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"THE" neighbour from hell

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  • "THE" neighbour from hell

    I am a housing association tenant who for the last 8years has been suffering with "THE" neighbour from hell. Although we have made numerous complaints and all other tenants have signed 2 pertitions to have her moved out, my neighbour still manages to get away with.....

    - suspected drug dealing (unfortunatly no proof)

    - rape allegation towards another neighbour (completely false)

    - criminal damage to the above neighbours windows after she dropped all charges

    - loud music with very heavy base felt through the floor at all hours of the day or


    - verbal abuse to everyone she thinks has complained about her.

    - went on a alcohol fuelled rampage with a crowbar (lasted an hour) hammering

    on every single wall and door in the whole block of flats. We were all petrified, police arrived and restrained her, let her out the next morning with a caution... it begs the question WHERE IS THE JUSTICE???

    The housing association is still dealing with our complaints and reading through the pages of diary sheets which we have been keeping since December 2002. I have contacted my MP and now have a direct phone number to the police to report incidents. I am living in fear, waiting for the next major incident to happen. The closer I get to home of an evening, the faster my heart races and the more anxious I get. Surely I should'nt have to live like this, I cant sleep through worry and my work is starting to suffer because I can't concerntrate.

    Any idea's of what more I could be doing to solve the issue, I don't want to move.. at the end of the day, why should I move, I'm the victim.

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    Hi Libra and welcome to the NFHiB Forum

    Nice that you've found us, but sad that you've had to.

    Can I just check, is your NFH also a Housing Association (HA) tenant? If so, it begs the question what are the HA doing about her behaviour? Do you know if they've served Notice on her? Have you had a meeting with the HA Manager?

    I would suggest that you check out some of the NFHiB Self Help Articles, which you can find here:

    Self Help Articles Index

    I'm sure that other members will be along shortly to offer you advice and support. Stick with it, keep safe and let us know how you are.



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      Hi Libra

      welcome to the forum

      sorry to hear you are all being victimised by one person, its amazing how much damage one bad apple can do to a community.

      I would suggest that you all get together, and really start hassling the Housing a**

      write, ring and and go round!!

      you need to let the housing people know that you have rights and you are not going to be fobbed off!

      they have more people to consider than one tennent who is creating adisturbance for what ever reason

      now this person has been cautioned once, and it will of been recorded, they should not be so lienant next time she is arrested

      sounds like she is a prime candidate for an ASBO anti social behaviour order.

      it might also be an idea to meet with oyur local beat officer, with your other good neighbours and explain your concerns to him/her

      keep recording it all, and stay strong

      yeah its really dreadful when the victims are left, it may seem like there is no justice at the moment

      when she goes just think of the feeling!!


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        Welcome to the forum libra I agree with Beth, get together and pressure the HA who should be doing something. If you can create a residents association/group I feel this could give you more of a push and make you look like you're serious about the issues you're raising with the HA.

        Let us know how you get on?



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          Thank you for replying, it's nice to know that there are people who care.

          It is really difficult to know what my HA is doing because of their confidentiality policy, they keep telling me "We are taking action but we are not at liberty to tell you what we are doing or when something is likely to be done"

          The other issue that I forgot to mention is that my neighbour also has a mental health problem. Every now and then she has episodes of paranoia, self harms and has violent outbursts if angered in any way. After these events she denies all knowledge and finds it humorous (we don't!!!) Basically, she is covered by the Mental Health Act and I don't think they can give her an ASBO. ( her boyfriend who lives in the flat next door to her has an ABC which he has just been broken)

          Thanks for the support



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            Hi Libra

            Please stick with it - it sounds like your HA is taking it on as it should be, but unfortunately these things take time :sad: .

            She might have mental health probs, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't be sticking to her tenancy agreement. If she can't manage a tenancy of her own, she should be given support or transferred where she can have support 24 hrs.

            All I can say is, keep logging and reporting everything - report it all to the police and the H a**'n. The more you report, the more they'll have to go on.

            I know you said you don't want to move - that's your decision but bear in mind it can be extremely frustrating watching the wheels of 'authority' working in these cases so you'll need to have a rant from time to time - that's what we're here for, so visit often and let us know how you are getting on!




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              Hi Libra and welcome to the forum

              "We are taking action but we are not at liberty to tell you what we are doing or when something is likely to be done"

              Hmm, that sounds depressingly familiar Same sort of thing that our local HA keeps saying along with 'things are happening behind the scenes' Actually they did try to get a possession order against one NFH but the judge gave him a 'second chance'. Did he change? Did he heck! Now he's shacked up with yet another NFH and is allowing a gang of lads to live in his house! So even if he gets evicted he'll be living over the road with NFH2 and her yobbo kids!

