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Cars are making our life hell....

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  • Cars are making our life hell....

    We recently moved into a very picturesque part of Solihull but did not know about the NFH who lives opposite us. They are two brothers who own 6 or 7 cars which they work on on their driveway. At any one time, there are at least 2 cars out on the road (taxed) and its worse when their friends are over.

    They have no regard for the area or its residents.

    From speaking to another one of the residents, they moved from their last place because of a similar problem.

    Because of this, and the fact that we live on narrow road, we have trouble turning into our drive because of their cars parked opposite, as we are not allowed the turning circle.

    I have tried to have a civil word with them on 3 separate occassions and each time, have had my head bitten off !

    The other residents are also fed up but no-one wants to do anything about it for fear of being singled out.

    I'm usually a calm, happy-go-lucky sort of person but I feel like i'm losing my mind and its beginning to affect me personally. :cry:

    I would welcome any advice on this matter.

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    hello there!!!

    sorry you are being driven mad by these inconsiderate blobs.

    they seem to know what they are doing as they only leave taxed cars on the actual road.

    is it possible they are running a business fixing cars on their premises? or are they just tinkering about with old bangers they collect? if you think they might be running a business you and other fed up residents can make a few complaints to the council i think.

    i dont have lot of experience with parking problems, but i am sure other will be along shortly who can help a bit more.

    try not to let it get to you, i know its easy to say and harder to do, but i am sure this forum will help you.

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      Hi gbhogal and welcome to the NFHiB Forum Board

      Sorry to hear you're having parking problems you mentioned that you'd spoken to them, but that that doesn't seem to have helped at all. Have you thought about writing to them? Or, if a group of you are suffering, why not all write?

      There is a Template Letter here which you could use and amend as appropriate.

      Just to ask a few questions so we get a clearer picture of your situation (which might affect what advice we can all give you):

      - Do you know whether your neighbours own or rent? If they rent is it from a private landlord, Council or Housing Association?

      - Do you own your home?

      - What is it you're actually after, i.e. what are you wanting from your neighbours?

      I think you might find it useful to check out the Self Help Articles here as they have lots of helpful things in them.

      Hopefully lots of other members will be along shortly to offer advice and support .



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        Welcome to the board gbhogal The parking problems sound so irritating and annoying, the irony is with a little respect these neighbours wouldn't cause you any problems.......but sadly as we often hear, respect seems on short supply from NFH!

        Just to add to the great advice - have you contacted your Local Authority Highways Department for advice and hopefully info/help? But as Holly has said, if you write first, keeping a copy of the letter, you can prove to the LA you have made every effort to remedy the situation first yourself.

        Come back often.



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          Hi gbhogal!

          Welcome to the Forum!

          Hope you will find all the help and advice you need here. :thumbs:

          You've already been given some good pointers so I won't repeat things!

          Let us know how you get on - there's usually someong here if you need to vent or off-load!



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            I have a similar problem alttough my NFHs do the car repairs in the road so it's perhaps a little easier to deal with. A couple of things have helped me:

            1. If they are a carrying out a buisnes it may be contrary to local planning regs and they may be required to pay a business rate for council tax. Check with your council if you suspect it's a business. Tell-tale sign is a continuous turnover of cars - are they always working on the same 6 or 7 cars, or do they change. I kept a record and took photos to establish this.

            2. Mine are tenents of a housing association and doing this work is contrary to the tenency agreement.

            recently there has been a significant reductuion since the houysing association spoke to them.

            Hope this is of some help to you.


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              Just to clarify things a little:

              1. They own their own house and are not tenants. As they arrogantly pointed out to one of our neighbours...'if you've got money, you can do what you like....!'

              2. I own my home

              3. All i am after is that they keep the road clear for us to get onto our drive comfortably. Its not too much to ask !

              The last I spoke to them I did suggest that they made their drive bigger by tarmacing some more of the grass. By doing this, they would fit all their cars onto their drive. But the reply was..'No, i want a bit of green at the front of the house..'

              I even suggested to them that maybe they could park one of their cars in their garage thus taking one of the cars off the road. This time the reply came back as...'you can't tell me what to do. That's not your concern..'

              They are just so inconsiderate. They want to have their cake and eat it. You offer a suggestion to them and they do not want to know, so in honesty, I'm not sure a letter will work.

              I will try the highways agency and let you all know how i get on. I'm also going to see the CAB tomorrow.

              However, please continue to post the advice and thanx to everyone so far, who has taken the time out to offer it.


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                hi gbhogal,

                Just because they "have money" doesn't mean they can do anything they like, a recent article in the NFH news about the lottery winner NFH shows that. So don't be put off.

                News Item - 17th Oct

                News Item - 24th Sept

                I would still write, even if you think a letter to the NFH won't help - you may need to prove that you've made them aware of the problem and what you'd like them to do, etc. As in all likeness the NFH concerned will deny you've even made them aware...

                Good luck with the CAB, good idea and with the Highways Dept. Keep us updated.



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                  Originally posted by gbhogal@Nov 4 2003, 1:45 PM

                  They have no regard for the area or its residents.

                  Hmm, they think the world revolves around them then? :huh: And think the world owes them everything.

                  You're right that, "Its not too much to ask!" to have them show you some courtesy and not make turning so difficult.

                  I hope that your meeting with the CAB goes well and that they can offer you some advice on your problem(s).

                  I would suggest as well that you do think about writing a collective letter, getting it signed by the people who are affected by the unreasonable attitude of your neighbour.

                  Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.