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  • please help

    i wonder if anyone can help i have horrendous neighbours......they bully and intimidate. my child is alienated or bullied when she does try to play out. the noise of the bass is horrendous and when sombody contacted enviromental health to complain i was called a c***,threatend and swore at all in front of my 4 yr old who is now petrified and constantly checking the windows and doors are locked. i cant even go out to my back garden as they have a bull terrier roaming constantly over to my garden and whom im petrified of. I really cant stand anymore but dont know what to do... Ive tried everything else

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    Hi Mandy,

    Welcome to the NFHiB Forum, I'm glad you registered with us for help.

    Firstly, can you give us an update of what action you've taken so far? This helps us all to get a picture of your current situation and what may/may not be open to you as a possible avenue now.

    For example:

    - Is your neighbour a house owner or do they rent? If they rent, who from?

    - Have you contacted the local council Env Health dept? If so, what have they said/done so far?

    - Have you been in contact with the local Police to ask their advice/report harassment which could be either verbal/physical, or both?

    - How long has this been going on for? Can you give us some more details of events/nuisances, etc?

    Noise nuisance is really sickening, literally. You need to be recording all instances of noise or disturbance from next door. You can use our recording sheet for noise/general nuisance from here:

    We also have a comprehensive Noise Help sheet here, have a look through, it details lots of options and legislation, etc:

    Harassment Article is here which could also help you:

    You may also want to contact the LA Dog Warden to ask for advice about the dog, especially if the dog is roaming into your garden as you say, without permission.

    You say someone else contacted the EH Dept? Can you group together with other neighbours who may be experiencing problems and group your complaint(s) together?

    Please come back often, you'll find a lot of support and understanding here, you're not isolated with this kind of problem.



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      hi matthew thanks for quick reply

      i`ve been in touch with police on numerous occasions enviromental health i was warned by them that they "dont need police around here" honestly its making my life a misery.constant dog faeces in my garden etc etc


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        Hi Mandy

        What did the EH say about the noise when you contacted them? Are you recording all instances of disturbance?

        Insist that the police record instances of verbal or physical abuse/harassment. Please read through the Noise Help Sheets and Harassment Help Sheets on the address in my last post, they are really helpful.

        Can you tell us a bit more about your NFH's circumstances around renting/ownership, etc?

        Dog faeces is prejudicial to health - ask the EH to investigate this seperately within the Environmental Protection Act: 1990, e.g. "(f) any animal kept in such a place or manner as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance;"

        Sorry about all the questions - have to ask I'm afraid, otherwise it's tricky to personalise answers to you.



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          A bit concerned to read about this and the dog fouling is just plain awful. I take it that the dog excrement is on private land, but even so you need and should be able to get a fence errected in between the two properties to keep this animal out.

          Furthermore, if this is a genuine Bull Terrier - I believe it comes under the dangerous dogs act. Now I know Pit Bulls are in this for sure along with the Staffordshire Bull (like Fagan had in Oliver Twist) but the Bull Terrier I think you need to check up on. The laws around these dogs are not as complex as you might think, but if the dog has snarled at you or your daughter and you have a genuine fear of this dog then I suggest you have a word with both your local police station and also speak with the RSPCA and get advice from them. The fact of the matter is whether it be a docile Labrador or a great damn snapping Doberman you can't have dogs just wandering around of their own free will - thats why the Councils have a Dog Warden. Use these points to try and establish some contact. Don't be intimidated and do start to make formal logs of behaviour regardless of how trivial it may seem just log it all, it is surprising when you look back at how a pattern emerges regardless of how silly it might seem at the time.


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            please dont apologise for questions i feel relieved someone is helping

            the eh said they would help but i had to stop the case because of the threats to me

            the nfh house is privately rented by a woman on housing benefit even though her partner lives there full time who works and also just had 2nd child unfortunately the benefit fraud agency did a sweep of the area and most of them were fpound to be falsly claiming.i work as a nurse and because i work i think they suspect it was me why they were found out so im the one getting the hell


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              Good point by Scooby - if the dog faeces are on public land (but not 'common' land, woodlands, moor/heath etc, etc), you may be able to hook the legislation of the Dogs Act, 1996 into things:


              The act lists what kinds of land is within it's legislation and what isn't, worth a look.


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                It sounds like a horrible situation to be in. They assume you're reporting them as you work, typical bully NFH tactics.

                Please report any instances of harassment/bullying to the police straight away - even past ones you can make them aware of. You need evidence, start recording everything, it all adds up, if you haven't already. Do you need CCTV for instance perhaps?

                Can you chat to the Police further and ask for advice/help?

                Insist the EH dept look back into this, you can't live like this forever, it could make you poorly and affect other areas of your life holistically too, if it isn't already.

                You have the choice really of staying and attempting to deal with them, staying and ignoring it, or moving really.

                You also have the safety and well being of your daughter/family to take into consideration. There's a few issues here too, so try and take action on these one by one and link the things together that are relevant.

                You could report your NFH anonymously for benefit fraud online?

                Here's the address:


                Do you have the contact details for the Private Landlord? You could lodge a complaint and ask them to look into it. You may also be able to get them to divulge any tenancy agreements (they may not, dependent on confidentiality) such as not making undue noise, etc.


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                  Hi Mandy.

                  Not been around on this site long myself but the advice and support you will receive here is second to none.

                  Agree with Scooby about the dogs and the dangerous dogs act.

                  If at all possible get some sort of fencing put along between the two gardens even if its just a temporary measure for the time being.

                  Also, I'm not sure about this but if they are renting, don't they have "terms" they have to abide by in their lease and if so, they are bound to breaking them esp. with noise (and some landlords) don't even allow pets.

                  Good Luck


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                    Hi Mandy and welcome to NFHiB ,

                    Very sorry to see you're on the receiving end of this bullying, as well as selfish behaviour and nuisance, and there have been some great points made already.

                    Re the tenancy agreement, it is more than likely that the tenancy agreement contains an obligation to refrain from committing noise nuisance to neighbours, as well as any other type of behaviour likely to cause nuisance, and many agreements do contain "no pets" clauses. Breaches of these tenancy obligations can be grounds for warning, leading to possible eviction under the terms of the tenancy agreement. The issue is whether the landlord, once in possession of complaints/evidence on these issues, is keen to take the action they have the power to do. It may be worth seeing if your council has a "private rented sector" department, and have a chat with them. If other neighbours are unhappy with the situation, it would be great to band together...both in terms being a combined force, and so you have some support here.

                    You may want to see if there is an independent Housing Advice/Aid centre in your area, who can give advice in dealing with many of the problems you are experiencing, and will be well used to helping to deal with similar situations (link below)


                    Hope the site helps to feel a little less powerless in this situation....hopefully as you decide whether you can follow up some of the leads, things will begin to improve, as you get an idea of what help you can get. In the meantime, do continue to visit the site for support here




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                      Hi Mandy and welcome

                      You've had great advice already from everyone (as always ). I'd just like to offer my support and encourage you to write everything down about the noise on the log sheet that Matthew has given you the link for.

                      Then contact the Environmental Health department again about the noise and the dog mess coming from your neighbours property. Get ready to involve the Police too.

                      The EH department may also have access to information about the owner of the property (the landlord) if you don't know it - they may be able to write to the landlord about their tenants behaviour.

                      Good luck :nfh1:



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                        Originally posted by Hazelnut@Nov 17 2003, 10:52 PM

                        You could also talk to a medical colleague about the dangers of dog faeces and, what's the name of that virus they can carry?
                        It's called toxicara.

                        Health risks associated with dog fouling.

                        It's not nice reading though :unsure: .


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                          Hi Mandy,

                          Welcome to the Forum .

                          Hope you can make use of the great advice you've been given already :thumbs: .

                          Just want to know... are you renting privately too?

                          Are you keen to stay at your present address, or are you considering moving away?

                          Just a little more info will mean we can give more specific advice .




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                            Hi Mandy and welcome

                            Sorry that I've come in a little late to this, (technical problems and I keep loosing my posts- although most of it is probably user error!).

                            Your story is horrendous, not least because of the effect that this has had on your little girl. Your neighbours sound like disgusting louts and as parents should know a lot better.

                            You've been given some great advice (getting in contact with their landlord and EH is an excellent start) and I really hope that it helps. Once their landlord realises that the EH, benefits agency, police and dog wardens are after them, he could well be bolstered into action (if it was me, I'd want shot of them).

                            Another idea may be to have a dictaphone. If your neighbour is verbally abusive to you or your daughter, then catching them on tape could prove valuable evidence along with your log sheets (just a thought??).

                            Please keep us updated with how things are going.

                            Good luck

                            Blue Cow


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                              Mandy, a belated welcome.

                              BTW, if they think you are reporting them why not put their fantasy into reality? Report them.

                              This is what really makes me laugh about these idiots. They need to keep themselves either very private or be very friendy with their neighbours.

                              But their idea of privacy or being friendly with the neighbours is to try and imntimidate the neighbours, play loud music and act like utter $££$s! :lol: :nfh1: