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  • soundproofing

    Hello I'm new to the site, in the past i have suffered some dreadful neighbours,regarding noise,ie television or music being too loud, where i live, the walls are only breeze block and plaster board, so this can be a real problem. the question i have is that i was wondering, if soundproofing is a feasible option, how much does it cost, is it feasible for houses?

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    Hi, your house is built the same as mine, you can almost hear the neighbours breathing through them can't you?


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      Hi there

      We tracked down a site which can give you some info on soundproofing.

      I'm afraid you may find it prohibitivly expensive as we did although it may be the cheaper option than actually selling our house (solicitors , surveys etc).

      Unfortunately it would only appear to be totally useful if done on BOTH sides of the wall!!

      go to the general section and go onto the link there!!

      Keep us posted


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        Hello thanks to all who have replied to my message. It certainly does sound like it would cost a lot of money, aquarius, and then no guarantee it would work! Actually ninety per cent of the time it is not too bad were i live, it's just that ten per cent! Like you Eckie, the walls here are terribly thin,

        I don't want to move, and anyway there's no guarantee that it would be any better, so i will be checking the site that you ,Horsefans have sent me!Thanks