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neighbour harassment

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  • neighbour harassment

    I need help and sujestions we have lived at our present address for four years and our neighbours on one side the villages most notorious families and drunks on the other. Not only do we get hurled abuse at by them but their friends and children. it is very distressing and our tenants board on the council wont do anything because one of their family is on the board. yesterday they called me a pervert and a other such. at 25 with my own young son it realy takes the biscuit. none of them actually work they all claim DISABILITY!!!!!! the council wont move them as they have been evicted and moved more than once so it seems like i am stuck :nfh1: :nfh1:

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    Hi Toz,

    Welcome to the Forum

    Sounds like a horrid situation for you. :frown:

    In order that we can get a clearer picture, can you tell us whether you are all Council tenants, or are some owners etc?

    Are the police involved?

    Do you want to stay in your present accommodation or do you want out?

    What has the Council done about it so far? I presume they are aware of the problems?

    Sorry about all these questions, but it will allow us to give you the most relevant info if we know a bit more

    In the meantime, please keep a log of every incident - there are log sheets on this site. You need to note down the time, date, type of problem, how long it lasted and how it made you feel.

    Also report everything - report it to the police and the Council - assuming your NFH's are Council tenants.

    It does not matter if they had already been evicted, they must still adhere to the Laws of the Land and their Tenancy Agreements, whether or not they are 'on the tenant's board' .

    Let us know




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      Hi Tozers and welcome to the forum

      Sounds like you're living a nightmare It's not of any comfort but many members here have had the word 'pervert' or paedophile flung at them by nasty NFH and it's never true.

      I'll wait for your next post before I say anything else. Mazza had given you some good advice already but if you could possibly supply more details members may be able to give you some more.

      In the meantime have a look at the self help articles here:

      Take care, look forward to hearing more from you. Come back as often as you need because you'll get a warm welcome and lots of support and sympathy

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        As Misty says:

        It's not of any comfort but many members here have had the word 'pervert' or paedophile flung at them by nasty NFH and it's never true.

        It bl**dy hurts though.

        Come back with more details and you'll get great help and support.

        You will also find this site a calming influence as believe me, there are an awful lot of people suffering like you and the support here is tremendous.

        Take care.
        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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          our tenants board on the council wont do anything because one of their family is on the board.

          Oh really ? Well me thinks that your NFH needs to put forward that he/she has a pecuniary interest in the matter and should neither vote nor comment on the situation. You have a right to privacy regardless and if they are commenting or interferring in your business through legitimate sources, you have a right of redress.

          Your posting is fairly sketchy so I can't comment further but, if you wish to post in more detail so we can give more constructive advice please do - we don't bite, well not yet anyway !


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            Thanks guys B) yes it is a council street. It is two long rows of houses with a single lane road inbetween. the two main gobsh*ts are coucil tenants. I think that the council will not do anything because they are afraid of them. The rep has already been told to back off by his superiors as they were going to sue the council for harasment!!! I havent always kept a log but will certainly do so but i have called the council to log it in the file. There never really was any want to call the police on them as they always get away with whatever they do, gbh for example :rant:

            i have had the police aroundmany times though on my neighbours the other side of me and i did get the enviromental health office involved which made the counil listen

            oh and a member of their family is on the tenants board so they wouldnt do anything if we asked. I amnot afraid of them but it just really winds me up because i do know what they are capable of :ban:


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              Hi T,

              Thanks for the info

              I'll asume that you want to stay in your present accommodation and that you are a Council tenant too (there are options for you if you do not wish to stay there anymore).

              Keep logging everything. All of it. Note the time, date, nature of the problem, how long it went on for, how it made you feel and whether you did anything about it (ie called police, phoned council etc).

              Keep bombarding the Housing Office with your log sheets. Hand copies in weekly and more frequently if necessary. Report it to the police too.

              What's all this tosh about a tenant's board? Don't bother with them if they are all in each others' pockets - you don't need to deal with them - just go straight to the Council officials direct - I would communicate directly with the Head of Housing and express your concerns about the 'corrupt' members on the board.

              When are these Board members due to be re-elected? They can't be on it forever .

              It's a great idea to get the Env health involved - they're not obliged to pay attention to the tenant's panel and are not part of the Housing Department - so keep at them!

              I would get your MP involved too. The situation you are in is intolerable and unacceptable. There is no excuse for inactivity by the Council and the Police. They should be working together to eliminate behaviour like this and that means by anyone, regardless of their status or whether they have previously been chucked out. :angry:

              If the Council and the police still won't react, complain to their regulators - Police Complaints Commission and the Local Government Ombudsman.

              I think you might be in for a fight, but it is a fight you CAN win.

              Hope this is a starting point for you - I hope others will be along soon with other pointers for you too

              Let us know how you get on


              :nfh1: :ban: :nfh1:


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                Hi and welcome

                I think it would be helpful if you could also say what kind of behaviour/ nuisance these neighbours are causing. You've mentioned that you have involved the Environmental Health department at some stage, was that to do with noise or another nuisance?

                Have you spoken to your local Councillor about the problems you are experiencing on this estate?

                Another place to try might be your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

                Do you know if any of your other neighbours are also fed up with the behaviour of a few? Or is it a lot of people causing bother?

                Sorry to ask a lot of questions, but it does help get a cleaer picture.


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                  Hi Tozers and welcome to the forum

                  You've had some good pointers here already, and I hope this leads you in directions you need to take to address the problems here

                  It is worth seeing if you can get some back-up here re the housing department taking notice of your problems from their tenants. Have a look at


                  to see if there is a housing advice/aid centre in your area.

                  Your Housing Office should be the people receiving your complaints if they are about breaching the terms of the tenancy agreement. Examples of this may be noise nuisance, other forms of nuisance and harassment ( do have a look at this in your own tenancy agreement). If there is evidence, the Housing Office should be looking at taking action against the perpetrators under their Eviction Procedure. But, evidence and logging of incidents will be needed, so do record all events. And, if you can get any support from other neighbours experiencing problems from particular households, their complaints would add weight to your own.

                  If there is noise nuisance....again log every incidence of this, and do get back on to Environmental Health.

                  If you can be more specific about the types of difficulties, and if they are from identifiable households, it would help get a fuller picture