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Nice to see you all.My Story...

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  • Nice to see you all.My Story...

    First of all Hello all

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    Hi Lee (and Lee's Dad)

    Welcome to the Forum!

    I am glad you found us - we are here to support you and I hope you'll feel some relief already .

    You have had some seriously bad luck - having that many NFH's, my goodness, no wonder you and dad are fed up (understatement) with it all .

    I am glad you have the option of moving away again. I would actively pursue this and hopefully you'll get a move very soon. :thumbs:

    When you are looking for a new property, please do a lot of checking - go and see it several times, go there at different times of the day, go there several times during the week. That is the only way you'll get a good idea of the kind of place it is.

    If you are likely to stay at all where you are, please let us know, cos there'll be different advice to give you then .

    Please take care both, and keep popping in to see us, you'll be amazed at how much better it can feel, knowing that there really are some people out there who know what you are going through. There's usually someone hanging about here if you need to vent - so don't forget!




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      Hi earplug

      a big welcome to the gang!!

      sorry to hear you have had more than your fair shear of NFH! what dreadful luck! we were a bit like that, one moved out another moved in, thank goodness our present neighbour is ok!

      do you know what.....if you get the chance to move I would jump at it! some peolpe see it as a sign of weakness, but we dont, in fact I think we would all move if we could!

      but please please please.....never retailate again!!

      not worth the agro

      I am sorry to hear your dad is feeling low with it all, hardly surprising what can you do at christmas in stead of being at home? can you spend time with other family or maybe go for a short break.....somewhere warm!! I know that the holiday times are worse with NFH, the noise can be deafening, it gets under your skin like a rash you cant scratch, you have no control over it at all.....its just there all the time.

      has your dad thought of counselling? if he was assulted, victim support will be able to help

      victtim support here

      I get the impression he is a proud man, but please encourage him to see someone, NFH can really make you poorly, and its not fair.

      dont worry about spelling here! I am the worse speller on the board as everyone will tell you! :lol:

      hope you post again soon and please give our regards to your dad

      take care


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        Hi Lee and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

        Glad you found us as you'll get lots of support here, but sorry to hear that you've had a history of noisy neighbours from hell (NFH).

        If you haven't read the self help articles yet, please take a look by clicking here!, the ones on noisy neighbours and coping should be really helpful for you in your present situation.

        Can I just check with you, are you and your dad in a Council tenancy or renting from a Housing Association or private landlord? Or do you own your home now?

        Have you reported this latest noise problems to the Environmental Health department (EH)?

        I suppose it really depends on how you want to deal with the noise issues as to what steps you need to take next. Your options are more or less as follows:

        - Move

        - Stay and do nothing

        - Stay and follow the legal avenue of complaining about the noise (starting off with trying to talk or write to your NFH).

        If you give us a bit more information, we might be able to offer you more advice - but we will all be here to support you whatever you decide is best for you and your dad.

        Good luck,



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          Hi Lee and welcome to the forum

          Sorry to hear about all the problems you and your dad are experiencing I have family who live in Ripley, just up the road from you so I know you're living in such a nice part of the country but even that doesn't stop you from getting NFH

          Have you spoken to the new tenants (or the landlord) about the noise they are making? I would advise the same as other members, log everything and get in touch with the Environmental Health Office and ask them for help.

          When you've read some of the articles at the resources section you may find that you have a clearer idea of how to proceed from here. Good luck Tell your dad not to give up

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Lee and Lee's Dad

            Well what a tale you have to tell.

            You have found us now and we will help you in any way we can, regarding the advice we all share.

            I hope that you do manage to find a new and quiet home before Christmas, and that you have much better neighbours there

            Good Luck



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              Hi Lee

              Sorry that I've come in a bit late to this. You sound as if you had a really hard time and have been particularly unlucky with your neighbours. I hope that you do get an opportunity to move before Christmas, and wish your Dad all the best. In all honesty, it sounds like the sooner you can get away from there the better.

              Take care

              Blue Cow


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                Hiya Lee,

                Welcome to the Forum.

                I am so saddened by your story and offer my sympathies. I don't have much advice to offer as I have only recently joined too and am also fighting a losing battle with my NFH. Hopefully the other members have given you great pratical advice as they did me.

                I know what you mean about dreading Xmas though. My partner and I wanted to stay at home this year and spend it with just our daughter, but we won't be doing this now as I am a nervous wreck in my own home and can't relax.

                Could you ask the council to move you? Or apply for a swap?

                We have recently put our house on the market as we don't have the energy to fight for a peaceful existance.

                Take care Lee, we're all here for you.



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                  hi. i just wanted to say that when checking out new property, knock on a few doors and ask them what its like. chances are they will be honest. also try visiting at about 11 at night. then you might get an idea of what its like

                  good luck