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  • Totally Fed-up

    Please could some one help me. I have wrote before. Me and my wife have bought our council house and have lived in the area quite happily for 26 years until recently. In Febuary of this year, a large Bangaldesh family moved in the council house next door to us. Since then, the noise has been horrible. It is as though their children are complety un-checked. Banging of doors, Screaming...they sound as if they are running riot most days. The noise just echoes through our house. There is no escape from it. The head of the family seems ok (he speaks little English) I had to speak to him about his son keep turning the stereo up full blast and then turning it down again. I explained to him the walls are thin and you can hear everything. So far that hasn't happened again. Now it is something else. The head of the family does a washing-up job at the hotel round the corner from our home and returns in the early morning. (12.30- 1.00am) He brings his friend back with him, and they chat LOUDLY sometimes until 3.00-4.00am.; making no effort to talk low at that time in the morning. Our bedroom is over their living room;I'm a light sleeper and it is distubing me and getting me down. My wife could sleep through an earthquake and doesn't want a confrontation. She says that they can talk at any time in their living room and kitchen. It is not talking low... it is loud talking like a shout as I said. It's all getting me down so much. I do not want to fall out with my neighbours but the constant 24 hour noise is really depressing me. Am i over the top?

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    Welcome back beachhhhhhh

    I remember your last post earlier this year (did you see the last replies OK?). Sorry to learn this is still a problem for you.

    Can you give us a quick update after your last post?

    - Have you been in contact with your LA at all? (The EH Dept, etc?).

    - Did you manage to secure the services of interpreters?

    - Are you recording all the nuisance/disturbances?

    This is very important. Please have a look at the Noise Help Article here for more detailed info:

    Noise Help

    - Have you tried any Mediation services in your area?

    Some pointers from here at the NFHiB Links Dir

    Please come back often for good support - if you can give some more info, that would be useful to see where you're up to right now.



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      Hi Beachhhhhh

      Sorry to hear you are struggling with noise from your neighbours/ their children.

      Mattthew has asked some really good questions here to clarify where things are up to.

      Your first port of call, besides logging all instances of disturbance, could do with being the housing office. All tenants are bound by the terms of their tenancy agreement, one of which is not to cause noise nuisance. The housing office should be able to start by talking to your neighbours (with an interpreter, if necessary) about the implications of breaching tenancy obligations. Mediation may be a good idea, as not all neighbour problems are deliberate or unresolvable (again, interpretation provided by mediation will help bridge any difficulties in understanding).

      If the noise persists, your Housing Office can give you the number for the council Environmental Health, who deal with noise nuisance under noise legislation, as opposed to the housing department, who have the powers to evict under the terms of the tenancy agreement.

      It is more difficult to be as quiet as mice with a large family with several children it's true, but this shouldn't be causing the neighbours disturbance and annoyance. Do have a read of the self-help articles and legislation articles (indexed on the first page), to help get an idea of what action could be taken if first steps don't succeed.

      Do try to resolve this by enlisting the help of housing first, and ask them about mediation (with an interpreter).....your neighbours may not actually be aware of how much you can hear them or how disturbing it is, and mediation could find a solution that is acceptable for everyone.

      Do let us know if you have already tried these routes, and perhaps members can help come up with "what next?".



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        I remember your story from before, beachhhhh.

        I think the thing to do here,is, once again, go and tell the chap that he is being a bit noisy when he gets home and could he keep the chattering down (or go in another room) as that is the time when you are in bed. He did sort out the music so hopefully he will be helpful this time as well. He probably doesnt realise how loud his voice is and how it carries at the time of night.

        Alternatively you could put earplugs in when you go to bed, I am sure this will definitely help you.

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          Hi beachhhh and welcome back to NFHiB

          Hopefully, if you follow the advice given on your original post and this one, you may be able to make some headway into resolving the current noise nuisance you're suffering from your neighbours.

          Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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            Thank you so much for your replies to my post. I didn't take any action from last time I wrote, as I just kept thinking the noise might get better: plus my wife kept putting me off saying it's not too bad (she thinks telling the neighbours will make them worse!) I will give your suggestions a try. I have been so depressed recently with it all.


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              You're welcome beachhhhhhh

              That's what NFHiB is here for! Please do have a think about everyone's suggestions. Take each day a step at a time.

              It is very easy to get depressed when you have NFH, I think many members have mentioned experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, any mental ill-health at some poitn when they've had to endure their NFH. Please make sure that you take some time out every now and again; make sure that you still do nice family things; have a chat to your GP if necessary; make use of many of the alternative therapies out there - these things (and probably many more ) all help with coping with what you're going through at the moment.

              Keep strong, stay safe and let us know how you're getting on.



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                Hi Beachhhhh

                Sorry to hear that this has been getting you down so much

                I understand that you may feel that contacting to make complaints may make things worse. You have said(previously) that you have no ax to grind with your neighbours, and don't dislike them, but just wish they could be quieter.

                As they may be totally non-deliberate in all this, albeit thoughtless, perhaps have a chat with the Housing Manager, and say you would like to handle this amicably and try mediation, to agree on some basic ground rules to resolve the noise problem. Explain that you feel an interpreter would be useful, as the dad doesn't speak great English, and it's quite possible that this could all be sorted out without causing bad feeling.

                Do see your GP, as Holly suggests, maybe they can help you to get through this, without getting any more "down" about things.

                Hope suggestions make it easier to decide on a route you feel comfortable with in tackling this problem with the least aggravation




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                  Hi Beachhhhhhh

                  I really think that you can crack this one.

                  I am sure that the head of the house will be beside himself to know that you are so upset with his family's beahviour. ( I hope he's not the exception now I've said that )

                  I honestly don't think he means to be so noisy, he's probably like my mum was - really animated and loud during a conversation such that she didn't know just how much bellowing she was doing!!! :lol:

                  I think a gentle little word would be all it would take - either by you or a third party.

                  Good luck :thumbs:



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                    Hello Beachhhhhh

                    Good luck with the advice that you've been given. As other members have said, it doesn't sound like the noise that your neighbours are causing is deliberate, and so having a word, either directly or not could really work.

                    I can appreciate how this is affecting your health, especially if you are having disrupted sleep. Earplugs may really help you sleep in the interim, just until this is sorted, they've got to be worth a try?

                    Good luck and please let us know how things go


                    Blue Cow


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                      Once again, thanks for all your very helpful replies. I am going to sort it out hopefully.

                      I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again; and what a fantastic, helpful and friendly web-site this is!!!


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                        Hi Beachhhhhh

                        Glad that you have found joining us a supportive and helpful place to be :thumbs:

                        Wishing you the very best in moving things forward here, and reaching an amicable and positive outcome. Do keep us posted on how things are going, and come and have a good old moan in the meanwhile, if you need to! We all do that when we need to

                        Take care,