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Our house is on the market :(

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  • Our house is on the market :(

    HI All,

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place but I just wanted to update you.

    We have now put our house on the market before I go round the twist and I feel so relieved. We will be financially stretched for a while but I am so desperate to move I'm putting that out of my head.

    Compared to a lot of people's stories ours seems trivial, but it's a build up of things over the past year which have got me into the state I'm in now.

    Our NFH have been fairly quiet over the past few weeks apart from Elvis being blasted through the walls at 7.45am last saturday so I am hoping they will behave whilst we are showing potential buyers round.

    I'm not really sure of our obligation to tell any buyers about the problems so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

    We have only complained to them when their music starts and although I phoned EHO for advice I didn't proceed with my complaint.

    My NFH's music is only usually played from around 5-7pm which bothers us because we have a young daughter who is trying to settle down for the night around this time. Their parties seem to have stopped since the weather changed.

    Any help really appreciated.


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    Hi there eejay.

    My opinion is, if you are selling your house, keep your counsel. Grit your teeth and concentrate on getting the house sold. It is running up to Christmas now and the market starts to slow down considerably so you may need to be patient.

    IMO there is a big difference between having words with your neighbour and actually making a formal complaint about them to the police , EHO, council etc. I personally felt that I could say I had made no complaints on the legal paperwork (SPIF) because of this. I didnt feel the fact that I had rowed with my NFH about her KFH meant that I had made a complaint.

    Other people may not agree with my tactics. but even if you did say that you had had arguments with your neighbour, doesnt mean that someone new will have a problem. when i was asked if kids played outside i said yes they did, but i didnt go into any detail, just stated the fact.

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      Hi eeeyay

      Congratulations on making a decision to sell and move on. It's not always easy when you're living with NFH to make crucial decisions about your future. :unsure:

      With regards to possible buyers and what to put on the SPIF, I think you need to be careful. I don't think anyone here can tell you what's really right or wrong in your situation. All I will say is that you must make sure that you're covered.

      If you have contacted the EH about your NFH, they will have that on file. If your NFH were noisy once the new buyers moved in and they complained, they may find out about your complaint. If you haven't disclosed anything on the SPIF, you might find yourself experiencing problems, i.e. being sued.

      On the other hand, the buyers might be more tolerant of noise, they may get on really well with the NFH and there may not be any problems at all. :unsure:

      If you've instructed a Solicitor, I would ask them for guidance on what to disclose on the SPIF - make sure you get their legal advice in writing back to you.


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        Hi Eeejay

        I can only reiterate what Holly has said, just make sure that you cover yourself by running everything past your conveyancer first.

        I personally wouldn't have thought that you would need to declare anything, but no-one here is legally set to advise you for your individual circumstances. When you are showing people around, if they ask you about your neighbours, you may want to think of a prepared line (something along the lines of "we don't really have much to do with those neighbours but we get on well with x y & z" etc). But please don't put anything down on the SPIF before you have had it clarified (preferably in writing) with your solicitor.

        Good luck with your sale & I hope that things move along quickly for you

        Blue Cow


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          Hi Eejay,

          Good luck witht he move and getting advice on SPIF.

          I am sure you'll not regret moving once it's all done

          Let us know how you are getting on



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            Good luck with your house sale and with the declaration. One cautionary tale. I remember about three years ago reading about a old lady who sold her house to move into a flat by the coast. Ten years prior to selling she had made one complaint to the council about her neighbours. The new people must have found out and sued the old lady, they were awarded £58,000, so be very careful. Remember, that if you don't say anything to your buyers why should you expect the sellers of your new home to do the same; you could possibly end up in a worse position. Sorry to be so pessimistic but people are so litigious these days. I hope everything goes well.


            Antique :thumbs:


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              Hi Eeejay

              Glad you decided on what you really want to do it's a relief? . Deciding to move/sell is not the right decision/always possible for everyone, but pleased your happy with it!

              Re the SPIF, interesting info in link below


              but, I'd make sure with a conveyancing do not want to get sued later for faiure to disclose

              Best of luck with the sale, hope all goes well



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                Its so annoying when your "home is no longer your castle" and you have to leave it behind and start again just because someone else couldn't get on with their own life.

                You'll soon have the peace of mind you so deserve.



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                  Eejay, I went through this, this time last year and sold successfully. We never complained officially about the series of NFH's that had rented the property next door so had nothing to declare and the lot that were in there kept mostly quiet when we had people to look around. Luck may be with you, my advice is just go for it, you wont regret it, bite the bullet! :thumbs: