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Neighbour Making Allegations Up, 10 Years Now !

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  • Neighbour Making Allegations Up, 10 Years Now !

    It's my first post so please be gentle with me !!

    The story is regards to my 57 year old mother, 33 year old sister and her 11 year old son who all live in the same council house.

    Unfortunately the neighbour who owns her house decided 10 YEARS ago to to make up false allegations over the years to the Police and Housing,

    Such things like they are stalking her, vandalising her garden and running across her front lawn, damaging her car, smearing cat sh!te on her front door, putting rubbish over her car and throwin paint over her and abusing her in the street etc !!!

    After one wllegation it all goes quiet for 6-12 months then a new allegation is made.

    My family have had social services out saying my sisters son was being abused and they were acting on a " Tip Off ".

    The family have also recieved porn through the post and had the car scratched 3 times the whole length both sides, but when my sister told the police who she thought it was, they didnt take it any further or visit the neighbour and now she cant park outside the house in fear of it happening again.

    But none of the above can be prooved it was the NFH (physco)

    But why when the NFH makes lies up, the Police are at my mom's door with no evidence just the NFH word for it ???? Surely the Police arent that stupid and after 10 years some sort of evidence would be available, so why dont they take action against the NFH, waisting police time etc ??

    The Housing call my mom in to answer the allegations and even they can see the allegations are all made up ! But still they call my mom into the office.

    12 months ago the NFH husband said to a copper his wife was only doing it out of jealousy, they have since divorced but this cr*p continues.

    Surely the Police could have acted on that statement and ended it all ?

    6 months ago when my mom was called to the Housing she was asked if she would sit around the table with the NFH, mom said YES but has heard nothing about this meeting and now she has to see the housing again monday over some new allegations made

    Who can my mom turn too to get some help and resolve this persecution ?

    She is worried to death that she will be thrown out for doing nothing and i just cant console her anymore.

    Any advice please ?


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    Welcome and I know that more experienced people will be along soon to help you.

    Firstly, this has been going on for 10 years with no shred of evidence so I really don't think your Mum has anything to fear although I fully understand that this is a great problem for her.

    Have you tried getting the Police around and really talking through what is going on? Same for HA - they can't, surely, evict your Mum if there is no evidence of wrongdoing.Can you chase up HA concerning the mediation meeting or even go to an independant mediator and try and get things moving?

    Spite and jealousy are responsible for so many nfh problems and are so draining, mentally and physically. You and your Mum need to try and take control of the situation and make the nfh really answerable for what is going on. It is difficult but it can be done.

    As I said earlier, others will be along soon so check in as often as possible.

    Take care.

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      Sorry to hear about your problems. Been there done that bought the tee shirt.

      Yes the police are stupid if they can't see what is happening here. The housing Association should also realise this is just vindictive falshoods and ignore it. If you feel the H A is not doing enough perhaps you should complain to the housing ombudsman. As you have said you can not prove anything but by the same token neither can the nfh. I would class this as harassment. get back to the police and insist that they take action under the protection from harassment act. They have a statatory obligation to investigate. I hope you have kept a diary over the ten years.

      I am sure you will get other and better advice so hang on.

      good luck.



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        Hi Andy and welcome

        I agree with Antique. What this woman is doing is harassment. Has your mum consulted a solicitor? She can get the first half hour or hour free.

        I think the police try to keep out of NFH disputes of any sort You'll find from other members that this usually the case

        But if what you say is true and your mum, sister and nephew are totally innocent then you or they need to stand up to this bullying. The HA might be calling your mother into the office, but unless they have evidence and witnesses there is nothing they can do.

        Good luck, I'm sure other members will be along with even more advice and support

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          But if what you say is true

          Misty, Yes what i'm saying is true !! I have no need to come onto this site and tell a load of lies i'm not the NFH !

          If the Police dont like to get involved as i said before its been 10 years surely they can smell a rat by now or are the Police and HA stupid ??!!

          It just seems to me ANYBODY can make up false allegations and NOTHING gets done to them BUT the accused has to suffer and in my familys case for 10 years.

          Why dont they take action against the NFH ?

          The Police are due out at my moms tomorrow early evening to ask about the latest allegations, [ dont know what they are yet ]

          What should we ask or anything we can insist on them doing to resolve this matter once and for all ??


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            Hello Andy,

            I'm new here too. My NFH has done a few similar things to me to and my other neighbours with reports to various authorities. Very underhand buts its all they know.

            Maybe if your mum was to log every complaint your NFH has made to her, the Police and the HA in a diary, it would give them more of a picture of what is happening and exactly what your mum is having to put up with.

            I have received wonderful advice and support from here in the past few weeks

            and i know you will too.

            Good Luck



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              Hi Andy and welcome to NFHiB

              Sorry to hear about all the problems your family have been having over the past ten years. It is really disheartening when you never seem to get anywhere and no-one listens.

              Firstly can I suggest you have a look at some NFHiB pages:

              NFHiB Self Help Articles - there's loads of really useful information there.

              Protection from Harassment Act 1997

              Print these pages out and have a really good read of them before the Police visit. Hazelnut's suggestion of having a spokesperson to speak on your family's behalf is a great one, see if you can get that sorted out.

              Sweetpea and others have also mentioned about getting things written down, write out everything as clearly as you can remember it.

              Misty mentioned a Solicitor, which I too would recommend you do. Take all the written evidence you have to the appointment.

              Regarding the Housing Office, ask them to re-arrange mediation for your family, say they are more than prepared to go for mediation.