              However, don't give up. I always say it's the squeaky wheel that gets the attention so complain, complain, complain! And ask your other neighbours to do the same. Even better, if you can get together as a group, do so. If you feel the HA are not doing their job properly you might want to contact the Independent Housing Ombudsman: And as Beth says, contact your local neighbourhood police officer and ask what help he/she can give.

              Good luck I hope your HA comes through for you. In the meantime, come back here as often as you like, you'll always find a warm welcome and lots of sympathy and advice

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hello to you all. I'm posting this at 1.50am and yes I'm still awake, listening to a familiar sound.. my NFH!!!

                Someone recently suggested that all the affected tenants could collectively sue the HA. In my opinion, I don't think we would be very successful.

                What are peoples views on this? Do you know of anyone who has tried and succeeded?



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                  Hi again

                  Not sure as I've ever heard of anyone or a group actually successfully sueing a Hass'n or Local Authority in these cases. But there's always a first time...!

                  It'd would be a devil to prove because you'd have to show that the HA was doing nothing about the problem and that they also had not offered you an alternative remedy.

                  It doesn't sound like that at the moment. Bear witht them, it can take ages for these things but I am sure that they will be working behind the scenes.

                  If you think about how many agencies (social workers, criminal justice workers, police, psychologists, mental health workers, GP's, housing officers, Local Authority homeless officers...) they have to involve before the judge will even entertain the case, you'll understand that the HA will be getting just as frustrated with it. It's the worst trying to get all those bods together for a case conference...

                  Best thing to do is keep badgering them - it's very true that they will pay more attention if you keep at them (they'll want to get you off their backs! :lol: )




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                    Now there is a familiar quote "We are taking action but we are not at liberty to tell you what we are doing or when something is likely to be done"

                    I think the H.A. have a hand book on how to avoid doing anything. I agree just keep on nagging them and the ombudsman is another good idea. Maladministration is not difficult to prove and even if you don't succeed at least you will have "poked them in the eye with a blunt stick"

                    Good luck


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                      Hi Libra, and welcome to NFHiB

                      I'm sorry to hear you have these neighbour problems, and it's certainly not acceptable to live in fear. You've already had some great advice here already, and hope the site proves a source of support for you.

                      I don't see why the H.A. can't give you some idea of action they might be taking, since it is in response to your complaints! They will have told your nfh that they have had complaints, so why can't they give you some sort of response? It could be worth asking for a copy of their complaints procedure, to shed some light on how they should be responding to you complaints.




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                        Hi again Libra

                        Next time you contact the HA, ask them if they are aware of support agencies in your area - they could contact their tenant (your NFH) to get some support in, which may help the situation a little bit.

                        There are a lot of organisations out there at the moment providing support to people under the "Supporting People" programme - perhaps you need to nudge the HA into getting something sorted. Or, asking the HA to refer your neighbour for an assessment from Social Services or the local Community Mental Health Team.

                        Keep on doing all the other stuff that members have suggested too. I'm just trying to give you a couple more avenues to try.

                        Take care,



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                          hello everyone.

                          I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has responded and given their advice. I am hoping to put some of your ideas into practice soon.

                          I have been speaking to some other neighbours who all agree that something needs to be done. We all feel like we may have to move because we dont see any end to our troubles. I would love to be at the HA when they receive transfer forms from 4 flats in the same block!

                          Thanks for the support



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                            Just thought I would give you an update on my situation with NFH.

                            I received a phone call from my Housing Association's solicitors today regarding my two NFH's. Both will be going to court in the near future with regard to rent arrears and breach of tenancy agreements. I have been told that it is essential that I go to court to give evidence against them, which I am really nervous about.

                            I am so happy!!! At last things seem to be happening for us, although I don't want to get my hopes up too much in case it doesn't go my way.

                            Thanks again for all the support. This website is brilliant and makes me feel better knowing that there are people who understand what I have been going through. Keep up the good work!!!



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                              Hi Libra

                              I am really pleased things seem to be going well and eviction looks well on the cards....excellent news

                              Depending on the rent arrears, without your evidence to show other grounds for possession, the court may decide to only grant a suspended possession order. It may well be that your evidence will give extra weight to the case. May be you could ask the solicitor/ an independent housing advice centre as to whether a written statement and log of incidents would suffice if you are worried? At the end of the day I'm sure the Housing Association just want to secure eviction both for your sakes and theirs. To locate your nearest housing advice/aid centre see


                              I really hope you there is a positive outcome here for you, and am glad you have found the site to be a supportive and useful place to visit. . Do let us know how you go.