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    Well i bought this house brand new over 5 years ago, and the law says when a builder builds so many houses for sale he must also build so many social housing, so he built some at the back of me, about 14 and i have such a big garden it actually covers 3 of their back gardens, everything was great my neighbours at the back had kids but just the noisy normal kids at play, remember mine, and then 2 moved and i got 2 new families in, one is very noisy but the others are a family from hell, she has 5 kids from toddler to teenagers who never go to school and its an attraction to other riff raff, and then i saw what the attraction was-yes DRUGS, the kids were smoking from specially made bottles, hanging out of the upstairs windows out of their heads and the noise never stops not even in the rain, not even at night, no the teenage gangs are their running riot, most of my neighbours planted leylandis conifers, the housing association dont seem to be bothered nor the police, so who do we turn to, so long as the rent is paid the Housing association is not worried at all, lets put it this way we have complained before because of music etc and when i rang them up they put me through to a lady and i asked where the other fellow was who dealt with the noise issue to be told that he had left and was now putting up satellite dishes, so the caliber of staff is not very high. Well hubby and i have flogged our guts out this last year and just put our money into the bank and now we have sufficient money to move plus we have used our savings just to get away, but i picked this house because of the large garden, i have put up a conservatory, garage and 2 greenhouses, now have to move to a smaller garden, still been lucky the council has given me a allotment.I loved this house i really did but this spring and summer could not go into the garden and i love gardening it gets rid of the stress from work.

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    Dear Sombrueil,

    ........'social housing' indeed!!-ANTI social more like!

    Welcome to the site(the others will be along shortly!)

    There is so much about your story that we can all identify with instantly-not least the feeling that your sanctuary;your joy;your refuge -the place you go to relieve the stress of work has been stolen from you .

    If it is apparent that such blatent use of drugs is involved then the police should AT LEAST profess some interest!!As for the reaction of the housing Association-well words fail me -but it seems that ,typically,you have to persist to the point of annoyance to get your point across with these people.

    Have you any contact with other neighbours who are aware of or been affected by this family.

    This can help take matters forward with the authorities and helps alleviate the feeling of struggling will find many people here also who will support you with practical advice (not my own strongest point I'm afraid!) so take heart..stay in touch....have a good trawl through the postings and resources are in good company.



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      Hi Sombrueil,

      Your certainly at the right place to tell your story.

      You mention this family's teenagers are an attraction for other 'riff raff', well that’s absolutely true and epidemic in our society. In a previous career, I was working with young girls & boys who had trouble integrating into "normal" society. The biggest recurring theme was always an attraction to other youths on the same level and even a belief that such malcontent behavior was very cool.

      This is always a big problem for us with NFH (neighbors from hell) as like a magnet, over they all come to join in with disturbing our very right to peace.

      Welcome to the forum.


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        Welcome mate!

        Yip, as you could tell from my other posts I've had a gutsfull and am selling too. You may lose the house you love but at least you'll get the peace of mind you need.

        Good luck


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          Hi Sombrueil,

          What can I say that hasn't already been said? It is so unfair when NFH and yobs ruin your quality of life. You have my sympathy. I wonder what we pay these LA staff for? It is galling when you work all your life, pay your taxes and see them going to support feckless, drug taking, antisocial yobs and to pay the wages of 'couldn't-care-less' council staff!!

          It sounds like you have made up your mind to move so I hope you find somewhere quiet with good neighbours.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            hi sombrueil,

            we all suffer from NFH, its a shame that you have to move because of these people, the more i read everyone's story there more unreal it seems, we live in such a society, where these people are getting away with so much abuse.

            We all work for our money, we want a happy peaceful life but such people have no decency or moral.

            I wish you the very best and good luck for the future



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              Hi sombrueil, glad to have you hear although i am sure you are not really ,we would all just like the quiet life after all its not much to ask for is it.

              Its really terrible when these people are in your face all the time there never seems to be an escape from it not even in your garden ,we are the same here many a time in the summer i just gave up and came inside because the noise was so horrendus!!

              it might be a good move to go to the neighbours see what there feelings are on things as floricicia says i am sure they are suffering too the more the better for getting results from your LA, you really need to be persistant with them.

              I hope it doesnt come to yous having to move ,after all some things are worth fighting for it sounds like you have a great home what are the chances of getting that again ,anyway what ever you decide all the best keep in touch and let us know how you get on

              the horsefans

              "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

              apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

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                Welcome Sombrueil

                Glad you made it to us here. I'm sorry to read about the issues and problems you have with your NFH. It always serves as a stark reminder to me, that although each of our NFH stories are unique, they are all so similar in the effects they have on each and every one of us. Whether that's an invasion of our personal space/homes (as Flo points out) or it makes us ill, the common strands that go through the NFH stories for all NFh sufferers are so often apparent.

                Anyhow - the Housing Assoc - they seem remarkably incapable! May I ask if you've written to them formally and asked for a formal reponse to the matters? (e.g. the illegal useage of drugs by young people/your NFH).

                Have you thought about contacting your Local Councillor? Maybe they may be able to help or advise further? Depending on if your local councillor is any good - this may be worth pursuing. Perhaps even your local MP. All worth a try.

                It's a shame you have to move and leave your lovely garden that you've obviously taken many an hour to nurture. I hope you visit us often though in the meantime, and I hope you are able to move quickly and without any problems, if this is your decision

                Take Care


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                  welcome to you Somb.

                  sorry you are having a rotten time with neighbours,

                  I know how awful it is not to be able to enjoy your own space and especailly your garden.

                  It sounds like you have particular green fingers! I hated not being able to use my garden when "they" were there.

                  I hope you get the support you need here, it helps just telling your story, sorry we couldnt all meet under better circumstances!!


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                    I will be the 4th owner to sell over the past year, we are getting on a bit, i retire in less than 2 years, so i want a quiet lfe and hubby has got about another 5 years t go, so as i say we have worked our guts out as we have had no interest in being in the garden either sitting or working as i say we have bought a 3 bed bungalow on the estate a bit further up with no space at all for any social housing, most of the tenants are okay, i dont know them but they are quiet, no trouble at all, i mean you expect noise if there are kids knocking about, my old neighbour at the back had a couple and they used to sit on their shed talking to us and were really pleasant too,now i hate to look out of my windows even ro clean them,so when we have done all the jobs on the bungalow we will sell this 2 bed detached house, i think a young couple will buy it and they will not take any nonsense at all, my neighbours house sold in less than a week, there are only 8 houses in our cul de sac.


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                      Originally posted by april@Dec 30 2002, 10:00 PM

                      I called the police when it hit me once, but they said he was too old to arrest.
                      .....It makes me wonder at what age someone becomes "too old" to arrest?! Would they not arrest him for murder say, if he'd reached the age of 75? I don't think your local police acted very fairly towards you April

                      I mean, a criminal (and arrestable) act is still a criminal act, whatever age you are surely! Just because you're old, isn't an excuse, nor is it acceptable to say, for example, "it's ok, he's 75" so he's too old to arrest. Surely, it isn't up to the police not to arrest someone (who they normally would have if they were younger) who has committed an offence, just because of their age? Or is it really, because they 'can't be bothered'?!

                      Same would go for those people who advise they were mentally-ill at the time of a crime, etc - this doesn't stop the police from arresting them, it is up to the 'professionals' to decide whether they can be held responsible and understand the nature and consequences of their crime, etc. (e.g. Holly Wells/Jessica Chapman case where Ian Huntley is claiming he is mentally ill). So, if an older person is not arrested as the police feel he/she is 'incapable' of understanding or for whatever similar reason, surely it isn't for the police to pass judgement and decide - they should simply do their job 'up-front'?!


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                        Cant help feeling matthew that you are absolutely correct with what you said about the police doing there job up front or at least following up on complaints to see if things have settled down or at least find out a bit more about a situation especially against things like domestic problems which are not always clean cut. If they could do that more often then perhaps certain situations would not get out of control the way they do sometimes

                        I do understand that perhaps they dont have the resources that they should have but just maybe some time spent on things at the time may be less work for them later when the situation is 10 times worse!!!seems to make sense to me

                        the horsefans

                        "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

                        apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

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                          Originally posted by horsefans@Dec 31 2002, 2:57 PM

                          I do understand that perhaps they dont have the resources that they should have but just maybe some time spent on things at the time may be less work for them later whenÂ* the situation is 10 times worse!!!
                          Definitely.......agreed HF's

                          Makes me think of "prevent the problem before it happens" sort of thing.

                          Maybe more education is needed at an early age to stop people from growing into potential NFH?


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                            I think you are some what correct in saying the police are under resourced, also I can imagine them putting our problems way down the priority list.

                            to some folk who haven't lived our problems, it is just noisy neighbours,

                            to us it is very important and sometimes a step away from insanity.

                            the issues don't just go away for us if ignored, they are there for a long time, not like an officer of the law who leaves their work problems once their shift is finished.

                            I know that murders are higher priority but if some NFH problems are left they to could become manslaughter enquiries!!

                            we have all read the news really can happen!!


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                              Well to be honest with us being able to move and also us being quite fit, i am just letting them do it, but if i did not have the money to move i am sorry to say i would have gladly done murder with them lot, and i would have got away with it, oh i can stick up for myself let me tell you, but i am not interested in talking to sc*m, it is impossible to talk to sc*m, they think everybody has the same level of intelligence that they have, so i am causing no hassle in that way when i get buyers for my house and they say have you had any problems with your neighbours i shall just smile sweetly and say no. But i know it is mainly young people who buy here as others have sold, i mean my new neighbour in the next house he is over 6ft, from Liverpool and he is also coloured so when they were making a racket in the summer he just jumped over the fence to them and told them to shut up or else and they did near his end too. He says he will sort them out for me but i am on the move thank God.