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  • Early wake up

    My story starts most work days around 7:45. My neighbour from hell is a tool company which backs onto a row of 1930 terraced houses with only a 15ft gap between boundarys. For many a year they have used a steam press to shape tools ie spades, forks etc. The complaint has been long established with the council for approx 5 years but I only moved in 18 Months ago. The press itself causes extreme noise and vibration and a few of the houses shake when it is in use. Both council and independant tests have shown this to be not acceptable but of course the company (which is now American based) refuse to do anything and for the same fact so do the council. It seems to be that the footings which support the steam press may be damaged in someway but due to cost implications nothing will be done. Windows shake, doors rattle, but again the council refuse to help, just seem to like sending out log forms. Local MP called, been to cabinet, who have supported a "Notice" was told by local council that it was being served in 4 weeks, that was 6 weeks ago, came back from holiday on Friday morning at 7:30 after not sleeping for nearly 48hrs only to hear the press start at 7:45. luckily Fridays are half days and they finished at 11:30 - and they don't work w/e. So if they are still using press how can notice have been issued. the coucil seem incompitent when it comes to a few individuals, but don't pay you council tax and they are all over you like a rash - (was on holiday don't forget). their usual line is about the jobs that could be lost. It got to the stage when I just don't care about that point and just want it shut down now.

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    Sounds awful. If Council are not doing what they should be why not write to leader of council?

    If all that is required is maintenance to reduce the noise to an acceptable level, something is wrong with the company making the spades etc.! Perhaps they have fallen on hard times and want to be closed down - to save bad press for themselves, blame the "unreasonable neighbours".

    Good luck.

    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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      Hi PiemaN and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds horrendous

      It's not exactly a run of the mill type of NFH situation and I'm hard pressed to think of any advice to give. It seems you've done all the right things but the council is letting you down. Have you approached your local councillors and told them that if they want your vote next time they'd better do something about the unacceptable nuisance on your doorstep?

      How many other people do you think are also affected by this nuisance? Did you realise what you were letting yourself in for when you bought your house? It's just that I'm not sure a court action would help you. I recall a court case where the complainant lost because the nuisance was there before he moved in and the judge said he should have realised it.

      Have you had any contact with the Environmental Health Office? I don't think the firm can get away with the excuse that fixing the footings of the steam press would be too expensive. If it's damaged maybe there's a health and safety issue for their employees.

      I wish I could be of more help but I really can't think of anything right now. Hopefully other members may have some ideas. In the meantime, good luck.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        hi pie man

        so notice was served and they are still doing it? so they are going against the council and now breaking the law?

        you must have your facts 100% on this one, so find out what sorta notice and if it means they cant make certain noises.

        yes contact the EHO as well as planning permission, if thats where the notice came from(?)

        if they are breaking the law you could report them to crime stopper! 0800 555 111

        what about your other neighbours are they up for it?

        once you have got the utter truth and have spoken to the council again have you thought of going to the local rag?

        you could get the press down to your street and take a photo of all your neighours!

        dont really know what else to suggest at the mo, will have a think about it.

        in the mean time please do so research so you know excactly where you stand, no good going into battle half prepared!


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          Hi Pieman and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

          Not nice with all that noise .

          I would get back on to the MP to ask them to follow it up for you.

          Definitely follow up on the other suggestions too.

          Misty raised the point about when you bought your home. Did you know about the factory/noise? Did the vendors disclose it on the Sellers Property Information Form (SPIF)? Did you purchase the property at a reduced price because of the noise?

          Check out the Self Help Articles here: Self Help Articles

          The pages of legislation here (in particular the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Noise Act 1996): NFHiB Law and Legislation Index

          Please keep us posted with how you're getting on.



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            Oooh, sounds horrible .

            I was wondering if the apparent inactivity by the authorities was because they think you should have been aware of the noise before you bought too.

            I think they still need to adhere to noise regs though - so I would get back onto the Env. Health dept and get them to follow it all up.

            Good luck



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              Hi Pieman, and welcome to NFHiB,

              Very sorry to hear you have this disturbance on your doorstep. Industrial noise pollution should be, in general, dealt with via Local Authority E.H departments under the Statutory Nuisance provisions in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (link already provided by Holly )

              There are some activities on industrial sites which may be controlled by the Environment Agency using Pollution and Control Powers, but don't think these cover this scenario. They have a website here


              I think it's worth seeing if you can get some other neighbourhood support here, and perhaps having a meet with the E.H. dept to see what steps they feel it is possible to take, based on the legislation and their procedures.

              Good luck!