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Car Tax Again

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  • Car Tax Again

    I posted some time ago that I had notified the DVLA about three untaxed cars belonging to nfh. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. Notified them again using their e-mail facility especially provided to do this and asked them to reply telling me what action they intended to take ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED again.

    This monday phoned the police and said an untaxed car appeared to have been aboandoned outside my house. They arrived the same day, knocked my door and asked if the car outiside was mine. In patient voice I said "No, it was me who reported it as you should have been told". I told them who owned the car but they did not call on the nfh. The stuck a notice on the car and said if it is not dealt with in a week it will be towed away. Now, why do I not feel confident that that will happen?

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    So much for Mr Blunketts crackdown.

    Why don't you e-mail or fax him and point out what you've told us? His contact details are in the Did You See folder.

    Use the Fax your MP link - you have to have your MP's postcode and after a little search found Mr Blunkett's postcode - S9 1AR
    Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

    We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

    So what's the plan?

    Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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      Fax your MP here


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        Hi Eskander

        This is really infuriating.

        My OH had an old Mark 1 Golf GTi that he was doing up a couple of years back, so it was off the road for a while and we informed the DVLA. Eventually we got it MOT'd and taxed as it was road-worthy.

        Anyhow, about a week after having it taxed, he was out driving it, when the police pulled him over. They had run the car through their computers and it had come up as being off-road still (their systems hadn't updated). So, they proceeded to give him a ten minute grilling over it, and even though he had his new valid tax disk displayed, he still had to go to his local police station to produce all his documents.

        My other half is a very laid back, placid character and was fine about all this (If it had been me, I don't think that I would have been so understanding!).

        What I can't get over here is the double standards.

        How come in your case, they can't even be bothered to knock on your neighbours door to at least ask the question? They didn't hesitate to knock on your door! They have the technology to check who is the registered owner of a car and check that the tax is up to date on the spot, so why not just follow it through?

        My sympathies are with you!!!


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          Hi Eskander

          My road is frequently a dumping ground for untaxed cars (which sometimes get smashed up/fired), and sometimes it takes a few weeks to get them moved. Seems to depend who is moving them and why, and we don't always know which authority has got them moved!

          However one was abandoned a couple of weeks ago. After a week, a notice (DVLA aware) and a wheel clamp were stuck on it (first time I've seen one clamped here), and within a week it was moved! Amazed



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            I thought they were taking a 'zero tolerance' approach to these things...

            Perhaps they are storing up the info for a big swoop. Well, you never know :unsure:


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              Thanks all.

              The plod said towed away in a week if nothing happens. That means next Tuesday at the latest. I'm going to be a real pain in the butt to all concerned if nothing happens next Tuesday.


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                You just keep at them - you can be a pesky Esky then ! :lol:

                Seriously, sometimes you just gotta dig away at them :frown:



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                  HI Eskander

                  Check on the new pilot areas for the ASB stuff that Blunkett was talking about this week - some areas are going to be funded for specifically targetting abandoned vehicles.

                  You might be in one of thse areas - if you're not, at least you can see what the other areas are planning to do.


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                    Hi Eskander

                    Good for you.

                    Enough is enough, and a week is more than enough time for them to shift it.

                    And if you see another one, call the police again, until your neighbour finally gets the message :box:

                    Blue Cow


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                      The "trailblazer" areas for ASB & abandoned cars are London Details and Liverpool (can't find anything on the BBC news about action in the Liverpool area.


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                        Well the week is up, if you remember I notified the police of an untxed car belonging to nfh last week. They responded, put a sticker on it and said if it's not been dealt with in a week it would be towed away.

                        Guess what

                        It's just been towed away!

                        Yee Haa!


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                          there you go Eskander!!!

                          so it probably wasnt your NFH's car then???? mind you, you know what if you want to scrap a car these days, you have to pay for it to be taken off your hands...we had to pay £50 to get rid of my hubbies old astra... no wonder people just dump it some where and let the council deal with it....same with fridges... its not right you know. we are supposed to recycle but it isnt made easy...

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                            Well, that wasn't so bad - keep at 'em


                            Yippeee! :salut:


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                              No, I definitely know it was my nfh's car - saw him drive up in it, saw him working on it, saw him rip of the notice the police stuck to the windscreen. I suppose he may not actually own it, but he put it there