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  • hi

    well i just wanted to say hi,i didnt know a group like this existed,i was on line lookin up ASBO because i have problems with neighbourhood children, ive had the council around numerous times but nothing has changed,all i keep seeing on the news is Mr Blunkett saying how they are no longer going to tolerate anti social behaviour,what a joke!!. The council have told me they cant do anything about one of the families because they have bought there own house so in other words they can do as they like,we have the firebrigade around most nights where they keep setting fire to bushes,we have bricks thrown eggs,fences broke,graffetti,they bully our children and thats just the ten year olds,its the older ones that light the fires.probably i better shut up for now i only meant to say hi so bye for now.

    Michele :sad:

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    Hi Missmicky and welcome to the NFHiB Forums

    Glad that you could join us, but sorry to hear that you're suffering from anti-social behaviour of children near you.

    I'm sure other members will be along shortly to welcome you.

    I was just wondering what the Police were doing for you at the moment? Have you been in touch with your MP at all? Do you know whether any other people are affected by these children?

    Sorry to ask questions, but we get a clearer picture then! Don't feel pressured to reply if you're not ready to yet

    I'm going to pop a link here for the NFHiB Self Help Articles, which have loads of useful articles on lots of different neighbour problem areas, including anti-social behaviour.

    I'll hand you over to other members,



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        Hi Missmicky1 and welcome to the forum

        Firstly let me extend my sympathy for your plight. I know exactly what you are going through

        Secondly, have you approached your local Neighbourhood police officer? Ask at your local police station if you can see him/her and explain what is going on and what anti-social behaviour strategies they have in place to deal with this.

        Are you the only person affected or are other neighbours also fed up with it? If possible get together with other neighbours and start keeping diaries of incidents. Log everything, no matter how trivial. Also contact you local councillors and MP and ask them for help.

        Unfortunately some councils seem very reluctant to use existing legislation to tackle anti social behaviour. But you should ask your council what strategies they have in place. Sometimes police and council will work together, in fact they have to if they want to get Anti Social Behaviour Orders issued by a court.

        You can sometimes feel very isolated if you feel you are the only person or family affected by yobbish behaviour. Hopefully by finding us you will realise that there are people all over the country who know exactly how you are feeling. I'm sure other members will have more advice when they come along. So come back as ofen as you want, you'll always receive a very warm welcome here

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Missmicky and welcome,

          This sounds unbearable. I can see why you've have enough, and as for the council's reaction, well..... :badmood: It sounds like they are trying wash their hands of the problem.

          Misty's given you some really excellent advice, which I can't really add to. So for now, I'll just say Hi, and hope to hear back from you soon.


          Blue Cow


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            Welcome - I'm very sorry about your problems. As you will already have seen, there are lots of people here with good advice. I notice you use a phrase that is all too common in these situations. It's the phrase " .... can't do anything because .... " The council uses it, the police use it, housing associations use it. The because varies depending on the circumstances but it's always an excuse for not doing anything. If they said " ..... won't do anything because ... " or " ... can't be bothered to do anything ... " at least it would be honest. Whoops, I think this has turned into a rant.


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              Hi missmicky 1, and welcome to NFHiB

              I'm sorry to hear you're suffering at the hands of Anti-social behaviour in this way! :badmood:

              You've already had some good advice here to start with, but I would like to say that you need to pursue the council about the behaviour of the ones who are in council tenancies. You need to keep a log of every incident, and gather as much evidence as possible. As Misty says, it would be really useful if you have any other neighbours on side to help back you up in this.

              I do wonder, like Holly, where the police are in all of this.

              Is this behaviour happening on your property, or in general on your street?

              Thank you for taking the time to answer the barrage of questions, it helps get a fuller picture tho'

              Please come and post as often as you like



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                Hi Michelle !

                Welcome to NFHiB

                I am very fed up with hearing these types of stories. Just what sort of info are these Housing Officers giving out? It is complete rubbish that 'owners' cannot have ASBOs served on them and it seems to me that your Housing Department needs to go on some training courses!!!!

