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Lee's noisy neighbour from hell

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  • Lee's noisy neighbour from hell

    :banghead: My story is a bit long but I will try to break it down. I live in aground floor flat in ******n, bham, six years ago the housing moved a neighbour from hell into the flat above me and for six years I have hardly got aby sleep from the noise from his flat. He has his tv on to loud, Plays music full blast till 3am, has visitors all hours of the night and day, I believe he is dealing in drugs as well. His daughter and kids are here every single night and she brings people with. He has underage teenagers in his flat giving alcolhol and fags. I keep having my windows banged on at night, I have tried talking to him but he denies everything. I get abuse from him and have been threatened by him. The council just send him warnings and then he comes banging on my door starting an arguement. I have reported him to the police and got nowhere. I have written to the director of housing and got nowhere.

    I have written to my local councillor and am still waiting for a response.

    The bham city council legal services have contacted me to say a warning has been sent to him stating if he continues a court injunction will be brought agaisnt him but he just carries on he now slamms doors, banging, dropping things, dragging furniture his grandson now lives with during the week and he runs riot up and down the flat till all hours.

    The enviroment states he can make all the noise he wants and I cannot do a thing about him.

    What about my rights to peace and quiet. the police don`t want to know and he gets away with everything and I am made to suffer.

    well thats just a brief story of what i am going through.

    Thanks for listeneing.

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    Welcome to the forum Lee, you've joined on our 1st Birthday, so I think that's a good omen

    Sorry you're living with this, it's stressful, and affects all your life when you live next to an NFH like this.

    It sounds like you've followed some of the normal routes and I'm glad you've also involved your local councillor too, let us know when you get a reply. Try e-mailing them too.

    So the legal section of the LA will take out an injunction if he continues with his noisy behaviour? So they've gathered all the evidence they need, etc?

    Are you still keeping noise/disturbance logs too? It's strange that the EH Dept is saying he can make all the noise he wants when the legal section is saying about an injunction? Is this to possibly gather the further evidence they need to take him to court over this?

    As for your contact with him, sadly I would now cease all communication with him. You're obviously a respectful and thoughtful person who's tried to communicate with your neighbour and it seems the NFH doesn't want to know. Try and avoid all contact and blank him totally.

    Keep yourself safe and sound - report all instances of threatening behaviour to the Police - whether these are verbal or physical they are equally as bad. Insist the Police make a formal record and get the reference wherever possible. Note these down in your logs too.

    Have you had an opportunity to read some NFHiB articles we have at the main site?

    I think these two could be useful for you:

    Harassment From Your Neighbour:

    Noisy Neighbours and Noise Issues (Detailed Help and Info about Noise)

    Come back to the forum often to check your replies, you're not isolated with this problem anymore - members here understand what you're going through and all the effects it can have on your life.



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      Thanks for the e-mail matthew I will look up the nfhib articles.

      Its nice to talk to other people who understand my problems.

      Great web site. Many thanks

      Regards Lee.


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        No worries Lee, that's what we're here for. Agreed there, it helps such a lot to talk with other people who really do know what it's like as they've been there or are currently there....



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          Hi there Lee, sorry to hear of your problem.

          Here we go again! The amount of times we have heard about housing assocs/councils not bothering to act in the proper fashion. It really annoys me :badmood: :banghead:

          They most certainly can and should be helping you. It is a question of them getting off their botts and getting on with it. The NFH above you is in breach of his tenancy agreement and they have the means to evict him, if only they have the WILL to do so. Is anyone else where you live also affected? have they made any complaints????

          I am sure other members will be along shortly to give you a lot more pointers as to how to force your HA to GET ON WITH IT!!!

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            Hi Lee and welcome to the forum

            Sorry to hear about your horrendous situation Matthew has given you some very good advice so there's nothing I can add to that except, have you contacted your MP? Sometimes an MP can get things done that others can't. Of course there's no guarantee but you never know

            I think HA staff must have to take a 'how to be slow and tedious' exam before they're allowed to work It seems that all over the country similar stories to your own are being told. Maybe if Mr.Blunkett's advice is taken (sack the ineffectual HA/Council staff) it might buck up their ideas.

            Good luck, hope things change for you very soon, in the meantime come back here as often as you want, you'll get lots of support and oodles of sympathy

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hello Lee, Its always infuriating when these people get away with being moronic. Unfortunately there are lots of them as you can see from this site.

              Maybe its time you went to your MP.

              Keep on at the police though, you have a right to peace, no one should be allowed to deprive you of that.


