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Dog Tormentors and Bullies

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  • Dog Tormentors and Bullies


    My NFH has a German Shepherd in a pen at the bottom of his garden. The poor creature is only 3 years old, and has been out there since it became unmanageable at only 9 months. It is walked very occasionally but only at night. It's well fed and watered, though, so the RSPCA can't do anything.

    Of course, the dog barks. Never for very long, but many, many times a day. He barks at other dogs being walked in the field out the back. He barks every time a train goes past. He barks whenever there's a siren. He barks just for the hell of it. He has nothing else to do.

    But it's not the noise that bothers me so much as the idea of him being out there, alone. In the winter, on cold nights he moans so piteously - a low, mooing noise that I've never heard before and never want to hear again.

    I've tried to broach the subject with my neighbour, who inherited the dog from a cousin who used to live there but has now moved away. He listens in silence, nodding, and then the result is more of his cousins start to bully my kids at school and in the street, calling them names, tripping them up and threatening to kill our cat. I think the neighbour himself is sort of OK actually. It's his extended family who are from hell. If they are around and the dog barks they yell at it to effing shut up, and if it doesn't they go and kick it. He simply doesn't do anything to it, apart from feed and occasionally walk it.

    I'm not a nosy or interfering person, but the sound of an animal in constant suffering has brought me to my wits end. I like every other aspect of where I live, but now I'm trying to sell. Don't know if I'll have much success with a frequently barking dog next door, though. So far, he's been very quiet when we've shown people round. He knows we're on his side!

    I realise this is a very small hell compared to some others. I get the feeling that the only reason war hasn't broken out is because we've been ridiculously patient and tolerant and responded to their threatening behaviour by backing off. Believe you me, this is not my natural inclination - I'm a very outspoken person normally, but cannot stand the thought of my kids being bullied even for a minute.

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    Hi CW

    sorry to hear your story, its not on your kids being bullied

    have you contacted the school to express your concerns?

    most schools have a zero policy on bullying and should act on behalf of your children.

    I do feel for the dog, its unfair when dogs are kept out side, if your neighbour is doing nothing about it, you could contact the local dog warden for advice, they may also be able to help with the noise.

    also if you wanted to you could contact EHO about the noise, is the dogs pen clear?

    if its full of dog poo and smells you can tell them about that too

    I hope others will be able to offer you more advice


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      Its very frustrating to have to listen to amimals in pain or discomfort even for a short time. Perhaps you could get in touch with a good animal shelter or as Beth says the dog warden. There must be a way of getting the dog a better life, and if the neighbour is not that bad he may feel it would be worth while investigating, especially if you could supply him readily with the info.

      Its unbearable for people to treat your children badly, I know myself what thats like. Where possible contact the school and the community police officer just to wise him up and get advice.

      Good luck.


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        Thanks for the advice. I should have mentioned I've done a lot of these things. The situation has been going on for 3 years now.

        Wrote a polite letter to the neighbour, when the dog was a pup and was kept in the room next to our bedroom, and was allowed to scratch and whine incessantly from first light until the girl that owned it in the beginning decided to get up and let it out at about 8.30. Their response was not to get up earlier to let it out, or move it to another room, but to build it a kennel and put it outside. Poor thing was only about 9 months old. I felt dreadful, as you can imagine.

        Contacted the dog warden - he says that as long as the dog is well-fed and watered and is on a long enough rope, there's nothing he can do. After he went round, the neighbour's family made every effort to keep the dog quiet. They kicked him, beat him and effed and blinded at him at the top of their voices.

        Dog rescuers have attempted to get the dog rehomed - they got on the case and a warden from another area who's a German Shepherd expert went for a chat with the neighbour, but all that happened was the whole family went round there and yelled at the poor warden. Nothing came of it.

        The bullying of the kids was mainly in the street, and as with a lot of bullying it was spitefully clever and unprovable. They were careful only to do in when there was no-one else in hearing. Their teenagers were bullying our 8 and 9 and 10 year olds, and it was terrifying for them. We chose to live here because it's the sort of road where kids can safely cycle and skateboard and play hopscotch and stuff, but they started being terrified to go out.

        Our beat officer is a wally, I'm afraid. For instance, he's in support of kids having BB guns - he says it's not the guns that are the problem, but the parents' lack of supervision. Basically, he's a bit of a softie and makes any excuse not to tackle issues. I spoke to him about the bullying and he said he'd keep an eye on it but I've never once seen him down our street, not even in his car, so I don't know quite how he hoped to do that.

        The bullying at school was very minor - names whispered as my teenage daughters walked past their 'gang', and my one daughter was followed and some stuff stolen from her bag as soon as her back was turned. We got the police in to that, and though nothing could be proved the girl was talked to. Soon after that she got pregnant and left.

        We have six kids altogether, and their family is huge, with factions in all the streets round here. So you see, there are lots of opportunities for them to get at us.