                OK, the Housing Dept might not be the ones to serve the 'owner' with an ASBO because it could be a dedicated ASBO officer elsewhere in the Council that would deal with it, but even so, someone in that Council DOES have the responsibility - along with the police - to get an ASBO served :angry: .

                Do not let them fob you off!!! Get your MP and local councillor on the case. Councils HAVE to respond to 'Member's' enquiries within quick timescales, so please use the MP/Councillor if you haven't already.

                Have you got a residents' association up and running - the more of you that complain, the better. Make sure you are logging and reporting absolutely everything that goes on and pass your reports to the police/housing dept at least every week - or every day if necessary.

                Ohh, I am so cross :badmood: , I will end here, but may be back soon!

                Let us know how you are getting on


                :nfh1: :ban: :nfh1:


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                  HI everyone and thankyou so much for answering my post.I've read them all and am going to reply and answer the questions but not until the weekend sometime as i've had a really stressful time today and dont feel up to it at the thankyou again and i hope to write over the weekend.

                  Michele :zzz:


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                    Hi again

                    Don't you worry - just have a good rest and post when you're ready.

                    We're ready when you are

                    Take care




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                      hi and welcome!

                      sorry you are going through this, and am cross for you too, what on earth do the council mean! cant help becuse they have bought, utter nonsense!! :banghead:

                      please post when ever you are ready, no pressure at all. we will try to help with information and things you and other neighbours can do.

                      we are very good listeners and we have all been there in one way or another so we understand and would never poopar you!

                      hope this weekend is a bit better for you


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                        Hi missmicky 1

                        Welcome to NFHiB,

                        Don't be fobbed off with that rubbish that ASBO's can't be used if the family is private that is utter nonsense!! I have spoken to both the police and council and they can serve them on anyone. I haven't been here for a while but as I speak evidence has been collected against 2 of our more well known KFH (kids from hell) and they are due to be arrested for criminal damage with a view to a court appearance and later ASBO's

                        This has taken time and a lot of patience, and we have had to involve our local MP (who was brilliant I might add!) who has been out to see the damage/litter/graffiti etc and has been in touch with the local police and council on our behalf.

                        We now have a nightly patrol and have been promised visits will be made each week by the community beat officer, things still aren't perfect but hopefully if/when the ASBO's are given out it may have a knock on effect. Never give in to the NFH! Chin up


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                          Hope you are ok?

                          Police threatened to serve ASBO on our neighbour and they are private owners.

                          Load of tosh you have been told!

                          Take care and look forward to reading your next post.

                          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                            Hi thankyou for all your posts. This weekend the kids set fire to the forest again we had the fire brigade up twice and then Monday night there was a gang of kids and they cut our telephone wires i think to prevent us from calling the fire b. Phones have only just ben reconnected today.Last night after lighting a fire GANG LEADER had metal poles and was trying to smash street lamps,police came but the kids gave them more lip than they give us,they took pole away and that was it they went.LEADER was taken away at about ten but was here again today.I spoke to one of my niegbours in fact the ones that live direcdtly next door to the trouble and he was supposed to be going to the council but im not sure if he went.trouble is no body like to stick there neck out cos then the kids target them with eggs at their windows.the housing officer today says he is going to contact the estate police officer. umm i'll wait for that to happen.I think over the next few days i will contact my MP. We have street wardens and if you drive around the estate in the day during school hours you see them walking casually around it all looks so nice and peaceful but come evening they disapear. anyway thats all for now dont know whats going to happen i get the feeling that there will be no action from police or council until there is a serious injury and thats quite possible as they were throwing fireworks around last bonfire night.well its raining tonight thank goodness at least it keeps the kids away.



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                              Hi Michele and thanks for the update

                              Although I'm sorry to hear what an awful weekend you had :sad:

                              Keep on at your housing department and the police with your reports. Good luck with contacting your MP too, I think that is a great idea. I really hope that things start to improve.

                              Take care

                              Blue Cow