              I hope it gets better for you, don't give up, it gets hard but hang in there. The people here are great and give loads of genuinely useful helpful information.

              Take care.


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                Hi Lee

                Matthew's given you some great advice already which I hope you will find to be useful .

                With regard the Housing Department - keep logging and reporting everything. Report to them at least weekly, daily if necessary.

                From the outside, it might appear that they are doing nothing, but it does sound, from what you are saying that the Council is actually doing something about your NFH and going through the appropriate channels to do this. If it has got as far as Legal, you are doing well .

                Stick with it, cos it can take ages, but it will eventually come to fruition. Be prepared for a long haul though .

                This is why it is essential to log it all, even if you think it's trivial - it will all be evidence that will strengthen the Council's case.

                If you suspect he is dealing drugs, report it anonymously to Crimestoppers. Their phone no is in the book (I keep forgetting it ! :blush: ). The Police have to act on every Crimestoppers call, apparently.

                I don't understand why the Env. Health is not prepared to help you - can you talk to a senior officer about this if you haven't already done so?

                Good luck & come back often,




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                  Sory to hear of your problems. We know how draining the noise can be and how it affects your life. :angry:

                  Follow the advice you have been given. As Mazza says, it may be a long haul but you have to persist. Despite bad experiences, I still have this belief that justice will, eventually, prevail.

                  Keep coming here. There are some great people. Without this site, my wife and I would probably have gone completely barmy by now.

                  "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                    Hi Lee,

                    From my own experiences I know how soul destroying it is to have noise keeping you awake at night. In the end you don't sleep even when its quiet as you're expecting the noise to start.

                    Others can give you advice here, hope it all works out for you, keep your chin up mate.


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                      Hi Lee, and sorry to hear you're enduring this misery :badmood:

                      I cannot believe the E.H.O. has said this man can do what he likes noise-wise! (Well, I can, but it's not true!). Do check out the noise articles in resources, and the legislation section on noise too


                      This info should give you an overview of what your E.H.O. should be taking action about, and then, armed with this, do get back onto them!

                      Other than this, I think other members have given some leads well worth following up. Good luck, and let us know how you go




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                        :thumbs: Thank you all for the warm welcome and the messages they have really cheered me up .

                        I am in the process of writing to my MP as I can get no help from anyone else.

                        :angry: Last night he had visitors at 11:50pm who decided to start work in his flat with banging, dragging things across the floor, dropping things this went on till 1am this morning and then to make matters worst he woke me up at 8am this mornig to start work again. We are getting no peace at all now its day and night.

                        :sad: I have been to the police today to ask for help, they said in order to take action they have to catch him in the act of disturbing the peace, but said to ring them anyway, the call will be logged even if no one turns up.

                        I have read the tennancy agreement rule book and found several rules he is breaking and I have found an address to write to for my local government Ombudsman if the housing do not meet there responsibilities that are set out in the tennancy agreement.

                        So I will let you all now what happens and again thanks for all your messages




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                          Great stuff, Lee!

                          Sounds like you are taking control - keep going. it will be worth it in the end.

                          Getting your MP involved is a great move - no they can't alter Council policy, but they can get answers for you and kick some butts if necessary, so go for it!

                          Police? Oh well, keep plugging away, the more you phone and pester, the more they'll have to go on, so don't be shy .

                          Yes, absolutely, your NFH is breaking many parts of the tenancy agreement, which will presumably be pursued by the Council's legal dept.

                          It can take ages cos they need to consult so many agencies - Housing officers, rent arrears dept, social workers, env health, mental health teams, GP's, outreach workers (if applic), alcohol & drugs advisors (if applic) ...the list is endless and you can imagine trying to get that lot in one room at the same time . Unfortunately, the judge will require all this info before ruling on the case, so they really do have to gather all this info first.

                          Stick with it and keep us posted!




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                            Hi Lee

                            Sorry that I have come into this late, but I wanted to say welcome.

                            You've been given some great advice and ideas and I hope that you find it useful. Good luck with the ombudsman and please don't give up on your EH, they need to be taking action.

                            Let us know how things progress

                            Blue Cow


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                              Good for you Lee I think sometimes we feel so utterly helpless in the face of NHF behaviour that when we start to do something we feel an awful lot better.

                              I hope your MP will get some answers for you. If you call the police make sure you ask for an incident number which you can put in your log. The council might take a bit more notice if they see the police are involved.

                              Good luck, don't let the b*******s get you down

                              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi