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  • Neighbours From Hell

    My Goodness, what a speedy response, thanks everyone!

    Just to answer a couple of questions, I spoke to Environmental Health and the Housing Officer for my area this morning - both were of the opinion that I should keep a log and keep it official (although I didn't tell them I was thinking of bribing the NFH).

    The person who lives next door to me is a single parent (although her ex-husband visits from time to time to threaten her - he also burns his son's T-Shirts on the lawn outside because he objects to the child owning an Everton T-Shirt) - she has three children, all boys, aged 16, 9 and 7.

    Noise isn't the main problem at the moment - I always have my earplugs handy and the Volume Control on the TV - the main problem is constant playing of football outside my house, the playing of Golf (with Tennis Raquets!!) - when one of the boys put my car windscreen through with a golf ball I was told that I can't stop the children from playing (I was also told I couldn't prove anything - they were right!). Last time I caught the woman next door kicking a ball at my car, I confiscated it, she called the Police and they came!!!!!

    There is a constant stream of teenagers who hang around and there's an amount of drug dealing that takes place - In addition to this, often we find young teenagers 'making love' against the tree at the bottom of the drive (Yes, the same tree!!!)....I should write a book!!!

    I do want to move house - I just don't think I will be able to sell it with the NFH...

    Once again, thanks for your support everyone - it's nice to know there's others out there who have experinced similar problems.....