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Prison Guard Nightmare Neighbor

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  • Prison Guard Nightmare Neighbor

    hi. I'm new to this website. I have been living next door to a man who has hated me since I moved in seven years ago. I'm a single woman, independent, with no family close by. This man two and a half years ago targeted me and my pets, by overexaggerated barking dog claims (didn't complain about other neighbors with clearly nuisance barking). I have been living on eggshells next to this guy nitpicking, venting anger at me, glaring, trespassing, violent knocking on my door, ruining my grass, etc. Also, hypocritically, his dog has been a nuisance to me on and off over the years, yet I never complained out of fear of retaliation. When his dog barked for 15 minutes straight while he was home, I decided I'd had enough and complained about his dog. My ptsd symptoms really became intense (still not 100% over them). He flew into a rage when he got his barking dog letter, and threatened me. This man is a prison guard so as a public employee, is supposed to maintain certain levels of behavior including emotional maturity, stability, cooperation, role model citizens. I filed a complaint with the sheriff but they did nothing. I also filed a complaint with internal affairs at his workplace. I had to call a couple times, last time I believe they said they would call him in and talk to him - tell him that he better shape up or receive a letter of disgrace in his file. I was going to try to move, but realized I couldn't afford to right now. Anyway, last week I came home to find that he put his house up for sale. I am glad I stayed. Regardless of his actions, I decided to buy surveillance equipment for my home, plus I will put up a fence so my dogs can't see his side of the yard. He provoked my dogs. I pray his house will sell soon. Anyone had any similar situation? I know of two single ladies at work who were also pushed out of their homes by jerks for neighbors. I am furious, but shiver and shake every time I see this guy.

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    Welcome to the forum fifthavenue girl, I just wanted to say a really quick hi before I log off for the moment.

    Thanks for sharing your problems with the forum, you'll get a lot of help, understanding and support here.

    Have you had a look at the Harassment Article here?

    This should be very useful to you and very appropriate.

    Hope you can get back on soon, I'll hand over to other members now to say hi.



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      Hi fifthavenuegirl and welcome

      Well done to you for not letting your NFH totally intimidate you I would imagine that some people like him who have power over others in their work, especially in what is a potentially violent place, might carry it over into their lives outside. I'm not implying by that that ALL prison officers are like that.

      Anyway, let's hope his house is quickly sold and you can get some peace of mind.

      Come back as often as you want, even if it's to have a rant Take care

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        I was very sorry to hear of your awful experiences at the hands of someone who sounds like a disgrace to his uniform.

        Each of us have been involved in factually different situations, but so very many of them seem to have similar threads, such as the energy that the relevant authorities will spend to avoid getting involved.

        Another similarity is that NFHs are bullies, who cover up their own cowardice by their actions.

        You have been referred to the harassment laws.

        I think, from a comment you made, that you must live in Scotland. If so, you should be aware that the Protection from Harassment Act, 1997 has special provisions for Scotland, so you must look at sections 8 and 9.

        The full Act is available on:-

        Best wishes,



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          Try and stay calm and keep coming here. The emotions you feel, fear, anger etc. are common to all of us.

          Hope his house sells quickly but just in case not, I would start reading up on the harrasment.

          Best of luck.

          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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            Hi fifthavenuegirl and welcome

            Bullying little men :rant: . I hope he sells his home too and I hope you get lovely neighbours moving in.

            Well done you, though with following through with your complaints. It takes a lot of courage (or just sheer desperation) to do that.

            I left my first home because of a jerk of a neighbour, who amongst other things threatened to kill me, my cat and set fire to our home. :angry:

            Please keep us informed of your progress, and check out the link Matthew gave you. You might also want to take a look at the Self-Help Articles here, which are very helpful:

            NFHiB Help Articles

            Take care of yourself.



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              What a disgrace that person is. I am mad that our money is paying his wages and he is treating you like this :frown:

              I hope that you will check out the Harassment Act - even if he is possibly moving, I think it would be worth knowing.

              I really hope he gets lost soon - let us know how it's going and make sure you spruce the outside up too so that potential buyers are enticed to the area!!

              Good luck




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                Welcome, fithavenuegirl! I think you might be living in the USA? So any advice on laws about dealing with neighbours from this site will have to be US-related!

                Here is a link that should be able to help: find law

                They should point you in the right direction as to laws dealing with bad neighbors relating to your State.

                Anyway, good luck with dealing with him. He sounds like a real creep.

                It was the use of neighbors, internal affairs that made me assume this. If I am wrong, please forgive me!


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                  Hi fifthavenuegirl, and welcome to the Forum

                  This man is an absolute disgrace! Well done for reporting him to his employers. Well done for standing up for yourself, without giving him any ammunition against you

                  Do check out the Protection from Harassment links given, as they may be necessary if he doesn't sell his house quickly. Which I sincerely hope he DOES.

                  Good luck, and let us know how things go!



                  I am also assuming you live in Scotland? Could you clarify, you've got us all guessing!


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                    ooo Neighboured, I thought she wuz in Scotland, but now I am not sure :blink:


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                      Hi fifthavenue girl and welcome,

                      What a vile man. I hope that he moves out really soon and some normal people move next door. I'm so glad that there is the beginnings of a happy ending to your story.

                      Well done for not giving up (I did!!) and I think that the surveillance equipment is a shrewd idea.


                      Good luck

                      Blue Cow


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                        ooo Neighboured, I thought she wuz in Scotland, but now I am not sure

                        It got ME guesing, I wondered about the sheriff, but when I added that to the US spellings and Internal Affairs (It would be the Prisons Department at the Home Office here, I think?) I decided to plump for US not UK. Though, maybe... :blink: I... doh!