        I have made some tentative enquiries to environmental health but I don't want to stir up too much of a case. Their suggestion was to log the times of the barking, so that they could decide whether to issue recording equipment. Now we've decided to move, we don't want too much stuff 'on the record', though. The mess is cleared up every now and then and I've only ever noticed a stink once or twice, but never for long. I think the dog's current owner does what he can for the dog, within his powers. He was landed with it when his cousin moved out - she was a skinny girl and obviously totally incapable of looking after a completely anarchic German shepherd. Our neighbour's not much better, but at least he doesn't batter the poor creature like she did when it was a pup. I've never even heard him shout at it - it's always women family members who do that. They don't live there, but they visit all the time, evenings and weekends.

        What I really need advice on is how much of this I should admit to prospective buyers? I've made no official complaint as such, though I have told Environmental health and the dog warden about my concerns for the dog's welfare. Like I said, the barking isn't the major problem - it's what it signifies that tears me apart.

        Of course, if I do move, there will always be this horrible feeling at the back of my mind that I could have done something but didn't.....


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          Hi conkerwoman

          I see red when I hear of children being bullied :angry: My kids were bullied and it's the feeling of total helplessness that really gets you down. If the bullies thought they'd get the same medicine from their victims friends and families maybe they'd stop but they 'know their rights!!!!' :angry:

          I also see red when I hear of animals being in pain or distress. :angry: I wish I could offer you some advice but if the RSPCA won't do anything what hope is there? If the poor animal is creating a noise nuisance then I suppose the only way to go is to contact the Environmental Health Office and seek help there. But if you have decided to move maybe this would not be such a good idea.

          I wish there was some advice I could give you but I'm not sure exactly what you have to declare to a potential buyer. All I can do is wish you good luck

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            bully on line

            these are friends of this site, bully on line, they will able to help and offer specific advice on bullying.

            you need to go back to the dog warden, with your concerns. its not on

            sometimes you need to be at these people till they act just to get rid of you.

            have you thought of adopting the dog to solve all your problems?

            you mentioned some whaere else that he wasnt a bad dog, just a poorly one

            it would be good for you and the dog.


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              Hi Conkerwoman

              I really do feel for this poor dog in this situation, and obviously you have tried lots of ways to help here.....well done, for having the conscience to try so hard . At the end of the day, if cruelty/neglect can't be proven, I don't know what else you can do. Perhaps the RSPCA/dog warden could have a go at seeing if he would give the dog up? But then you have to have an animal charity with a place for it (a specialist German Shepherd Rescue?), or could you take it yourselves?

              Re disclosure of information on the Seller's Peoperty Information Form, see


              and then you may want to clarify any queries about your own particular situation with a solicitor. I understand your hesitancy about formalising action against any neighbours if you are selling your house, but you may find that you have to declare the contact you've already had with E.H.O., if you gave your name when you contacted them, or if other people are aware of your neighbour problems. Still, take some advice, then you know where you stand.




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                Hi CW

                Welcome to NFHiB.

                I hope that you have found the advice and support to be useful already!

                I'm not sure about what you need to disclose either, but Sapph's pointed you in the right direction for a starter!

                I'd also recommend the Bullying online site as Beth has given - it's very good and goes into detail of the minds of these twits etc which can give you a good insight into their pea brains :lol: .

                I can't stand the thought of your children suffering at the hand of these morons :frown: . I hope you can move away from them asap. I might, in the meantime, be sure that the school is watching out for the slightest sniff of trouble too - they have to take your concerns seriously as they'll have a 'bullying' policy.

                With the dog, I know how much it feels as if you are bashing your head against a brick wall with the RSPCA. Although they do have quite extensive powers, they seems to be very 'softly softly', too much so from my experience which is utterly frustrating! I would still be reporting it to them though, it really does sound unacceptable for the poor dog to be left like this :sad: I wonder if there are any 'german shepherd societies' about that would be interested to hear about this dog's plight...

                Anyway, keep us posted, whatever happens.




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                  Do you have a branch of "animal liberation" there?

                  Try phoning them. There are people in AL who truly care

                  for animals and may be likely to help.



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                    Hi CW and welcome

                    I think that (as others have said), if it is known somewhere that you have an issue with your neighbour then you will need to disclose that on the SPIF. But, when it comes to that stage in selling your home, speak to your conveyancer about it to see what they say.

                    Check out the "Barking Mad" Article in the NFHiB Self-Help Articles section here!

                    Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.


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                      Hi Conkerwoman

                      You have been given so much avice and I can not really add to it.

                      The dog thing makes me so mad. I think I would either

                      1. Try and get RSPCA to act again


                      2. Try and get neighbour to let you have the dog and if you do not want a dog, hand it over to RSPCA or Blue Cross. I know someone who did this a few years ago.

                      Hope the move goes well. If you move with the dog situation still as it is now, at least you have tried to do all you can, which is a darned sight more than a lot of people would do.

                      "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                        Yes, I agree with John, you have done all you can, as John says more than most would.

                        Good for you.


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                          What if you offer them £50 for the dog to take it off their hands, they obviously cant be bothered with the responsibility of it.

                          That is what I would be inclined to do. then i would either keep it myself or take it to a shelter for rehoming. mind you if it couldnt be rehomed and was stuck in a shelter for ages that would also be awful. :sad:

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                            I'm a bit late on this one, but I think these people should be put down and the dog should be found a decent home :rant:

                            It's good that you are willing to do something about this poor dog's situation...he obviously needs you to fight his corner

                            Good luck