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Neighbours From Hell...

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  • Neighbours From Hell...

    HI All,

    I'm hoping that some wonderful person out there has some sound advice for me...

    I bought my house four years ago on an 'ex' council estate in the Wirral. It seems it wasn't as 'ex' as I would have liked. Shortly after I had moved in I discovered that my neighbours (council tenants) were far from desirable, as the three children next door grow older they seem to are turning into animals (I'm not exaggerating, I found two of them defacating out of a tree at the end of our drive a couple of weeks ago).

    The situation had got steadily worse over the last year until eventually, my husband and I decided we would put our house up for sale. Despite our 'bargain' asking price, only one couple came to view our house and the lack of interest spoke volumes.

    In summary, we didn't manage to sell our house (although we would very much like to move), I have contacted the Local Council and Environmental Health and they have sent me a pack to enable me to record all instances.

    I am acutely aware that as I start to record these incidences it becomes an official complaint - this means that I must declare that I have a problem with my neighbours to anyone who wishes to buy my property. I am also acutely aware that as I my job takes me away from my home for 12 hours a day, this gives them 12 hours to do what they like to my hime... :badmood:

    Some friends have suggested that I offer my neighbour a considerable amount of money to request a transfer - some seem to think this won't work and I should put the sale of my house on hold until I can somehow get these neighbours evicted. :badmood: . Either way I seem to be the looser. Sorry this one's so long, I just didn't want to leave anything out...

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    Very sorry to hear about your problems. You will find lots of people here to give you advice. You should certainly keep detailed records of any problems, this is very important - so you're off to the right start. You should also be prepared to hit obstacles, councils have tendency to say that there's nothing they can do and so do the police. That's not true if you are being harrassed so you must keep on at them. Don't allow yourself to be fobbed off.

    On a lighter note I have to say "I found two of them defacating out of a tree" is the most extraordinary thing I've heard for ages, I know it's not remotely funny for you, but .... You could always hope that they fall out of the tree and land head first in it.


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      Hi there Jus.

      It seems you have the dreaded Kids from Hell to put up with.

      How old are the little darlings?

      Is it just them or are the parents complete nightmares as well...i.e. do they let their brats do whatever they like morning noon and night until you think you will just go nuts from lack of peace and quiet?

      You will get a lot of advice here.

      I think the main issue is, do you want to move and would this be the best thing for you, or do you want to stay where you are but have the NFH moved. the second course of action will take a heck of a lot of stamina and persistence on your part and also a lot of time.

      how long has your house been on the market? now is not a good time of year to market a property as we run into Xmas. you might want to redouble your efforts in the new year.

      we will try and help as much as possible!!!

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        Hi Jus and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

        What bizarre people you have living next door :blink: .

        Your choices in this kind of situation are:

        - Stay put and do nothing

        - Stay and follow any and every legal avenue you can

        - Move - if you decide to sell, then it's likely you would need to declare any nuisance behaviour on the Sellers Property Informaiton Form (SPIF). The SPIF is still a document with very grey areas (I think) and you need to be careful about what you do or don't put down.

        In terms of the second option, you need to be writing everything down and getting as much evidence as possible. There are some very useful bits of information in the NFHiB Resources Section which you might want to check out.

        Have you spoken to the local Housing Office in person about how their tenants behaviour is affecting you? Have you at any point spoken to the neighbours themselves about their behaviour? What other types of nuisance are they causing, e.g. is noise a major issue?

        Anyway, welcome again to the Forum and I'm sure that many other members will be along shortly to offer advice and support.



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          Hi Jus and welcome to the forum

          Believe me I know exactly what you're going through I live in an ex-council house across the river from you and find myself in the same position. Nobody want's to buy these houses unless it's for a pittance

          It's a bit of dilemma whether you should make a complaint official or not as it will possibly reflect in the amount you can sell your house for. And when you're on an estate that might not draw buyers anyway....well you get the drift. There is the thing that if you're offering it at a 'bargain' price, people might think you're desperate to sell and wonder why. (Just a thought)

          So, if you want to go ahead and make an official complaint contact your local housing office and ask what strategies they have in place to deal with antisocial behaviour. The law says there should be a partnership between police and councils or HA's to deal with it. Keep a log of every incident so you have some evidence to show them.

          Also get in touch with your local Neighbourhood Police Officer and report the truly awful toilet habits of your KFH!!! Also ask him/her about antisocial behaviour strategies.

          To protect your property while you are away you could install some cctv equipment. It's fairly inexpensive nowadays. Do you know if other neighbours are also affected by this family? If so it might be a good idea to get together with some other neighbours and approach the council and police as a group. Also, neighbours might be able to keep an eye on each other's property.

          If you feel you're being fobbed off by the police or the council, get in touch with your local councillors and/or MP. Any chance that Frank Field is your MP? He's got a real downer on NFH and I'm sure he'd back you up.

          I'm not sure bribing NFH will help and it might end up backfiring on you. And anyway, why should you reward their bad behaviour? There is new legislation coming in during the next parliament to deal with some NFH, having their housing benefit cut etc, but whether it will help only time will tell.

          I'm sure other members will be along shortly with other advice for you, in the meantime have a look at some of the self help articles on the main site :

          Good luck in whatever you decide to do and come back as often as you like, you'll find lots of support, sympathy and advice

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            Wow!! You people are fast, there was only Eskander's post when I started typing out my reply. So I may have doubled up on some advice

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              My Goodness, what a speedy response, thanks everyone!

              Just to answer a couple of questions, I spoke to Environmental Health and the Housing Officer for my area this morning - both were of the opinion that I should keep a log and keep it official (although I didn't tell them I was thinking of bribing the NFH).

