighbour is trying it on, but I'm sure other members may have heard of this silly rule??

        Blue Cow


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          Hi Jenny,

          Welcome to the Forum

          What a load of old codswallop. :frown:

          That police officer obviously wanted to go home early and couldn't be bothered to do anything.

          The grebo was blocking your access - end of - and the police should have got him to shift.

          I would be hopping mad if I were you and be inclined to make a big complaint at the police station and also point out that the behaviour is harassing and intimidatory bearing in mind he has a perfectly useable space of his own to park in 'so what are you going to do about that then, Mr Police [email protected]




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            I don't know the rights and wrongs of this but here's a similar example. My neighbour has a narrow drive and recently a car has been partially blocking it. It's been there for several days. My neighbour does not drive so it is not a serious inconvenience, but a nuisance nonetheless. He noticed that the car is not taxed and infomed the police. They put sticker on the car saying it would be towed away in a weeks time. The owner obviously saw the note because it was taken off the windscreen and placed inside the car. After a week it had not been moved. After about 10 days neighbour phoned the police again. They said that they had decided not to do anything. So untaxed car partially blocking a drive and police refuse point blank to do anything.


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              Sorry but quoting the Highway code means nothing it is the road traffic act that counts. You can apply for a white line to be put outside your entrance from the highways department, it costs but you may then have a legal argument. Good luck.



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                Just to add more gloom re my post above and white lines as referred to by Antique. My neighbour has white line across his drive and the untaxed car is actually parked over part of the white line, but still the police have refused to do anything.


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                  What a lovely man your neighbour is isn't he !

                  Well, first of all blocking access to and from your driveway to and from the public highway is an offence, however, in this case the police officer was correct in stating that being as it was Mary's driveway which was being blocked it was her duty to ask him first to move then should he deny her request to then speak to the police.

                  Now, I know some of us on here have a real big beef about what the police are and in most cases are not doing - me being one of them. But, the fact is that your NFH was in causing an obstruction and a breach of the peace. In all reality I would have thought just sending a patrol car around to show a bit of force would have been enough - alas that was not the case.

                  I have often found this to be most true when dealing with the police :-

                  A. You need to know your facts as regards to sections of the law

                  B. You can't give them the distressed woman syndrome (and no I am not being sexist here its just what I have found from bitter experience)

                  C. You need to stand your ground and insist something is done.

                  In most cases I think it would be easier having a personality transplant performed on oneself than operating any of the above. But the fact is this, the police are accountable to the general public. We as tax payers contribute to their salaries and general running costs. First and foremost they work for us - Joe Public. The fact that we don't get a decent standard of service is another subject matter for me to kick off on, on another day. However, in the meantime can I suggest if this happens again - you go above the Police Officers head tell them you are far from satisfied and inform them that you will launching an official complaint, in the meantime you wish to speak to either a Duty Sergeant or preferably an Inspector. On the basis that every officer hates to be investigated it may illicit some sort of response.


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                    Hi all you lovely people,

                    Why can't I have you lot as neighbours.

                    My main argument about the policemans' decision is this:-

                    It is my private drive.

                    I decide who can park on it, therefore I decide who is blocking it.

                    What if I was wanting to clear some rubbish away which had collected around the drive but did not need Mary to move her car.

                    The policeman did come in a car but some people are not intimidated by that sort of thing anymore.

                    My NFH has now started parking his car on his own drive. I don't know if it is

                    because he knows he can't block my car in or whether he has been told that what he has been doing is wrong.

                    I will keep you informed if and when I find out the legal ins and outs on the subject



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                      I know, it really can get you down when you expect the police to help and they simply refuse. :sad:

                      Anyway, it does sound as if he might be behaving a bit now, so perhaps the visual of the police car has given him food for thought after all .

                      Hope he stays away and that you don't have to deal with this any more

                      Keep us posted if you can find anything out



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                        The police decided not to do anything about the untaxed car? That is NOT their decision. Ask the police for the DVLA number to report untaxed cars. Call it. And then see PC Dork "decide not to do anything!"


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                          Hi Jenny,

                          I still don't get what he was playing at, but if he's on his own driveway again, I'll reserve judgement (and bite my tongue!) for now.

                          Let us know if he does it again :unsure:

                          Blue Cow


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                            Hi All,

                            I think I should clarify the situation regarding my garden drive.

                            There is no pavement on 'my' side of the cul-de-sac therefore when my nfh was

                            blocking my drive he was only inches from the back of any car on that drive.

                            I have a hedge all around my garden which means that when nfh was parked in front of the drive he was also blocking my hedge (should I wish to cut it or trim it).

                            Because the drive is on my garden and would be unsightly from my front window

                            I surrounded it on three sides with a trellis and have climbing roses and ivy growing up it and as you can imagine after over 20 years the plants are quite established. If I have any litter on that drive I can only access it from the 'roadside'. I can not access it from the inside of my garden. I hope this is as clear to you as it is to me.

                            My husband took a photo of the 'blocked' drive and we have shown it to various people, who have all said they thought the driver should have been made to move the car. One of the people we showed the photo to is a serving policeman from a different force area. We told him nothing about the dispute but asked him if he thought the law was being broken.

                            He immediately said he would do the car driver for obstruction if the car was not moved at once.

                            A chief Traffic Warden said she would have put a fixed penalty notice on the car without even finding out who the car belonged to (but that's traffic wardens for you).

                            Apparently different police force areas have different ideas about neighbourly disputes and try not to aggravate the situation or take sides but in my case I think he has made the situation worse and inconvenienced both myself and Mary.

                            Up to the point of having to call the police we had not had any trouble with this relatively new neighbour of 2 years, but I have one less Christmas card to send and I know who will not get any more tomatos from my greenhouse.

                            I am still trying to find out if there is a particular reference of law I could quote to him should this ever happen again.

                            All of this could have been avoided if only he had asked both myself and Mary if he could park his car where he did, and I think that is what has annoyed me most of all, as well as his arrogance and his I'm alright Jack attitude.

                            At the time of writing he has parked his car as close as he dares to the back of my car but his car is not only blocking part of my hedge but he is also blocking a public walkway through to the other part of the estate.

                            I don't want any more hassle so as long as he behaves himself I shall try and get on with the rest of my life, but I shall log in regularly just to keep in touch with you all.

                            Jenny :thumbs:


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                              Originally posted by jenny@Nov 19 2003, 7:11 PM

                              All of this could have been avoided if only he had asked ..... if he could park his car where he did, and I think that is what has annoyed me most of all, as well as his arrogance and his I'm alright Jack attitude.
                              That's exactly how I feel about my NFH jenny, so you're not alone with those sentiments.

                              Hope he stays on his own drive. :unsure:

                              Please do keep popping by, sharing your experiences with other members and letting us know how you're getting on.