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Sleepless in Manchester

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  • Sleepless in Manchester

    Hi,my name is Steve.I stumbled accross this website by accident, but already I dont feel quite so solitary. My problem with neighbours has only been going on for 7 or 8 weeks and is nowhere near as bad as some peoples but it is causing us misery! I am a shift worker and have been for 20 years,mornings lates and nights, About 2 months ago our neighbour (whom we had no problem with for 3 years)suddenly let his house out to a relative inc her husband and 2 children.My wife and I returned from a midweek break to a cacophony of noise from next door,mainly dogs barking and loud music. The noise,mainly the constantly barking and howling dogs continued for 2 days until I could stand it no more and went to speak to the neighbour.It was friendly enough,but made no difference.Her husband came round later to explain that it was`nt the dogs at all but a parakeet that did dog impressions!

    This has gone on ever since,every time the animals are left alone they bark and howl constantly and tear around the house.It seems as though the are in my house. Needless to say working 10 hour shifts with less and less sleep has brouhgt me to the point of desparation and unable to carry out my job. I have pleaded with them on 3 occasions to keep the noise down but their attitude is "How can we keep the dogs QUIET WHEN WE GO OUT!" i have spoken to the environmental health dept who sent out letters,with no result. I have now been forced to log events and record the noise on my camcorder.We just want peace. Steve

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    Hi Steve.

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Perhaps if the dogs are left alone all day someone should anonymously call the RSPCA

    I used to work nights when I was living in a flat and so did several others on this board and we used to wear ear plugs when we slept which worked a treat. Those squeezy ones which you pop into your ear.

    In the meantime, whilst this is being resolved, this may be an effective interim measure.

    Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

    We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

    So what's the plan?

    Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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      Hi Steve and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

      I hate it when there's noise from next door, IMO there's nothing worse. And when you talk to your neighbour in the hope it will stop (or at the very least deacrease in volume and frequency and it just doesn't. :angry:

      Well done for getting where you are though, and dealing with NFH is a process - you have started well. You've spoken to them and the Environmental Health department. You've got the log sheets from the EHd and now you need to record everything. You may find the Self Help Articles here useful, particularly the one on noise nuisance. Please make sure that you do write everything down though (and how it is affecting you), when you have a sheet filled in, contact the EHd again, but keep filling your log sheets in.

      If talking to your neighbour hasn't worked, have you thought about popping a letter through their letterbox explaining how their noise is affecting you? There's a Template Letter here which you can amend as appropriate.

      If you got on well with the previous occupier (now the landlord from what you're saying), do you think they is any chance that you could speak to them about the noise their tenants (relatives) are making?

      Many of us suffering noise know exactly what you're going through with the feelings of desperation, never being able to settle down, not being able to get to sleep - even though you're completely worn out. Rockbank's suggestion of earplugs is a good one, we swear by them in our house , or some quiet background music to drift off to?

      I'm sure many more members will be along shortly to offer advice and support. Glad you found us, please keep us posted.



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        Welcome Steve

        Sorry to learn about your NFH problem - dog/animal noise can be so affecting, so disturbing. We used to have a constantly howling and barking dog next door to us, *amongst* other things!

        Anyway, RB and Holly have given you great advice for starters, please do have a look through the Noise Help article, it's really detailed.

        The irony is, as with our 2nd lot of NFH with the 'dog howler', this problem can be cured with a little effort from a responsible dog owner. It's called 'Separation Anxiety Disorder' where the dogs bark/howl for their owners to come home and even if they do hours later, they will think (the dog) they've been successful and continue to do it in future. Over a period of weeks working with a good dog trainer, a dog can be prevented from doing this.

        Sadly, our NFH weren't interested either in our info and we went down the EH route, recording, etc, etc. The howling and our NFH's noise literally drove me/us up the wall sometimes. Try and get out when you can, and when you're at home, live normally as much as you can (it's hard sometimes granted!) - put your TV on, have background noise, try to ignore the noise from next door and try to take some control back.

        Noise makes us feel helpless for sure, but don't be dictated to by their events and comings/goings where you can.

        Good luck and please let us know how things go?



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          Hi Steve

          Welcome to the Forum! Glad you found us, but sorry you needed to - if you know wot I mean .

          Sorry to hear about your noisy, inconsiderate and probably cruel NFH's. :frown:

          Are your NFH's owners or tenants? I know you say they are renting off family, but are the original lot actual owners or are they sub-letting? It would be useful to know, and if they rent, are they renting privately or off the Council or a Housing Association? If they are renting, it would give you an extra angle in addition to the Env Health dept to explore...

          I won't add to the others' advice, but I wish you luck and hope you can visit here often - you'll be surprised at what a difference it can make to you