              The person who lives next door to me is a single parent (although her ex-husband visits from time to time to threaten her - he also burns his son's T-Shirts on the lawn outside because he objects to the child owning an Everton T-Shirt) - she has three children, all boys, aged 16, 9 and 7.

              Noise isn't the main problem at the moment - I always have my earplugs handy and the Volume Control on the TV - the main problem is constant playing of football outside my house, the playing of Golf (with Tennis Raquets!!) - when one of the boys put my car windscreen through with a golf ball I was told that I can't stop the children from playing (I was also told I couldn't prove anything - they were right!). Last time I caught the woman next door kicking a ball at my car, I confiscated it, she called the Police and they came!!!!!

              There is a constant stream of teenagers who hang around and there's an amount of drug dealing that takes place - In addition to this, often we find young teenagers 'making love' against the tree at the bottom of the drive (Yes, the same tree!!!)....I should write a book!!!

              Once again, thanks for your support everyone - it's nice to know there's others out there who have experinced similar problems.....


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                Hi Jus

                This is very quick before I go offline till later:

                Please, please, please, do not, under any circumstances try and bribe your neighbours to move or transfer - I am hoping you were making a throw-away comment, but just in case, don't do it!

                I'll come back later!



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                  Agree with Mazza here - a bribe, actual or attempted, could come back to haunt you big time.

                  "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                    Hi Jus,

                    Just a thought, you say you bought your house. When you bought it did you buy it from a previous owner or were you the tenant? If yo bought it from a previous owner, did they know about the NFH and drug dealing etc, if they did and they did not declare you have recourse in law. If the law applies to you when you sell it also applies to the other seller.



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                      the main problem is constant playing of football outside my house, the playing of Golf (with Tennis Raquets!!) - when one of the boys put my car windscreen through with a golf ball I was told that I can't stop the children from playing

                      Gawd!!! I'm driven mad by the sounds of footballs!!!! Maybe you can't stop kids playing but you should darn well be able to stop them committing criminal damage! Anybody with half a brain would know that a golf ball can cause damage to windows!!

                      There should be a neighbourhood team of police who are responsible for your area. Call the local station and ask for their number and ask them either to visit you or make an appointment when you can visit them and explain about the gangs of teenagers and the drug dealing. I'm not sure if the Shop-a-Yob scheme is still going, but Merseyside Police used to have a mobile police station that they'd park in various areas of Merseyside. You could phone a number and somebody was supposed to respond immediately. Maybe you could ask at your local station if it's still going.

                      I think you should write a detailed 'report' of what is happening so that when you eventually get to see a police officer you won't forget anything. Seems an awful lot is going on and you have my sympathy because it's much the same where I live

                      Good luck

                      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                        I have no idea where the people who I bought my house off live now - although I've thought of this many times. :banghead:

                        The situation wasn't quite as bad back then because the children were younger - it's only got really bad over the last two years. I've more or less decided to start logging the incidences now and try and go for the ASBO.


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                          I have no idea where the people who I bought my house off live now - although I've thought of this many times.

                          It may be worth talking to your solicitor/conveyancer who acted for you when you bought. They may have details of where sellers are now perhaps?.

                          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                            Hi, Jus, and welcome to the forum

                            What a nightmare, talk about anti-social behaviour! And that poor tree gets it all, doesn't it?

                            Do have a good read of this article on the SPIF, and clarify any points with a solicitor if necessary


                            If you can get these nfh evivted, then that solves the problem neatly, but it's usually a long haul .

                            Log everything, whether it is for E.H. or the housing department. Make full use of any witnesses (have lots of guests round yourself!), and by all means, pursue an ASBO as well as an eviction! The more of these things under way the merrier.

                            Action by E.H. for noise nuisance and any action re ASB, would all complement the Eviction Procedure nicely, as then they are in breach of their tenancy obligations. I'm sure Housing would be happy to provide you with a speciman tenancy agreement to check out.

                            There are some relevant sections on legislation to check out(if you haven't already seen them) here


                            Please, Jus, for Gawd's sake don't attempt to bribe anyone.....they won't keep quiet, and your credibility would take a hammering!

                            There have been a lot of suggestions to digest so far, and I wish you lots of luck in pursuing any or all of them! Do let us know how you go on, and feel free to have a rant whenever it may help




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                              Hi Again

                              Hope you have found the info and advice useful so far.

                              Back to the bribe thing - forget it - it wouldn't make a shred of difference anyway.

                              Assuming the NFH had the integrity to go along with your plan (And I doubt that they are the types to have integrity in the first place ), it then would be all depending on the Council to move them according to their policies.

                              In general, it takes forever to get a transfer and some authorities do not even operate transfer schemes anymore, so you could be onto a dead duck from the word go with this idea.

                              If you plan to stay where you are - and why the heck shouldn't you? - then follow the advice you have already been given to make a log of everything.

                              Report it frequently to the Council and the Police - the more they have you contacting them, the less opportunity they'll have to try and fob you off once all the reports start to mount up.

                              If I were you, I would not communicate in anyway with your NFH's if at all possible. Now that you have started to log stuff, you need to be seen to be 'squeaky clean' so don't give them any ammunition to make counter allegations against you otherwise all your logging will count for nothing.

                              I would report the drug dealing to Crimestoppers - number's in the book (sorry, I keep forgetting it). The reason for using Crimestoppers is that the police are set targets for responding to calls coming through this way and they have to prioritise them (a police officer himself told me this not long ago).

                              It can be done - it will be a long haul, but you can do it! Now that Anti-social behaviour is high on the political agenda, things are moving quite fast and the police and Council have to have a strategy for dealing anti-social persons, whether they are Council tenants or not.

                              So don't let them fob you off! Action needs to be taken against these blithering idiots and they should not be allowed to blight everyone's lives like this :frown:.

                              Good luck and keep us posted!