              She is worried to death that she will be thrown out for doing nothing

              Please reassure your mum that this is highly unlikely to happen . Have the Council landlord served a Notice of Seeking Possession yet detailing grounds for possession and outlining breaches of tenancy? If they have and your mum disputes it, you should tell her to get some independent housing advice. You can find specialist housing advice services in your area by running a search on Just Ask!

              Please keep us informed with how you're getting on and wish your family all the best.



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                Hi Wheelright and welcome to the forum

                I'm sorry that your family feels on the end of this continual cycle of harassment...I'm sure your mum dreads what is coming next all the time, with ten years of this!

                I haven't much to add to others' advice right now, except to add my support . Do follow up some of the leads and suggestions given, and come back often to let us know how things are going/ ask for comments/ simply let off some steam




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                  Andy, sorry for my sloppy use of words, I really didn't mean to imply that you were lying

                  As I said before, unless the HA or council can provide evidence of wrong doing or breach of tenancy rules there is no possible way they can evict your mum.

                  In fact I think she should definitely see a solicitor and complain officially about the harassment she is receiving from the NFH, the HA and the police.

                  Does the NFH have problems with other neighbours? If so they might back up your mum's side of things. I never hurts to have allies. It might also make the NFH sit up and take notice because if what SHE says is true about the vandalism etc, (NOT about who is doing it) then obviously there is somebody else with a grudge against her.

                  Don't let your mum go to the HA office alone, have her take somebody with her who can take notes and be a witness to what is said.

                  Good luck

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Hi Andy,

                    Welcome to the Forum

                    I hope that you are finding the advice from the members here useful .

                    I also think that your Mum, with perhaps someone also to help her should be making a log of all of these false allegations made against her (your sis & nephew too) and wave that under the police's and Housing's noses.

                    They have no evidence against your family, and so these complaints can only be seen as malicious and likely to harass your family - take a look at the Protection from Harassment Act 1987 as others have said.

                    In the meantime, I would strongly advise that your family do not even look at this woman. She is obviously warped and obsessed with your mum etc, so don't even let her have any ammunition.

                    I know you'll probably say ''Why should we?'' but I would also avoid going out anywhere near her if she's out in the vicinity too. If it's unavoidable, wearing sunglasses is excellent - the NFH can't see your eyes and they hate it! Plus they can't accuse you of intimidatory looks - how can they if they can't see the eyes ? .

                    I know this is easy to say, but your mum must not be too concerned by having to see the Housing again - they simply cannot take action where there is no evidence, it is impossible. Plus if she goes in with her log of events, they'll have to take notice and question the NFH about it all.

                    Let us know how you all get on.

                    Best Wishes




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                      Might be worth getting a solicitor to write a letter to the police and the HA listing down as many of the false allegations as you can, mentioning that you have reason to believe that a police officer was in receipt of information that the claims/allegations are false and coming from one source.

                      Get your solicitor to ask the police and the HA what they are going to do to enforce your mum's right to protection under current Human Rights legislation?

                      And good luck with the old devil! :nfh1:


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                        I was told yesterday that it's the people who make a lot of fuss and stand up for themselves who get what they want, just to shut them up

                        Yes, you of right, Hazelnut. Sadly this is also why mouthy nfh often get away with stuff for so long! :ban:


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                          Right here's whats happened so far:-

                          We went to the police station thursday later in the day to find out what the WPC wanted earlier in the day, but we were told she had finished for the day, 15.30hrs.

                          The desk officer checked the computer to see who came out to us but NOTHING had been logged and he said it couldnt be that important then.

                          My mom asked for another officer who dealt with the case 12 months earlier to contact her and we were told the message would get passed on.

                          Then who should come to the front desk was the WPC who came out earlier and she said she was finishing now and would call out friday at 15.00hrs, she never did call out and its now Sunday.

                          Saturday evening my mom got a phone call from the officer who she saw 12 months ago and he told her a couple of months ago the CID had asked him questions as to what my family are like !! BUT we have never heard anything off them.

                          He is going to find out why they were involved and let us know, he also said he'll sort this out once and for all !!

                          Question:- Surely the CID dont waste time on things like this UNLESS the NFH has made up a much more serious allegation ?

                          Mom is going to see a solicitor after we have heard what the Housing say Monday afternoon and is now keeping a diary of "Harressment" which the NFH is doing through her 3rd party = Police and Housing who have no evidence what so ever but persist in taking the NFH word for everything !

                          I'd like to say thanks to you all for some very good pointers and my mom feels a lot more confident of success now because of them. :thumbs:

                          Oh and i'll keep you up to speed with what happens.

                          Andy :ban: :nfh1:


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                            Hi again Andy

                            I'm pleased to hear that your mum feels a bit more confident now .

                            I haven't got a clue about why CID should be involved, perhaps some other members can answer that point?

                            Please do keep us posted with how you're getting one - good luck .



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                              Hi again

                              Glad that your mum is feeling a bit stronger now :thumbs:

                              Can't say I know what CID would be looking at...I'd be concerned that the NFH's must've made more serious allegations too :unsure: . But don't worry about that just now, they would've knocked at your door by now if they had anything to go on (and that goes for the ''normal'' police too).

                              Put it this way, my NFH's had been making up all sorts about me - I kinda suspected they'd try it. When I contacted the police about a different matter, he blurted it out about my NFH's allegations and that's when I found out for sure what they were up to. However, given that the allegations are completely fabricated with no evidence whatsoever (how could there be??), the police didn't once come knocking on my door about any of it - and this had been going on for months. .

                              Well, good luck with Housing - please don't let them fob you off, but at the same time, stay calm and cool B) .